December 04 2017

GN have brought lots of advanced machinery to make sure high quality equipment been manufactured. 5 axies, and big CNC machine center, injection molding machine, and in line robots for shaker screens manufacturing etc. 

 Painting and Coating, GN New Painting Shop is now Alive
When most people think of a paint shop, it's common that they think of the paint shop of an assembly line, as with the manufacturing of new cars. Although this is likely to be the most common instance where a paint shop is used, it is not the only one. In any manufacturing environment where a product requires painting, the need for a paint shop exists. 

After moved to the new shop, GN had purchased a lot of new equipment for higher efficiency manufacturing, one of them is the automatical powder coating, which will help GN have standarized automatical coating process for at least all of the standarized products. 

For the customized parts, mud tanks, pipeline etc, then will put into the painting shop. This new modernized painting shop can do: painting, heating, and both, which is the most important part, are environmental friendly 

Now the new painting and coating line is alive, except open for our own projects, we also open it for other manufacturers.