September 25 2015

GN Solids Control deliveried the 9th set of containerized drilling waste management system with winterization for Russian client and this is the third containerized drilling waste management system for a same client in Russia . As everybody knows , Russia drilling operation always in very cold weather and need all equipment and mud tank to be working in cold temperature . That’s why we build many sets of drilling waste management system as well as solids control equipment for winterization design .

Main Equipment For Winterized Drilling Waste Management System

One set of containerized vertical cuttings dryer sit inside of 40 feet container , the vertical cuttings dryer can process drilling cuttings 30 – 50 tons per hour by 0.25 to 0.5 mm mesh bracket . The rotating speed is 900RPM at drying efficiency make oil content bellow 5 percent . The oil tank capacity is 48 liters , the air knife installed to help avoid screen block especially by water base drilling cuttings .

Three sets of screw conveyor installed , 2 sets of the screw conveyor will be working to feed vertical cuttings dryer and the last one for delivery the outlet drilling cuttings after vertical cuttings dryer .

Two sets of decanter centrifuge installed , one set install VFD control panel for change centrifuge speed from 0 to 3200 RPM and the other one is fixed speed centrifuge on 3200 RPM . the 2 sets of decanter centrifuge installed on solids control mud tank and the centrifuge will be working to recycling drilling mud that out of vertical cuttings dryer .

Three set of screw pump , one of them will be working for flushing dryer fluids outlet and the other 2 will be working for feeding decanter centrifuge .

All the above drilling waste management equipment lay in a container and the container sit on the tank skid and the skid with a cover installed for winterized design .