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Mud Mixing Hopper

Mud Mixing Hopper is a commonly used piece of equipment, primarily used for mixing drilling fluids.
  • Mud Mixing Hopper is a commonly used piece of equipment, primarily used for mixing drilling fluids. It can rapidly and effectively mix solid additives (such as clay, weighting agents, or chemical additives) into a liquid to form a uniform mixture or suspension for use in oil and gas drilling operations.

    Mud Mixing Hopper 3

    GNSL Jet mud Mixing Hopper Unit Technical Parameters

    (Customized Jet mixing systems are available)

    ModelCapacity(m3/h)Pressure (Mpa)Motor (Kw)Inlet (Inch)Outlet (Inch)Weight (Kg)Dimension L×W×H(mm)
    GNSLH-750B 320(1408GPM) 0.25~0.4 75(100HP) 8 6 1785 2200×1840×1150
    GNSLH-550B 272(1200GPM) 55(75HP) 8 6 1675 2200×1840×1100
    GNSLH-450B 200(880GPM) 45(60HP) 6 6 1475 2200×1840×1135
    GNSLH-370B 150(660GPM) 37(50HP) 6 6 1460 2200×1840×1135
    GNSLH-300B 120(528GPM) 30(40HP) 5 6 1380 2200×1840×1100
    GNSLH-220B 90(400GPM) 22(30HP) 5 4 1167 1850×1540×1000
    GNSLH-185B 65(286GPM) 18.5(25HP) 4 4 1147 1850×1540×1030
    GNSLH-150B 55(242GPM) 15(20HP) 4 4 970
    GNSLH-110B 45(200GPM) 11(15HP) 4 4 950
    Remarks  Electric control cabinet should be quoted separately, weight & dimension don't included control cabinet
    The above specification and parameters for reference only.

    GN Mud Mixing Hopper Technical Parameters

    Mud Mixing Hopper 1

    ModelPressureCapacityNozzleInletOutletWeightDimension: L×W×H
    GNSLDSB 0.25~0.4Mpa 500-1500 GPM
    40mm 6 Inch 6 Inch 174Kg 1100×680×949mm
    GNSLDMB 200-500 GPM
    20mm 4 Inch 4 Inch 113Kg 850×570×851mm
    The above specification and parameters for reference only.

    Mud Mixing Hopper Features:

    • Mud mixing hopper offer excellent mixing efficiency, improved productivity, and the ability to handle different types of materials. mud mixing hoppers quickly and effectively blend and agitate materials, ensuring uniformity and stability of the mixture. With their key advantages of superior mixing performance, increased operational efficiency, and reliable quality, jet mixing hoppers play a crucial role in meeting the mixing and blending needs across industries, enhancing production efficiency, and ensuring product quality. below is advantage point of mud mixing hopper.
    • Excellent mixing performance: GN mud mixing hopper utilizes high-speed jetting technology to rapidly blend solid particles with liquids, ensuring uniform dispersion and preventing particle accumulation or sedimentation. This superior mixing performance enhances work quality, ensuring stability and consistency during construction processes.
    • Improved work efficiency: With its simple design and user-friendly operation, the mud mixing hopper enables quick and efficient mixing. This saves time and labor resources, boosting work efficiency and making construction processes more effective and cost-efficient.
    • Versatile applications: The mud mixing hopper is suitable for mixing various types of solid particles and liquids, making it widely applicable in fields such as oilfield drilling, cementing, and mining. Whether it's cement slurry blending, chemical additives, or other process requirements, the jet mixing hopper can meet diverse needs, providing customers with comprehensive solutions.
    • Quality and reliability: GN mud mixing hopper is constructed using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring durability and reliability. Rigorous testing and quality control measures guarantee its ability to withstand harsh working environments, delivering dependable performance and long-lasting service life to customers.