June 09 2019

Two sets Hydrovac slurry separation system for America Client

If have to change the title a bit, it is 2 systems in operation, happy, then placed 4 more systems, now 2 system is ready, and 2 more will be ready soon. GN have done many projects on hydrovac slurry separation, some of the projects we only offer products, some we offer complete solution.  Hydrovac Excavation, or Non-Destructive Dig (NDD) is a bit different with other civil projects like HDD, Trenchless, or Pipe-Jacking etc. The process of Hydrovac Excavation is a non-destructive method using pressurized water (Hydro) and a vacuum system (Excavation) to dig. With this process, Wolverine Hydrovac makes a visual observation of existing buried underground utilities, pipes, or unknown infrastructures so that they may be avoided when digging in the ground. Then the whole process is also different, well the basic idea is same, spearate the particles stage by stage, from bigger rocks, to sands to silts. to clay. Do remember to check the definition of these particles. Anyway, typically here is the system:
  • Slurry Collection Hopper – this is a customized piece, for their application, if you have a better idea based on your site, and whatever circumentance,  you have the better layout for you, then do not mind telling us.
  • Coarse Screen Shaker  – One unit coarse shaker is installed under the collection hopper for coarse solids separation. Coarse shaker in installed on collection tank into where the slurry will drop waiting for further treatment. The submersible pump installed on the tank is used to transfer the slurry to subsequent module.
  • Fine Screen Shaker – the slurry treated by the coarse shaker will be pumped to fine screen shaker for small size sand separation, the shaker deck is covered with rubber to prevent the slurry spraying out to contaminate the equipment.
  • Dsilter Unit, similar as all the drilling mud separation systems, after the shale shaker, it comes to cyclones, and then it goes to 
  • Decanter centrifuge, during the operation, the client have helped us compare a lot in between USA decanters and GN decanters, and finally they chose to stay with GN for future projects.
  • Contact us if you have any further questions.
    June 08 2019

    Welcome to booth 7711 in Hall 3 in KL, Oil Gas Asia

    Exhibition: OGA, Oil Gas Asia GN Booth No.: 7711, in Hall 3  Location:  Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Stall 7, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088, Kuala Lumpur Duration: June 18th to 20th, 2019                           After CIPPE in Beijing, OTC in Houston, now GN is leaving for KL Malaysia. Malaysia’s Oil & Gas show has been running since 1987 and today it has more attendees and more exhibiting companies than any other show in the region. The growth in the number of attendees is in part a consequence of Malaysia becoming the petroleum industries regional centre. The growth in the number of exhibitors is in part because 92% of exhibiting companies come back year after year, with many believing it’s the best show they’ve partaken.   What you will find with GN: Products: This time we will bring shale shaker, vacuum pump, centrifugal pump, and shaker screens, if you havent find a chance to check GN products, welcome to visit our booth. Sales Team: A professional team staying with GN for many years.    To make it count, this is exhibition is:     A great opportunity to meet up with world renowned companies in the Oil & Gas industry under one roof.     A right place to be, to mingle and exchange business opinions with the industry experts around the Asian region.     A networking hub where more than 2000 industry players will be presenting their expertise and know-how.     Industry experts and big names like ABB, Cameron, Icon Offshore, IHC Asia Pacific, Powertium, M3nergy, SPRO Solution, Neu Dimension, Olio Group, Sapura Energy Berhad, Siemens, Sime Darby Industrial, Tanjung Offshore, TechnipFMC, Velesto Energy Berhad and Wartsila will be present.     OGA 2019 is an excellent platform for visitors to source for the best solutions that the industry can offer!
    20190520 Bored Piling Desander
    May 25 2019

    More Desanding Units to South East Asia

    For piling, construction sites, the desanding unit is now being a must. Recently we have a few more units sent to South East Asia for pipejacking projects. For pipejacking, another type of tunnelling, to desand and reuse the mud, is now accepted by more and more contractors, the most common package is desanding unit and the decanter centrifuge. Well every project is different, and the requirement from local government varies, then different package been chosen and been used.

