January 17 2021

mud cleaner and drilling fluids centrifuge to worldwide drilling corporation

at the start of this month, gn solids manage finished manufacturing of any other set mud purifier and drilling fluids centrifuge for an overseas drilling business enterprise. gn solids manage has wealthy revel in of presenting solids and liquid separation systems specially in oil and fuel enterprise. dust purifiergn dust purifier is a compact shaker treating unit constant with de-sander cyclones and de-silter cyclones. it’s a 2 segment treating unit only takes small working room in comparison to using a de-sander shaker and a de-silter shaker. gn solids manage manufactures exclusive sizes shale shakers, like 2 panels, 3 panels, and 4 panels. gn made shale shakers are fully analyzed when designing in an effort to have a sturdy shaker deck and vibrators mounting frame. gn solids manipulate also offers double deck shakers besides the single deck ones. as we understand shaker screens are wearable elements, gn made shake displays are api rp 13c 0.33 party licensed. drilling fluids decanter centrifuge gn decanter centrifuge is extensively the usage of in drilling dust manage and barite restoration. drilling fluids may be very valuable, continually need to be reused as spark off drilling mud after adding drilling chemical compounds to have unique gravity and viscosity. drilling fluids is handled through gn decanter centrifuge under excessive rotating velocity and huge g force. solids are collected around the inner circle of the rotating bowl after dispersed from the screw propeller. gn solids manage manufactures unique sizes rotating bowls inclusive of 14 inch, 18 inch and 22 inch. as a api licensed clothier and producer, gn solids control made decanter centrifuges are broadly using within the international. except the drilling dust treating, gn decanter centrifuges are also broadly using in no-dig drilling enterprise, such as hdd, tbm, bored piling and many others. with greater flocculant or chemical compounds feed together with gn drilling dust centrifuge, gn solids manipulate is capable of take away finer particles.

January 11 2021

Mud Treatment Decanter Centrifuges and Mud Recycler to Trenchless Boring O......

GN Solids Control made solids and fluid partition plants are generally utilizing in various ventures, a month ago GN Solids Control completed the process of assembling of another set mud treatment decanter centrifuges GNLW452 and mud recycler GNMS-1000D for a trenchless penetrating organization.

1.GN Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges is made to eliminate better particles from slurry, normally after treated by GN decanter rotator solids bigger than 2-5 microns can be killed.

Here GN Solids Control gives one 18 inch bowl size decanter centrifuges GNLW452D. Max G power can reach to 815 G at 1800 rpm. GNLW452 treating limit is around 40 m3/h, just determined by one engine. It's particularly acceptable at utilizing in customary slurry treating with a serious cost.

GN Solids Control additionally has other bowl sizes decanter axes, for example, 9 inch, 14 inch, 22inch and 30 inch.

The entire turning bowl is made of divergent projecting by duplex SS. Solids release ports are secured by tungsten embeds, and within propeller edge is fixed with many tungsten carbide tiles for long time use without exhaustion.

Substance dosing unit might be utilized to give synthetic compounds to the decanter centrifuges, so considerably better particles under 2-5 microns can be eliminated. Either force or fluid can be added prior to taking care of into GN decanter rotator by dosing siphon.

2.GN Mud Recycler

GN Mud Recycler is a minimized planned treating unit, mud from TBM, Heaping Machine, Exhausting Machine and so on is feed by a submarine siphon. Slurry is feed into the GN Mud Recycler's hydrocyclones, which can eliminate solids bigger than 50 microns when utilize 10 inch twisters. GN Solids Control likewise gives 4 inch desilter typhoons to better solids bigger than 25 microns.

GN Mud Recycler GNMS-1000D is utilized before the decanter rotator. GNMS-1000D mostly incorporates two deck shaker, 10 inch typhoons and minimal mud tank. By utilizing a twofold deck shaker it can treat the slurry twice with various Programming interface nos. Screens.

January 04 2021

Vibration Screen For Liquid And Solids Separation To Environmental Solutio......

GN Solids Control is a world leading turnkey separation company, thousands of solids and liquid separation treating systems are provided in additional than seventy countries. GN Solids Control lately just finished manufacturing of another set vibrating screen for liquid and solids separation for an environmental service company. during this treating system, it mainly includes the subsequent products:1.GN Mud TankGN Solids Control is in a position to style and build various sorts of mud tanks in several sizes, rectangular tanks, cylinder tanks etc are often also provided. In most cases, GN design the mud tank a touch bit but the quality containers so as to save lots of the shipping freight although big tanks like mud plants are providing by GN for several years. 2.GN Vibrating ScreenGN Vibrating Screen is additionally called GN Vibrating Shaker, it's a linear motion unit to eliminate solids under a correct G force that brought by vibrators, usually 2 sets vibrators are used. By fixing different opening sizes of screens, GN Vibrating Screen is in a position to get rid of solids in several particles. GN Solids Control manufactures single deck or double decks screens to suit different working environment. Single deck vibrating screen are often also choose for 3 pc or 4 pcs screen panels.

