hydrovac slurry treatment
October 29 2020

Your Packaged Solution for Hydrovac Slurry Treatment

hydrovac slurry treatment
October 27 2020

Mud Mixing Hopper and Vertical Cuttings Dryer for China Drilling Company

GN Solids Control just finished another batch of drilling waste management systems for one China big drilling company. With thousands of successfully projects, GN Solids Control made drilling waste management systems are always the first choice for Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC. GN Vertical Cuttings Dryers are mainly used to treat oil base cuttings, synthesized base cuttings. By using GN vertical cuttings dryer, oil in the solids can be minimized from 20% to less than 5%. Recycled oil can be sold as a side product or be used to produce new drilling mud. GN vertical cuttings dyer hourly treating flow rate is around 30~50 Tons. A high rotating screen basket and flight at the same direction with different speed generates a large G force, so the large particles (max. 250 microns) can be removed from the drill cuttings. GN Vertical Cuttings Dryers can be equipped with 3 different sizes screen opening: 250 microns, 350 microns and 500 microns. To protect GN Cuttings Dryer from blocking, GN air knife system and GN flushing nozzles will blow off the solids stuck on the screen basket and flush the accumulated around the discharge ring. In case customer need clean drilling mud, GN Solids Control also manufactures decanter centrifuges. Solids larger than 2-5 microns can be removed by GN decanter centrifuge. GN decanter centrifuges are also largely used in high gravity and low gravity drilling mud treatment. Together with these GN cuttings dryer, GN Solids Control also provides some sets Jet Mud Mixers. As previously mentioned, after treated by GN Cuttings Dryer and GN Decanter Centrifuge, clean drilling mud should be add bentonite or barite to get the right gravity. Jet mud mixer includes Venturi Hopper and Centrifugal Pump, drilling chemicals can be added and mixed by mud agitator later in the mud mixing tank. As for the water based cuttings, GN Solids Control mostly uses Hi-G Shale Shaker and Decanter Centrifuge to get dry cuttings. Feel free to connect with us for any drill cuttings treating.

October 19 2020

GN CBM Drilling rig mud solids control system for coal development company

GN Solids Control is a turnkey liquid & solids separation equipment provider. GN made mud recycling systems helped thousands of customers recover valuable drilling mud and more importantly also protect the environmental from getting pollution. In August, GN Solids Control delivered one set of CBM Drilling Rig mud solids control system for a coal mining company. Here are the main treating equipment in this CBM system:

1.GN 3 Panels ShakerTwo sets of GN 3 panels shale shaker GNZS703F are connected by a big box type feeding distributor. Both of these shakers are linear motion ones which moved by two vibrators.

GN 3 panels shale shaker removes most of the coarse solids/particles from the CBM drilling mud. GN Solids Control made SS opening mesh shaker screens are especially good at treating high solids content drilling mud without wear even after long time usage.

2.GN De-sander

GN De-sander is a shale shake fixed with 10 inch hydrocyclones, here we use one mini shaker GNZS752 as the bottom shaker as it has only 2 panels. Liquid after treated by GN shale shaker is feed by one centrifugal pump into GN De-sander, where solids larger than 50 microns are removed.

3.GN De-silter

GN Desitler uses 4 inch hydrocyclones, here 8 units are used. Same with the de-sander, those 4 inch de-silter cyclones are also fixed on the top of the GN 2 panels shale shaker GNZS752. Drilling mud from the de-sander tank is sucked and feed into GN de-silter, solids larger than 25 microns are removed.

4.GN Mud Tank

GN shale shaker, GN de-sander and GN de-silter are all fixed on the top of a mud tank. Ladders, walk ways and safety guardrails are provided with the mud tank. Totally 4 sets mud tanks are provided.

5.GN Jet Mud Mixer

After treated by the the above mentioned equipment, GN Jet Mud Mixer is used to add drilling chemicals and product new clean drilling mud that can be used in CBM drilling. 6.GN Centrifugal Pump

3 set of GN Centrifugal Pumps are used as the feeding pumps for de-sander and de-silter. GN made centrifugal pumps are totally interchangeable with NOV Mission Magnum pump.

October 19 2020

7,500 BBL Liquid Mud Plant for South America Client

GN Solids Control is busy with final testing of one 7,500 BBL liquid mud plant these days. This is the first partial order as part of the 30,000 BBL mud plant, GN will ship them to our South American customer in October. 

GN Solids Control has been providing hundreds of mud plant for global customers, no matter it’s OBM, WBM or SBM etc, GN Solids Control always has the right solution for customer. Actually, in order to meet the technical demands, GN Solids Control customize built all liquid mud plants.This 7,500 BBL liquid mud plant is composed by the following main GN equipment:

1.500 BBL Mixing Tank2 sets of parallel mud hoppers are fixed on the top of the mixing tank. Mixing power is provided by 2 separate submersible pump, in case one pump is broken the other submersible pump can be switched easily. A working platform is easy to access by ladders. 2 sets mud agitators with double impellers are using to keep the drilling mud from sediment. Besides, 2 units mud guns are also used to flush the mud from the corner. Mud tank uses checkered plate to build the top cover. This 500 BBL mixing tank is skid mounted type, in rectangular size, can be moved by a flat bed truck. After the drilling mud is mixed, one centrifugal pump with fast connections suck the drilling mud and move them into those storage tanks. There are 14 units 500 BBL cylinder tanks totally, so the whole storage volume is 7,000 BBL.

All these cylinder tanks are fixed with magnetic flip level gauges. Due to these tanks are used to stock water based mud, so mud agitators are not necessary. On one side the mud tank, a laying foundation is built in case they need to be put horizontally. A second centrifugal pump is used to move the water based mud to other tanks, and may also be used suck the drilling mud from the mixing tank. As a leading solids control and drilling waste management system provider, GN Solids Control is dedicated to provide the most cost-effective solution for global customers, welcome to connect with us!

September 27 2020

Small Solids Liquid Separation Unit to Europe

GN Solids Control has been designing and building solids and liquid separation separation systems for many years. GN customers are widely located in the whole world. Recently, GN Solids Control finished one set small Unit for one European HDD drilling equipment provider.

GN Small Solids Liquid Separation Unit mainly includes the following treating components: 1.GN Mini Shale ShakerGN made smallest shale shaker uses 2 pieces shaker screens, with compact design and strong vibration force GN mini shale shaker is able to remove most of the coarse solids. Stainless steel shaker deck protect the shale shaker from long time running rusty. GN made shaker screens are all comply with API RP 13C standard. 

2.GN 9 inch Decanter CentrifugeGN Solids Control builds different bowl sizes of decanter centrifuges, include 9’’, 14’’, 18’’, 22’’ and 30’’. Here GN Solids Control uses the smallest baby centrifuge GNLW223 to remove fine sand/silt from the drilling mud after discharged by shale shaker. In some projects, GN Solids Control also provides GNLW224, it has longer rotating bowl compared to GNLW223. GNLW224 flow rate is 1.5 times of GNLW223 when treat the same slurry/mud.  3.GN Screw PumpUsually screw pump is used to feed decanter centrifuge, although sometimes submersible pump is also used. GN Screw Pump main transmission body is made by Germany Netzsch.

4.GN Mud Tank GN mini shaker GNZS752 and GN 9 inch centrifuge GNLW223 are all fixed on the top of the mud tank, which is designed and manufactured with lifting pads for convenient move. While the screw pump is located on the side of the mud tank to save the working room. GN Solids Control also provides customized painting for this whole system. Any tough job GN is confident to provide a cost-effective solution, welcome to connect with GN sales for a most suitable solution.