ADIPEC Decanter Centrifuge
November 16 2016

Harvest From ADIPEC 2016

ADIPEC is always a big exhibition for all the oil gas people, in good days and bad days, the market is always there, maybe also good or bad, it saves people. It is a good chance for GN also, after strategically build our relationship with Baker Hughes and other big companies there, this is a good chance for our clients to know more about us.

So GN brought a decanter centrifuge there, and some shaker screens. Which is sort of key products, which we put more and more resouce of R&D or ware stocking, machinery etc. Most of the exhibitions GN brings decanter centrifuge, shaker screens, the 2nd manufacturing shop is also especially for the centrifuges and shaker screens.

Now it is forth big updates of GN centrifuges, and this time, we make it lighter, more compact, optimize the inside protection, inlets, outlets etc. In this new series, we finally released our FHD decanter centrifuges, cooperating with Vislong, equiped our centrifuge with Rotadiff.

With more and more cases, GN have got the reputations, with high quality and competitve price, more and more clients start to try and believe GN products. This year, Baker Huges have purchased 70 containers equipment from GN, and now it is under commissioning, before that EMEC, the Egpyt company have purchased 40sets centrifuges after testing two of them. And now we have been good partners, that is also why EMEC is one of the strategic partner, and GN is going to have a warehouse in Middle East to be on Baker's back.

After this exhibition, hopefully we will get more and more clients knows GN, and knowing GN quality. If you are one of them, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Replace all the Steel Screens with Composite Material
November 05 2016

Replace all the Steel Screens with Composite Material

Yes, that is what we wanted to do, replace all the steel frame in shaker screens with composite material. As a professional solids control manufacturer, we were leading waste management equipment in China, and now it is time for shaker screens. We know the trouble of having bad steel frame screens: -Crack steel frame -Unplesent plugging -Trashed stock after 1year … We know it hurts.

Now GN Solids Control have started lots of replacement composite screens for GN shaker screens and competitor’s screens. MI-Swaco Mongoose,MI-Swaco MD-3/MD-2,Nov Brandt Cobra, Venom, VSM-300,FSI screen,Derrick 2000. etc.

It solves the big headaches you have: -The composite frame screen is repairable to save cost. -Compared to metal frame, the composite frame useable area is 10% to 20 % larger. -Since the composite frame is covered by plastic, it is rust resistant for long time storage up to over 5 years.

What Makes GN Composite Shaker Screens Different • Automatic Robot Welding of the steel frame to have better quality and consistency. • High quality fiber glass to improve plastic quality and screen temperature resistant to 140 C degree. • Four side tension of mesh during the heat press to minimize the gap between the top screen and support screens, in a result extending the screen life. Our competitor normally do not use any tension for heat press. • GN 3 layer wire mesh for API 60 and above for longer screen life, our competitor normally use 3 layer only for API 120 and above.

Remakrs: [1]Derrick and FLC are marks of Derrick Corporation [2]Brandt and NOV and King Cobra are marks of National Oilwell Varco [3]MI-Swaco and Mongoose are marks of Schlumberger

FHD Decanter Centrifuge
November 05 2016

GNLW363FHD Full Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuge

FHD Decanter Centrifuge Now AVAILABLE

Before, what we heard is:

We prefer FHD; Hydraulic is more convinient; After suffered this with electric, we prefer FHD, and less electrical stuff; We do not want to be treated as a full, whenever we did not find anything wrong, and the centrifuge just do not work, and when an electrician comes, with a few tags, then it works. On site, we do not need to hire a professional electrition, hydraulic is more mechanical, which means easier for everyone. … 

So you can find more reasons of using a FHD decanter centrifuge, and that is why we finally release GNLW363-FHD decanter centrifuge, after 2years testing and researching & developing

GN and Viscotherm has been jointly working together to develop the Full hydraulic drive centrifuge for international clients to meet the highest standard. GN Solids Control is a leading decanter centrifuge manufacturer. And Viscotherm and ROTODIFF® from Switzerland are leading brand for centrifuge hydraulic driving system. The hydraulic bowl and scroll drive system drives both the hydraulic motor ROTODIFF and the bowl of a decanter centrifuge from hydraulic pump unit by two hydraulic oil circuits.

Get more details:

GNLW363D-FHD Decanter CentrifugeGeorge @ GN Solids Control
October 31 2016

Modular Solids Removal Unit Diamond Drilling System

GN have been making customized solids removal unit for diamond coring long time ago, similar as the HDD / CBM mud recycling system development, keep customize systems, and then find the key factors in common, and modularized the system design. Now we have two modularized small solids removal unit for diamond coring projects.

GN Solids Removal Unit Features & Benefits

Process Capacity: 0- 150 LPM

Reduced drilling fluid consumption over 40% Self-Contained Unit with Shaker, Centrifuge, Pumps, mixing, Tanks and Generators (Optional) .

Environmentally friendly, No Pit drilling – Reduced water consumption

Reduces site set-up and remediation costs

Reduced down-hole drilling equipment costs by improving the life of diamond bit/drill rod.

Solids Removal Unit for Diamond Drilling

Basically it is including a shaker, and a centrifuge

GN have a mini shaker which have small footprint, high G force, separate most of the coarse particles form diamond drilling works, though there is not too many. Or do the fine separation when the centriffuge is have something wrong, nice and cheap backup.

GNLW223 is a 9in small bowl centrifuge, with 11kw motor or Full Hydraulic option, to separate the fine particles. To achieve higher G force, the rotation speed have to be high, 9in, need upto 4200rpm to have over 2000G. Well it varies from different projects, with different feeding, settings will also be different.

Drilling fluid is circulated directly from the drill collar to the GN Mini Shale shaker for first phase solids removal. And a positive displacement feeding pump takes the drilling fluids under the shaker tank to feed GN mini decanter centrifuge for fine solids removal. The Cleaned drilling fluids are then returned to the drill hole for reuse. The highly mobile unit also incorporates a mixing chamber and mixing hopper and pumps, which enables drilling fluids chemical to be added accurately and efficiently. The GNLW223 baby centrifuge is world smallest decanter centrifuge for drilling fluids treatment. It’s popular for diamond core drilling industry.

Still a customized solution is available, keep tune, or contact us directly to have a satisfied solution.

Last Call for Meeting in Abu Dahbi ADIPEC Hall 10, 10436
October 23 2016

Last Call for Meeting in Abu Dahbi ADIPEC Hall 10, 10436

ADIPEC is a wellknown oil gas exhibition all over the world. FYI. For this year, it is on 7~10 Nov. And GN booth is 10436 in Hall 10. It is well known that GN Solids Control now is a qualified solids control & waste management equipment supplier for Baker Hughes, and they have placed several big orders.

And quite a few more exhibitions in Indonesia, India, Singapore etc are following, while a lot of companies are closing offices. This do not means anything, but GN have siezed another chance, challanged the bad situation.

From the time GN borne, it is a private, no background company, so the strage is oversea market, as the poem, if flowers blooms outside of the wall, people inside smells.

Then being the pioneer of inventing verticle cuttings dryer, with experience of oversea waste management, we siezed a good chance in China, when the government been strict on environmental protection, they know where they can find good products.

When the market keep going down, we understand more and more people will care more and more about the balancing of quality and price. So that is what we do.

If you are in need of a good supplier, with good quality, and good price, may help you out on the bad days, find a chance to meet with GN somewhere.

Abu Dahbi is one of the most important center, also where the most itelegent people gather. That is also a place we are going to have an office & warehouse nearby.

A professional team will show up in the exhibition. Come and meet with us in Abu Dahbi ADIPEC Hall 10, 10436