3.GN pump Centrifugal pumps are widely used a slurry transfer pump also as a feeding pump for the vibrating screen. GN made pump use hard ductile iron pump shell. Whole pump is interchangeable with NOV Mission Magnum pump parts. 4.GN Mud AgitatorHere the mud tank is split into two compartments. the primary compartment above is fixed with shale shaker, liquid after discharged by vibrating screen fall to the first compartment. While the 2nd compartment is employed to combine slurry so a mud agitator is fixed thereon to stay the slurry from sediment. alittle power dosing pump is found by the pump to feature chemicals and blend the clear mud for reuse. 5.GN Tank AuxiliariesFor safety usage, GN Solids Control provides walk way, guide rails and ladders.

December 28 2020

Drilling Mud Mixing System for Trenchless Engineering Company

GN Solids Control last week delivered one set of drilling fluid mixing system for a trenchless engineering company. As we all know, drilling fluid is extremely important in Trenchless Drilling, it help to guard the drill rig tool from dry weariness in heat , also keep the pressure during a balance status therefore the drilling mud/slurry won't spray from underground.

GN Solids Control has richful experience of building drilling fluid mixing systems, most of them are uing in Oil & Gas industry where a way larger capcity mud mixing system is demanded. In trenchless industry, GN made compact mud mixing systems are very fashionable . Beside the mud mixing system, GN Solids control also manufactures mud treating systems like 250 GPM, 350 GPM, 500 GPM and 1000 GPM. Several years ago, GN Solids Control provided 2 sets of 1000 GPM trenchless mud treating systems to Hongkong Airport.

In this drilling fluid system we built for that trenchless engineering company, it's the subsequent main small systems:

1.Rectangular Mud Mixing System

Rectangular mud mixing system is fixed with one mud agitator, two centrifugal pumps and one mud hopper. Mud agitator keeps the drilling fluid from slump to the tank bottom. Those two centrifugal pumps are fixed on all sides of the mud tank, one is employed to combine the drilling fluid along side the mud hopper and therefore the other is employed to maneuver the drilling fluid to the trenchless equipment.

2.Cylinder Tank Mixing System

Here the cylinder tank mixing system includes two cylinder tanks, each mud tank is additionally fixed with one mud agitator. A parallel pump unit consists by two centrifugal pumps and one mud hopper, while on the opposite side the cylinder tank mixing system is has one pump to maneuver the mixed drilling fluid . Control boxes are fixed on the tank skid, only got to connect power to the control box after arrived.

December 28 2020

Desander Plant and mud dewatering centrifuge for China Engineering Company

GN Solids Control has been performing on designing and manufacturing solids and liquid treating systems for several years. GN Solids Control is particularly good at providing turnkey treating solutions. Last week, GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of another set big mud treating plant. Here are the most treating equipment during this GN treating system:1.Mud Treating Plant GNMS-1000DGN mud treating plant consists of double deck shaker GNZS753, and it’s fixed with 2 big 10 inch cyclones. A 45kw pump is found by the side of a compact tank to feed slurry into the desander unit. 2.Mud Treating Plant GNMS-500DGNMS-500D is smaller than GNMS-1000D consider the treating flow , it’s 500 GPM VS 1000 GPM. As GNMS-500D is fixed with just one set 10 inch cyclone. and therefore the feeding pump is GNSB5x4C (30kw). 3.Mud Dewatering Centrifuge GNLW554E-VFDAfter treated by GN mud treating plant, all large solids are removed which leave the particles but 50 microns be further treated by GN mud dewatering centrifuge. GNLW554-EP may be a 22 inch bowl centrifuge, compared to the centrifuge using in oil & gas industry, GNLW554-EP features a longer rotating bowl. Most of the large solids larger than 2 microns are easily removed by GN decanter centrifuge at a high rotating speed. 4.Mud Mixing and tank Mud mixing and tank is employed to mixing drilling fluid with drilling chemicals or bentonite etc. Every mud tank is fixed with mud agitators to stay the drilling fluid from slump to tank bottom, usually 1 mud agitator is required every 3 meters. A venturi mud hopper is connected with 1 pump sometimes 2 centrifugal pumps could also be wont to mix drilling fluid . 5.Mud Shearing TankAll the mud tanks are connected by high and low position pipes, fixed with butterfly valves to regulate the connection between tanks. Jet mud mixing unit is employed to shearing the mud so it are often utilized in one active tank and supply clean drilling fluid .