August 14 2015

GN Modular Drilling Cuttings Process System For CNPC

GN Solids Control supply 2 options for drilling cuttings process system as 2 different kind of model . One option design for water base mud drilling cuttings process by Hi G dryer shaker and the other option is for oil base mud drilling cuttings process by vertical cuttings dryer . GN Solids Control just built and deliveried drilling cuttings process system for a CNPC site and our engineer just back from job site after success commissioning . There are 3 core equipment for drilling cuttings process system : Hi G Dryer , vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge .

Hi G dryer design from shale shaker on solids control system but with longer deck and higher G force for drying drilling cuttings from shale shaker on solids control system . This is mainly design for water base mud drilling cuttings which separate by high vibrating shaker screen . The G force reaches to 8 depending on drying request and generally it’s drying effecency bellow 10 percent .

August 07 2015

Drilling Waste Management System Delivery To Russia

GN Solids Control deliveried one set of drilling waste management system to Russia recently with a complete design . As the oil price is keeping very low for a very long time , the oil drilling industry get quiet and reduce purchased of drilling equipment including solids control equipment and drilling rig , but the high environment requirement make drilling waste management system get more active this year to protect environment . The drilling waste management equipment can be used in oil and gas industry , coal seam gas industry , other drilling industry and other solids waste .

Main Equipment Of GNCM -40A Drilling Waste Management System

One set GNCD930D vertical cuttings dryer with capacity of 30 -50 tons per hour , drying efficiency will be bellow 5% of fluids content after drying , the screen max diameter is 930mm to make the model , there are different options of screen opening between 0.25 – 0.5 mm . A VFD control panel is optional depending on client request . The air knife is design to avoid screen block and air knife normally don’t work continuously .

July 25 2015

2 Package Of Drilling Waste Treatment Equipment To Africa

GN Solids Control sold two package of drilling waste treatment system including vertical cuttings dryer , decanter centrifuge , screw pump , screw auger and working frame . As drilling environment is getting more and more strict and drilling waste treatment system and equipment is getting more and more popular to dry drilling cuttings . The Africa client ordered 2 package of drilling waste treatment system including vertical cuttings dryer and frame , 4 sets of drilling waste centrifuge , 12 sets of screw auger for transfer drilling cuttings and 10 sets of screw pump for transfer drilling mud .

July 13 2015

GN Solids Control At Oil & Gas Indonesia 2015

Oil & Gas Indonesia is an exhibition for oil and gas industry in Indonesia and will held in every 2 years . The exhibition time will be on September 9 to September 12 2015 at Jakarta city . The GN stand No. is 9 & 11 . GN Solids Control bring one set of shale shaker 2 years ago with a good feedback at a 18 square meters size of stand .

GN Shale Shaker Specification That Will Be At Oil & Gas Indonesia

July 11 2015

GN Mud Cleaning Unit At No Dig Down Under Australia

GN Solids Control show mud cleaning unit or separate mud recycling equipment at No Dig Down Under every time since year 2011 at Brisbane city . This exhibition is mainly design for trenchless industry with drilling rig supplier , mud pump supplier , mud cleaning unit . All the supplier of the trenchless technology will be show here and that’s the reason why GN Solids Control will like show equipment every time at Australia .

No Dig Down Under Exhibition Info