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Polyurethane Screen Mesh

PU Screen Mesh 1
PU Screen Mesh 1
PU Screen Mesh 2
The polyurethane screen mesh is an advanced material used for screening and filtration, widely applied across various industries.
  • The polyurethane screen mesh is an advanced material used for screening and filtration, widely applied across various industries. Made from polyurethane material, it possesses remarkable elasticity and wear resistance. It is an indispensable engineering material characterised by high performance, durability, and versatility. The polyurethane screen mesh excels in wear resistance, elasticity, precise screening, and adaptability, thereby enhancing engineering efficiency, protecting equipment, and improving product quality. It is designed to match job requirements and save costs for your project.

    PU Screen Mesh 2

    Technical Specification Of Gn Polyurethane Screen Mesh

    Screen WidthScreen LengthOpening Wide(mm)Opening Length(mm)Opening Rate(%)
    700/840/1000mm 1010/1020/130/1045mm (basic length can be increased every 100) 0.045 2.65 9.4
    0.063 2.65 14.3
    0.075 2.65 18.73
    0.1 2.65 23.41
    0.12 2.65 30.6
    0.15 2.65 30.9
    0.19 2.65 31.77
    0.23 2.65 35.67
    0.25 2.65 36.6
    0.32 2.65 39.6
    0.4 2.65 42.5
    0.5 2.65 44.5
    0.7 2.65 46.8
    0.8 2.65 48.4
    0.9 2.65 51.5
    1.0 6 55.6
    1.2 6.4 47.8
    4 8 62.2

    Polyurethane Screen Mesh4

    Technical Characteristics Of Gn Polyurethane Screen Mesh

    • The polyurethane screen mesh is an innovative material widely used for screening and filtration across diverse industries. It serves as a vital component in the mining, construction, chemical, metallurgical, and recycling sectors. In mining, it optimises the extraction process by efficiently separating minerals and ores while minimising waste. Construction projects benefit from its ability to ensure the quality and consistency of aggregates used in concrete production and road construction. The chemical industry relies on its precise particle separation and impurity removal capabilities. In metallurgy, it aids in ore dressing and beneficiation processes. Additionally, the recycling industry also depends on the polyurethane screen mesh for efficient material separation and enhanced recycling accuracy. Enterprises across industries trust and favour this advanced screening material to enhance efficiency, productivity, and product quality.
    • Unlike traditional metal screen meshes, the polyurethane screen mesh offers numerous advantages that set it apart. Its exceptional elasticity recovery allows it to withstand frequent vibrations and pressure without deformation or fatigue, ensuring stable performance and an extended lifespan even during prolonged use.
    • Additionally, the polyurethane screen mesh provides outstanding wear resistance, effectively reducing wear when dealing with high hardness or abrasive materials. This characteristic minimises the need for frequent mesh replacements, ultimately lowering maintenance costs.
    • Moreover, the polyurethane screen mesh demonstrates remarkable corrosion resistance, making it capable of withstanding attacks from acids, alkalis, salts, and other chemicals. This resilience enables it to maintain optimal performance even in harsh working environments.
    • In summary, the polyurethane screen mesh truly stands out as an advanced screening material, offering powerful capabilities in screening and filtration. Its remarkable elasticity, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance contribute to improved production efficiency, enhanced product quality, and reduced maintenance costs. Countless enterprises across industries rely on the polyurethane screen mesh for a wide range of applications.