Chemistry & Pharma Industry

Chemistry & Pharma Industry

GN Solids provides reliable separation and transfer solutions to the chemistry and pharma industry, catering to their specific requirements. The range of equipment, including centrifuges, fine vibrating screens, and solids vacuum pumps, delivers efficient performance in various applications.

Centrifuge Equipment

Fine Vibrating Screen


Chemistry & Pharma Industry Application

  • Pulp & Paper Industry: GN decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator are widely utilised in wastewater treatment, waste paper recycling, pigment extraction processes.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride & Polyethylene Industry: GN decanter centrifuge and vibrating screen play a significant role in the efficient dehydration of polymerised PVC.
  • Dehydration Of Pure Alkali, White Mud, Salt Mud: The decanter centrifuge effectively separates sand from normal distilled waste liquid without compromising equipment performance.
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry: GN C Series explosion-proof high-speed decanter centrifuge or high-speed disc stack separator provide reliable separation and impurity removal after alcohol precipitation, ensuring optimal dissolution of active ingredients in ethanol solution. GN Vibrating screen is ideal for the screening process.
  • Production of Chemical Products: In the chemical material processing engineering, GN decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator excel in liquid clarification, separation of liquids with different densities, classification of solid mixtures, and dehydration of liquid-solid mixtures.
  • Biomass Separation: GN decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator are utilised for extracting organic acids, such as lactic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, and other organic materials. Additionally, GN centrifugal separators purify fermentation mediums and clarify fermentation broths during the preparation stage.
  • Collection of Algae: GN decanter centrifuge and disc stack separator are valuable tools for concentrating and separating algal raw materials.