2016 MIOGE Oil Show
April 26 2016

Oil Gas Exhibition in Russia 2016

This time it is not a quite famous one in Russia, Since its launch in 1993, it has established itself as a leading event for the Russian energy market. MIOGE is also one of the top ten oil & gas shows in the world.,it is a small local exhibition, but we took the chance, to make more and more Russian clients know more about GN Solids Control. Though we do not have a big booth as we were in Beijing CIPPE, we still take our main equipment there: GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge, GNLW363C 14inch decanter centrifuge, this centrifuge mainly used for solids control for oil & gas drilling, to recover barite or reduce mud weight. This is work as 4th separation of the solids control line., GNZS703E-2S12N mud cleaner, GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer We only have one model vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste management. This model vertical dryer has been used for project over 3 years. The stable working performance and reasonable price win lots of clients from our US competitors..

GN Solids Russia is the branch of GN Solids Control in Russia. It's mission is to support GN Solids Control Equipment business in Russia and CIS countries. With the support team in Russia, GN Solids Controlprovide the sales of stock equipment, on-site technical support, and after sales services. This brings the value to the end user of GN Solids Control equipments.

• Exploration & production Equipment

• Onshore & offshore technology

• Oilfield equipment & services

• Drilling & well servicing

• Transportation & pipelines Equipment

• Measurement & automation technology

• Tools & electro-power equipment

• Laboratory equipment

• Software and IT Systems

• Recruiting and training and many others

GN now is ready for OTC 2016 oil show in Houston, USA. GN Solids Control has two booths there to enlarge the brand impact in America and Latin America countries.

OTC Event time: 2-5 May, 2016OT Address: Houston, Texas, USAGN Solids Control China Booth No. : Reliant Center 1652-AGN Solids America Booth No.: Reliant Arena 9732Make an appointment by sending email to:

At OTC 2016 oil exhibition, you can check GN Solids Control equipment by watching the design, touching the production material, checking the working video at jobsite, talking with GN sales and engineer there to deeper the understanding of GN brand and products. We will take the high speed decanter centrifuge (GNLW363C centrifuge) and waste management vertical cuttings dryer (GNCD930C).  All equipment has over 3-5 years jobsite experience as high quality and mature product. GN Solids Control will also take the baby centrifuge for some construction industry, mining or piling.

April 17 2016

Why More Exhibition in Such a Shrinking Time

When you look back, from 2008, GN have made a lot of big steps, as shown in our new presentation, we have suffered or actually taken advantage from the crisis, then we welcome our big days. At that time, GN Solids become the first API certified China Solids Control Company

Then in the following two years, more and more business coming.

Then in 2011, Hebei GN Solids Established, Vertical Cuttings dryer developed

In 2013, GN Solids America Established. GN Passed DNV CE, HSE, Russia CR-TU certification

In 2014, GN Russia branch established, and drilling cuttings solidification unit developed

In 2015, GN China honored to be National High-Tech Solids Control Enterprise

Now, GN Expand to own No. 2 New Factory close to Beijing, Drilling cuttings solidification unit developed

Except the cars have upgraded, as some colleagues told other clients, the client name list also changed, equipment is now using more and more in bigger projects. From some small project, from doubt, from only the brave guy, to be known all over the world, to be accepted by Baker Hughes, Baroid. Also from a small Chinese manufacturer, to be some one who accepted and respected by all the world leading suppliers. After other companies shut down offices, we found something quite exciting, a lot of people worked for / with our respected competitors, now wanna work for / with GN.

In 2016, more exhibitions have actually already been settled, GN will show more of our products all over the world. Except the CIPPE, where is in front of our own door, and we have the biggest booth, showing the world our latest technology, our updated equipment.

OTC Houston

Iran Exhibition

Russian Oil and Gas

OGS in Singapore.

What will be in the exhibitions?

- GNLW363D-VFD Decanter Centrifuge with Telescopic skid

- GNZS706E-HB double deck Shale Shaker

- GNMS-500D desanding plant

- GNZS594G-HB the 7th Generation of GNZS series shale shaker.

- GNZJ594G-2S12N the 7th Generation of GNZJ series mud cleaner.

- GNLW223C 9inch decanter centrifuge

- GNLW363C 14inch decanter centrifuge

- GNLW453C 18inch decanter centrifuge

- GNLW553C 22inch decanter centrifuge

- Jet Mud Mixer with stainless steel mixing hopper

- Screw Conveyors for transfer drilling cuttings.

Keep tune!

April 10 2016

GN mud arrangement for High Density Tuff HDD project

GN Solids Control is arch aboriginal architect for debris ascendancy and conduct mud system. Each year, we accept about 20million dollars project, 70% activity for across applicant and the blow for calm project. Canteen centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer is GN key accessories for the oil conduct market, and GN bunched mud arrangement is key accessories for HDD, baptize able-bodied drilling, design drilling, amount conduct etc.

In HDD field, we accept one VIP applicant - China better HDD architect CPP. CPP is accessory aggregation of CNPC, with lots of HDD activity in China and acquaintance countries. We body continued appellation accord with CPP over 5 years and CPP accept bought over 30 sets bunched mud arrangement from us from then. This year, the applicant adjustment addition 3 appearance of mud arrangement for aerial body HDD project.

The 3 appearance mud arrangement including:

1) desander desilter mud tank

The aboriginal mud catchbasin is able with one desander shaker assemblage and one desilter shaker unit. The bedraggled conduct mud will go to desander assemblage for aboriginal date mud treatment. And again go to desilter assemblage for additional date mud treatment. Two 55kw centrifugal pump is additionally able with the mud arrangement for agriculture the desander cones and desilter cones.

