October 10 2015

GN Solids America set office and warehouse in Houston America and we keep stock for shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge in Houston to sell . All the equipment are following US standard and we keep service there to keep sure clients receive good service and equipment service .


There are 2 models that popular for US market , GNZS703 shale shaker which is a 3 decks model with capacity 500 GPM mud flow at 40 mesh screen size . GNZS594 shale shaker is a 4 decks model with capacity 600 GPM mud flow at 40 mesh screen size which is narrower and longer . The shaker deck is Q345 material and heat treated for better performance . The GNZS594 model can install composite material screen which will extend screen performance life . 2 sets of vibrator installed to supply G force bellow 7.5 G by opposite rotating driven by 3 phase generator . 2 or 3 sets of shale shaker can share one skid to make delivery easier for convenient .


There are different model of decanter centrifuge but GNLW363 decanter centrifuge is the most popular model for oil and gas drilling solids control system or drilling waste management which is a high speed centrifuge , the rotating speed reaches to 3200 RPM . One set of VFD control panel can be an optional to change centrifuge speed 0 – 3200 RPM depending on different condition and requirement . There are tungsten carbide tiles bolted on screw impeller for help protect centrifuge screw and flexible to replace tungsten carbide tiles . The centrifuge bowl material is stainless steel for protection . There are bigger or smaller size of decanter centrifuge for optional depending on different drilling requirement .