October 20 2019
For a very long time, we have suffered as lots of client still have some perception that they can not find good products in China. While if you are not paying right price, and if you are not going to pay attention, probably it won’t work easily. GN Shaker Screen Production Line Includes almost all Popular Screen in Market, after spent lots of lessons, we now eventually proudly to announce that we are manufacturing the best composite frame screens. 
1. GN is able to provide replacement screen for almost all widely known shale shaker brand in drilling industry. When RFQ from GN, clients have several ways to get a proposal. Option 1, provide the brand and API numbers of the screen. Option 2, provide the original manufacturer part number of the screen. Then GN will give proposal according to the information provided.
2. GN is able to provide the screen framed and hook striped, and the screen surface can be either flat or wave shaped. 
3. GN now is mainly provide the composite frame screen as more and more users prefer using this type screen for the longer working life and easy for storage. 
GN is the only drilling mud shaker screen manufacturer with the full API series screens have been tested by the authorized third party and the claimed API conductance is comply with the API RP 13C standard.    
1. GN is using robot to weld the inside steel bone frame to ensure the consistency.
2. The outer covered plastic material is 100% new and clean, not recycled. 
3. GN uses 3-layer design from API 60 while other supplier in China from API 120.
4. Wire mesh is pretensioned to make stronger screen surface.
5. GN screen is repairable with screen rubber plug in case less than 10% of the screen grids are broken.
So if you are still in doubt, or if you are not using GN screen yet, give us a chance, give it a try.