November 14 2017

TBM is important in the city construction project like subway and pipe laying. In order to bring out the cutting and lubricate the drill bit of the tunneling machine, the operators need to add large quantity water or drilling fluids into the drilling well. For economy reason, saving cost, improve efficiency, the operators also have to think about reusing of the drilling fluids. 

Normally a whole system will include, a desanding unit, a big bowl centrifuge, a dosing unit. 

Firstly the slurry goes to the scalping shaker, with coarse sieve screens, the big particle solids will be separated, then pumping to the desander cones, most of the sands etc will be separated. 

After several time recycling, the specific gravity of the drilling fluids would be higher and higher due to the built up of ultrafine solids that even cannot be removed out by using only the centrifuge unit. Operators need to add chemicals into the drilling fluids and then do the dewatering process. 

Removing the ultrafine solids from the drilling fluids greatly reduces the consumption of water and increase the drilling efficiency. The dewatering centrifuge package can also be used inoil sludge treatment project for oil recovery. 

As for the system layout, we got several options, basically place the desanding unit, and dewatering package together, while with storarge tanks, water tanks, we got many different combinations.