2) Centrifuge mud tank

The additional mud catchbasin is able with two sets average acceleration canteen centrifuge GNLW452C, to abolish debris particles about 5-7microns. The centrifuge basin acceleration is capricious with ABB abundance converter. The user can acclimatize the basin acceleration from 0 to 1800rpm to fit for the mud conditions.

The mud arrangement is with anatomy for fast accumulation and disassembly. This 500gpm accommodation mud arrangement is the 4th sets which customized for CPP.

Except for bunched mud system, GN Debris can additionally action ample mud arrangement for oil drilling, etc. 1000hp rig mud arrangement or 2000hp rig mud system. If you charge any debris ascendancy equipment, pls acquaintance us freely.

March 27 2016

750HP Drilling Rig Mud System for China

In the tuff days, GN have kept good sales record, and getting more and more business actually as been a more competitive choice for most of the big companies, who have still have good projects, but need find ways to save the overall cost. So did the Chinese client, though it is always easy to find some cheaper equipment with crazy price, more and more clients focusing on the total cost saving plan.


Although over 60 percentage of commercial enterprise is coming from abroad, GN is getting the good recognition and increasingly more market percentage in home market. GN turned into based at the start to manufacture the oil rig dust gadget; hence, a 750HP oil rig dust system will not be a trouble to GN. This device changed into made in attention to each purchaser’s requirements and GN’s specific layout functions.

Configuration of complete Solids control levels 750HP Rig dust machine

1. This machine consists of all four tiers solids control gadget, shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter and decanter centrifuge unit.

2. 2 devices Shale shaker used because the coarse solids separation system located on first mud tank. This kind shale shaker is fixed with three panels screen and the mud feeding inlet on buffer box was pre-opened as in line with purchaser’s website online condition for smooth connection. The mud tank beneath the shale shaker was designed as inclined tank bottom for easy tank cleansing.

3. each the de-sander and de-silter unit are prepared with below drying shaker. evaluating with the cyclone unit with out drying shaker, this kind mud purifier unit may want to greatly reduce the lack of drilling fluids and make the discharged solids tons dryer. in the in the meantime, the underneath shaker are 2-panel display model GNZS752. This shaker version is a lot fee powerful than 3-panel display shaker, however, the overall performance is also suitable sufficient.

4. This 750HP rig mud system turned into geared up with GN financial configuration 18 inch decanter centrifuge with RPM1800. This centrifuge unit is fed by a submersible slurry pump, and particularly used for drilling fluids barite healing.

5. overall 4 units 40 ft mud tank concerned on this 750HP dust machine. all the solids manage equipment was hooked up at the dust tank incompactly to present greater space for operator or set up of the dust agitator.

6. This dust device was equipped with an independent skid type jet dust mixer for mud mixing.

Except 750HP rig dust system, GN is also able to offer mud system for rig of 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 1000HP, 1500HP and 2000HP. underneath, we shared several different projects on GN’s oil rig dust device.

March 16 2016

GN Drilling Waste Management System Q&A

As usual, GN Solids Control have updated the presentation before the exhibition. Which you can find here at this link.

For all our valuable client, we have shared some of our projects, and here list some Q&A. For the project for Greatwall Drilling Company, Drilling Waste Management for Shell and Shengli Oilfield both for OBM and WBM Cuttings

- What kind of equipments are used / sold on/for this project?

1) For OBM, the first step, we are using Verticle Cuttings Dryer, for WBM, the first step we are using High G shaker, the second step is same, high speed centrifuge

2) Some clients require one system for both OBM & WBM, or they have some other engineering consideration, we combine High G shaker, Verticle Cuttings Dryer, and second step centrifuge together to be one system

3) For geothermal projects, we normally use WBM, right?

- What are the difference between OBM and WBM equipments?

1) WBM waste is more compliate, harder to separate the solids out

2) So far, verticle cuttings dryer is not separting WBM waste very efficiently

3) The solution main difference is, for OBM, using verticle centrifuge which is verticle cuttings dryer; for WBM, we are using High G shaker, combine flocculant unit for the fluids.

- Is flocculation or filter unit used on this project? If YES, could you pleased send us treated water lab test results and properties, which is taken from the outlet of the flocculation or filter unit?

We do use flocculant unit for some WBM waste project, pls refer below links to have a look, but do not have lab test results from site

1) In this video below link shows, it is a civil engineering project, TBM waste mud handling, using flocculant unit, showing the result.


2) This video below, they are for oil gas drilling waste, WBM waste





2-) Regarding the Sinopec and CNPC Domestic DWM Project

- What kind of equipments are used / sold on/for this project?

These pictures show same equipment for waste management, only difference is the feeding to the first step, High G shaker

One is by screw conveyoer

The other is by gravity, place the high G shaker just on the dump side of the shale shaker of solids control, feeding from slop chute

Main equipment:

GNZS594HG High G shaker

GNLW363C-VFD high speed centrifuge

GN dewatering unit

- Are the cuttings inside the drilling mud disposed with using only decanting centrifuges or any other equipments used? If yes please inform the equipments?

High G shaker before the centrifuge to separate big particles

- After the solids removed form the mud, what kind of equipments are used for resolving the water and mud chemicals from the mud?

Normally it will be reused

Or dumped

3-) Has GN Solid sold any DWM equipment to Turkey before? If yes, please inform which company?

Waste management system, not yet.

But we do already sent a lot solids control equipment there

4-) Where is the closest location to Tukey, where we can visit and see GN Solids DWM equipments on operation?

The nearest location is in Russia, for Baker Hughes, just checked, the big problem is they will need a special license to permit anyone come inside the site. Even when we do the after sales commissioning, have to follow this complicate, long time procedue.

We warmly welcome to visit our site in China, which you can also see the arrangement, and witness the result.

At the same time, can visit our yard, check the equipment, discuss with engineers regarding our specific requriements, and concerns.