Replace all the Steel Screens with Composite Material
Saturday, 05 November 2016 02:45

Yes, that is what we wanted to do, replace all the steel frame in shaker screens with composite material. As a professional solids control manufacturer, we were leading waste management equipment in China, and now it is time for shaker screens. 
We know the trouble of having bad steel frame screens: 
-Crack steel frame 
-Unplesent plugging 
-Trashed stock after 1year 
We know it hurts.

Now GN Solids Control have started lots of replacement composite screens for GN shaker screens and competitor’s screens. MI-Swaco Mongoose,MI-Swaco MD-3/MD-2,Nov Brandt Cobra, Venom, VSM-300,FSI screen,Derrick 2000. etc.

Replace all the Steel Screens with Composite Material

It solves the big headaches you have: 
-The composite frame screen is repairable to save cost. 
-Compared to metal frame, the composite frame useable area is 10% to 20 % larger. 
-Since the composite frame is covered by plastic, it is rust resistant for long time storage up to over 5 years.

Replace all the Steel Screens with Composite Material

What Makes GN Composite Shaker Screens Different 
• Automatic Robot Welding of the steel frame to have better quality and consistency. 
• High quality fiber glass to improve plastic quality and screen temperature resistant to 140 C degree. 
• Four side tension of mesh during the heat press to minimize the gap between the top screen and support screens, in a result extending the screen life. Our competitor normally do not use any tension for heat press. 
• GN 3 layer wire mesh for API 60 and above for longer screen life, our competitor normally use 3 layer only for API 120 and above.

Remakrs: [1]Derrick and FLC are marks of Derrick Corporation [2]Brandt and NOV and King Cobra are marks of National Oilwell Varco [3]MI-Swaco and Mongoose are marks of Schlumberger

GNLW363FHD Full Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuge
Saturday, 05 November 2016 01:54

FHD Decanter Centrifuge Now AVAILABLE

Before, what we heard is:

We prefer FHD; 
Hydraulic is more convinient; 
After suffered this with electric, we prefer FHD, and less electrical stuff; 
We do not want to be treated as a full, whenever we did not find anything wrong, and the centrifuge just do not work, and when an electrician comes, with a few tags, then it works. 
On site, we do not need to hire a professional electrition, hydraulic is more mechanical, which means easier for everyone. 

FHD Decanter Centrifuge

So you can find more reasons of using a FHD decanter centrifuge, and that is why we 
finally release GNLW363-FHD decanter centrifuge, after 
2years testing and 
researching & developing

GN and Viscotherm has been jointly working together to develop the Full hydraulic drive centrifuge for international clients to meet the highest standard. GN Solids Control is a leading decanter centrifuge manufacturer. And Viscotherm and ROTODIFF® from Switzerland are leading brand for centrifuge hydraulic driving system. 
The hydraulic bowl and scroll drive system drives both the hydraulic motor ROTODIFF and the bowl of a decanter centrifuge from hydraulic pump unit by two hydraulic oil circuits.

FHD Decanter Centrifuge

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