October 29 2017

It is always not easy trip to get big tenders, after few months' documentation preparation and request following up, GN finally was awarded the tender of solids control equipment for 16 drilling rigs in Ukraine.

The client was planning to upgrade the existing mud recycling system by replacing the old equipment. This tender includes 30 units decanter centrifuges, 30 units shale shaker and mud cleaners, and 6 units vacuum degassers.

Shale shakerand mud cleaner are the equipment use to remove the large size drilling cuttings in the drilling fluids. GN's shale shakers model of GNZS594E-HB which is especially designed for the oil and gas drilling with weir feeder to buffer the high pressure impact for protecting the shaker screen. The screen deck of the shaker is adjustable from -1°to +5°,operator could even adjust the shaker deck during running of the shaker. With the G force up to 7.5, the shaker could greatly dry the solids for drilling fluids recovering. The cyclone manifold is bolted fixing on the shaker unit and could be removed for easy transportation and installation.

Vacuum degasserunit is installed after the shale shaker and before the mud cleaner. It is used to remove the gas in the gas cut in drilling fluids. By removing the gas, the vacuum degasser could ensure the drilling fluids with a proper gravity. And the centrifugal pump could transfer the drilling fluids to the cyclone unit with sufficient pressure.

Decanter centrifugeis used to remove the fine solid particles in drilling fluids. The client equipped 2 unit centrifuges for each of the drilling rig. When drilling, the decanter centrifuge with low speed could be used for barite recovery, and the other centrifuge with high speed would be used for ultra-fine solids separation.

To make sure the project operate smoothly, the equipment have been divided into 4 batches for delivery. The remaining units are still under fabrication progress.