    To choose system, it is easy to get some ideal option like from start to the end, each and every equipment is used on same flow rate, while in the actual project, it does not always work it that way. And sometimes it is not only depended on economy situations. The function of the decanter centrifuge is not always fully treat all the flow from the start, so it is not always needed to choose a huge decanter to work all out.

    As GN Manufacture shale shakers, desanders, desilters, decanter centrifuges. So GN Solids Control is able to provide complete solutions for TBM slurry treatment project.The shale shaker for separation coarse solids, the desander for separation sands, the desilter for separation silts, the mechanical centrifuge for separation fine solids.The chemically enhanced technology with decanter centrifuge for separation ultra fine solids to discharge water.Been more and more experienced on desanding units and decanter centrifuge, we now understanding better and better about site design etc., feel free to contact us when you won the project.

    May 19 2019

    Drilling Waste Management System to Xinjiang China

    Drilling waste management system is now more and more often required come with the drill rig, nowadays, it is becoming to a standard package. Well more and more existing active rigs also looking to equip the package, to meet the environmental protection requirement. With more than two hundred decanter centrifuges deliver to the world, we also got more than 50 cuttings dryer sent out, some of them might go with the drilling waste management package. This time the client form Xinjiang province, purchased two system, for their drilling operations, quite standard design, a cuttings dryer, a decanter centrifuge, c/w feeding pumps, flushing pumps, intermediate tanks. And like always, it is on one skid.

    GN have already expended our centrifuge production line, now more options, while for the waste management, solids control, staying the same design, just minor upgrades, you know, keep tuning. And we have delivered lots of similar systems to many sites, many countries, collected some feedback, so now this experience is aiding us on the drilling waste management package.

    Though it is a mature system, we are still open in case is there any site got different conditions we did not expect. Freely to call or email us to talk about how you normally proceed the drilling waste, and how you want to improve, or just let us know your rig, mud pump, mud system, then we will hop into the drawing, and find a way to interact with all the other stuff.

    May 12 2019

    2019 OTC,What You've Got About GN Solids Control

    Met with a friend recently, he is not the one in the company who need to worry about selling, so when he check the show he is very surprised that how much people have been spending on the show, for the one time use stands, equipment transportation. Though you have to admit, that people they buy after they checked the equipment, but still a huge cost. Well beside the exhibiton holders are doing their own efforts to make the whole progress more environmental friendly, more reused staff; the exhibition is a good place to gather all the needed information, and it is a stage to show yourself.   OTC is this kind of stage, here all the related people come here to communicate, to check, to learn, to buy, to sell. Well as for GN, few things are very important: New Product, Popular Product, Solution Concepts.  

    Shale Shaker, we know many shakers, many different names, from animals, snakes, and playing games about the food cycle, very glad we are not doing that. We are still showing a GNZS shale shaker, a linear motion, a simple shaker, no nick name. Well bit different shale shaker.  We know our client need a faster & easier way to handle the wedge, so they have it. And that is the first time we show it out to the world. Not a new technology, but GN is improving. Email us for more info.  

    ViST Screen, this is a vacuum system, equiped with one panel screen, helping the shaker performance. To dry the solids at the last screen, and recycle more fluid.  It is suitable for all types drilling mud like OBM, WBM and SBM. In the meanwhile of recovery fluids, the drilling waste discharge is greatly reduced, and the cost in transporting the waste will be saved. With one set GN VIST vacuum shaker screen system on drilling site, the driller can fit finer screens on the shaker to separate much finer cuttings and save the cost in placing extra cuttings drying machine.  

    From last year, shale shaker, decante centrifuge have been the most popular products, especially modle GNZS703, GNLW363, which we also have stock in Houston. The solids pump have been surprisingly popular, and been used in many new applications.   Oily sludge separation, since have to cover the ass, lots of oily pits need to be treated now, and that is exactly where you need our OST (oil sludge treatment) system. GN have developed many different modular solutions for this application, and been doing test, collecting data for different type, let us know if you need any help on this.