October 20 2017
This is not just another order for Sinopec, as our old stretage, the flower blooms outside of the wall, now people inside smells. Poor boy degasser is quite an ordinary equipment for solids control system, which is a safety requirement, no one really want to use it, as that may indicate some danger. While it is a must for most of the projects, especially if data shows gas in the shell.
Some customizition, and inventary we did with client is the cuttngs containers, which is required by client, and designed by GN team. Following all the basic principles, KISS (keep it simple and stupid), user friendly, QUALITY first, also comply with HSE requirement.
Below are the main features of the waste collection containers:
1. Excellent interface sealing – To prevent the leaking of the liquid from the container, the sealing uses anti-corrosion silicone rubber.
2. On-line monitoring system – Leaking monitoring device installed at the discharge port
3. Loading warning system – The containers are equipped with gravity sensor module to avoid over loading as per relative environment protection regulation.
4. Anti-corrosion internal coating for acid and alkali corrosion.
5. Electrical automatic sliding cover performs well on sealing for leakage when closed.
6. No expose wireline, all inside steel conduit, which is all well orgnised inside the container.