duplex stainless steel decanter centrifuge
August 27 2016

Why Duplex Stainless Steel Matters

Even though the market continues to be dominated by 304L and 316L, we would glad to find out with better material duplex stainless steel, we are having more buisness. For solids control equipment, we are discussing decanter centrifuge. We are not the first decanter centrifuge manfuacture who is moving forward, but as a Chinese solids control equipment manufacture, it is already a long road overhead other competitors.

As we always stated, price second, quality first, and to keep good quality, well selected material is one key.

The use of duplex grades has grown continuously since the 1990s. This growth has been accentuated by the current high cost of raw materials that makes duplex very cost- attractive compared to austenitics. In the de-aerated part of MSF/MED processes 316L and 316Lmo has mainly been used, but now the trend is towards duplex 2304 or 2205. There is an increased pressure in many countries to reduce the impact on the environment of industrial and power generation activities. Many of the most effective measures have proved positive for stainless steel usage:

For decanter centrifuge, not only anti corrosion, a lot of other material spec helps its operational life. For GN decanter centrifuge, we are using centrifugal casting bowl, which is more accurate, and less maintains / modifications when you fabricate the centrifuges. And more international, as most of the higher standard decanter centrifuge suppliers, are actually using duplex stainless steel.

More and more feedback from site approves our improvment, and hope you will also be the one.

drilling mud tank
August 21 2016

Mud Mixing System for TBM Project

For TBM, Micro Tunneling, Pipe Jacking, we all know that space limit is a big limitation. So a lot of European manufacturers or engineerint team have designed a lot of containerized, or very customized system, and in China we are doing the same. GN Solids Control keep manufacturing compact desanding units for TBM, Micro Tunneling, Pipe Jacking etc. While now for more and more projects, especially tough projects, need more mud mixing. This time we have customized a mud mixing plant for a TBM project, well they have solve the space problems. One of the big customization is the mixing hopper. We add a big frame for supporting heavier bags, to support 1 ton bags, and then several mixing tanks. GN Desanding Plant is the economic way for the mud recycling, it is popular for Bored Pile Slurry desanding plant, TBM slurry treatment, HDD (trenchless) as well as water well drilling etc. GN Small Desanding Plants Models: GNMS-200D  Capacity: 200GPM,50m³/h GNMS-500D  Capacity: 500GPM,120m³/h GNMS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM,240m³/h The shale shaker for separation coarse solids, the desander for separation sands, the desilter for separation silts, the mechanical centrifuge for separation fine solids.The chemically enhanced technology with decanter centrifuge for separation ultra fine solids to discharge water. Though GN Solids Control have done a lot of modularized mud sytem design, still welcome all the costomized requirement.
August 15 2016

Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge

When drilling waste management becomes a big problem of oil gas industry. The Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge was brought to this application, the US manufacture improved the product and used it for drilling waste, then it became a standard product of drilling waste management. After GN Solids Control march into manufacturing the verticle cuttings dryer, now we are going to improve the orignal design of Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge, with experience of verticle cuttings dryer, and experience in drilling waste management.

The GN Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge uses centrifugal force to dry wet coal. A stainless steel screen bowl traps wet coal and accelerates them up 900RPM with G force to 420G. This G force is higher to most of GN competitors which will give better separation. Liquid is forced through the screen bowl openings, the openings of the screen is optional in different sizes, while “dry” coal are extracted by the angled flights or knives attached to the rotation cone, which rotate slightly slower speed than the bowl and screen. This differential speed is to push the dry solids or coal to discharge from the bottom of the screen centrifuge.

Tungsten carbide protects the flights from abrasive solids and ensures long operational life. This aids in maintaining a constant gap between the scroll and screen bowl of the centrifuge, which is crucial for proper operation.

Contact GN freely to discuss with us how to improve vertical screen scroll centrifuge for mining projects, if you are in the mining industry, and want to have a better product with better result.

August 05 2016

More Centrifuges for More Applications

We have been staying on the same business, solids control, focusing on, and making good products. Now we have well known shale shaker, compact mud system, and multi solution for drilling waste management. One of the main product is Decanter Centrifuge.

Some client prefer just call it decanter, some may only refer it as centrifuge, never mind this is our key product. And more and more professional production line keep us in the front of decanter centrifuge suppliers.

Not only the oilfield clients accepted us, and feedback that our equipment is even better than EU /US similar products. Other applications, more and more clients asked us for a solution, they bought our products to test their own ideas, so we hire more professionals in for other applications, to offer our client more professional solutions, not only good products, like we always doing.

Water treatment plants

Waste water treatment plants

Tannery waste treatment plants

Power plant treatment plants

Paper production mills treatment plants

Slaughterhouse treatment plants

Bioagas Plants

Fruit Juice

Cleaning and disposal of slop oil

Treatment of drilling mud

Treatment of tannery products


and even more...

Welcome to find GN Sales Team to describe your application, and find a more proper solution with us together.

Liquid Mud Plant
July 31 2016

4 New Mature Solution for Different Applications

GN Solids Control have been well known with solids control for oil gas drilling, waste management, compact mud system design etc. Not enough people know that we have actually done a lot on the other different applicaitons. While all the main separation equipment are shale shakers, mud cleaners, desander, desilters, decanter centrifuges. For differential application, the size and selection of equipment is different. But the principle is all the same solids and liquid separation

1)Liquid Mud Plant is consisted of different type of tanks to storage and mixing drilling mud.

2)Dredge Slurry Dewatering System is for dredging project slurry treatment to remove solids

3)Solid removal unit is mostly used for diamond core drilling

4)TBM slurry separation plant is popular for project of AVN Machines , Mixshields  or Shaft Sinking Machines.

For a specific project, basically we need to know below information to find a proper solution.1) Before our equipment, what happened

2) After our equipment, what kind of result you expect

3) Data or Media

4) What you use before? Comments, or complains?

5) Any kind of limitations

6) Budget

Ask for help from GN when you need.