November 17 2019

Thank YOU for Visiting GN Solids Control in 2019 ADIPEC oil exhibition in ......

Show Name - ABU DHABI International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference

Show Time - 11-14 NOVEMBER 2019


GN Booth No. - 10514

Exhibitiors upto 150 000 +

Exhibitors upto 2200+

The equipment GN showed: Decanter Centrifuge, ViST Vacuum Shaker, GNSP series Vacuum Pump, Shaker Screens.

First thing first, very grateful for all the visitors who dropby GN booth, and also thanks to all the people who is paying attention right now. Yes, thank you for your support. We will keep doing better and better.

With more and more clients buying from GN, the reputation GN have gain, already benefiting the outcome, with all the spreading words about GN Solids Contrl, the good circle start rolling. 

So this time, though we still just bring decanter centrifuge, it is an updated version, just keep doing R&D, like there is no ending of make clients even happier. Hope you have noticed some of them, and if not, find a GN sales man. 

For shale shaker, I believe the high light would be the ViST, the vacuum hopper we add underneath, connecting to a vacuum unit, make the last screen breathing, not sure if it is angry, but definitely in a good way, helping save some money by get more fluids back.

We would not tell you how hard we eventually achive what kind of screens we have now, but with proud, we know our shaker screens work perfectly better than others, and you will have our guarantee.

Keep tune, and see you soon in next exhibition.

October 20 2019

Try GN Shaker Screens, before you make the final judgement

For a very long time, we have suffered as lots of client still have some perception that they can not find good products in China. While if you are not paying right price, and if you are not going to pay attention, probably it won’t work easily. GN Shaker Screen Production Line Includes almost all Popular Screen in Market, after spent lots of lessons, we now eventually proudly to announce that we are manufacturing the best composite frame screens.    1. GN is able to provide replacement screen for almost all widely known shale shaker brand in drilling industry. When RFQ from GN, clients have several ways to get a proposal. Option 1, provide the brand and API numbers of the screen. Option 2, provide the original manufacturer part number of the screen. Then GN will give proposal according to the information provided. 2. GN is able to provide the screen framed and hook striped, and the screen surface can be either flat or wave shaped.  3. GN now is mainly provide the composite frame screen as more and more users prefer using this type screen for the longer working life and easy for storage.  GN is the only drilling mud shaker screen manufacturer with the full API series screens have been tested by the authorized third party and the claimed API conductance is comply with the API RP 13C standard.     1. GN is using robot to weld the inside steel bone frame to ensure the consistency. 2. The outer covered plastic material is 100% new and clean, not recycled.  3. GN uses 3-layer design from API 60 while other supplier in China from API 120. 4. Wire mesh is pretensioned to make stronger screen surface. 5. GN screen is repairable with screen rubber plug in case less than 10% of the screen grids are broken.   So if you are still in doubt, or if you are not using GN screen yet, give us a chance, give it a try.
October 20 2019

Oil Sludge Treament System Commissioned in a China Site

Very recently another OST site have been commissioned, and the whole plant start working. OST, Oil Sludge Treatment plant is mainly used for recovering the oil and water from oily sludge coming from drilling site, refinery waste and other industrial oily sludge. It is more like a plant of covering asses, to fix the problems we did not take care of, the contamination we caused before. After the treatment, the recovered oil can be used as fuel or selling to get profit, recovered water and cleaned solids will have very small content of oil, which would be easily treated by further process.
September 04 2019

Meet with GN Solids Control in CA21 end of Oct. in IMARC exhibition.

GN is a professional manufacturer for decanter centrifuge, shale shaker, screw conveyor, various pumps, and products widely used in over 70 countries.   In this exhibition, GN is bringing a 9in small decanter centrifuge, which can hopefully help you see and feel GN's prodcuts.    GN decanter centrifuge have been delivered to mining site in Australia, for coking coal dewatering, garnet mining etc., also coalbe methane, different drilling projects etc..   Partnering with AlfaWest Australia (, GN is now able to offer more local service for the decanter centrifuges.   Get your free pass:   The GN Brand has been in the industry since 2007. Our manufacture plant is close to Beijing, China. But our products have been exported to over 70 countries in the world. Over 70% of our products are made for international customers. GN have branch in Houston, USA and Moscow, Russia for support to our local customer.   GN decanter centrifuge have been delivered to mining site in Australia, for coking coal dewatering, garnet mining etc., also coalbe methane, different drilling projects etc.. GN design and manufacture different size of decanter centrifuges for industry separation. GN centrifuge production line is from 9inch (220mm) bowl to 30inch (760mm) bowl, with bowl length and diameter ration up to 4.2, and the adjustable G force is up to 3000G to meet different industry separation applications. Moreover, GN owns a branch for design PLC and electrical control system; this allows GN to have more advantages in electrical components for measuring and control.   Alfawest is your ONE STOP SHOP when seeking professional assistance for of all your Centrifuge, Decanter and Plate Heat Exchanger needs. With understanding the commitments of each industry, we are prepared to help you to achieve the best performance of your equipment at the lowest cost. Based on our impressive 30 years of experience in the industrial field of process separation, our highly specialized Service Engineers have served more than 1000 clients located across many different industries, including Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical , Mining, Marine, Food Oils, Dairy, Wineries, Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Rendering and Waste Water Treatment.   Meet the GN team and Alfawest team at Stand CA21 to know more about the coal / tailings dewatering and our other solutions for the mining industry.
2017080731 Offshore Drilling Mud System
August 27 2019

Offshore Mud System to COSL

This is not the first mud system for offshore, also not the first one to COSL. While for the whole offshore mud system to COSL, this is now a start. After using many GN products, now COSL is cooperating further and further with GN. 

For offshore, as we also know, expect ambient is still need to be Explosion Proof, there are a lot more factors to be considered. Always have limited space, and need fit into the structure, and all the lifting matters, and it is offshore environment, so hmmm, everything is different.

This time the system, with limited space, contains all the main equipment:

  • Shale shaker, with simple structure and adjustable vibrating G force, is used to remove the coarse cuttings in drilling fluids. GN connected the main shaker unit and the underflow drying shaker unit in mud cleaner to make larger capacity vibrating screen system, this reduced the footprint of the system, but ensures the flow rate.    
  • This system has a centrifugal degasser that is used to remove the air invaded into the drilling mud. The degasser unit can effectively remove the air to ensure the property of the mud. This also guarantees the sufficient pressure of the sand pump in feeding the drilling mud to the cyclone unit of the mud cleaner. 
  • Decanter centrifuge is used to remove the fine solids in the drilling mud. GN decanter has been proved with stable performance and easy operation procedures to meet the demand on drilling site. The material application in rotation part and protection design in wearing part greatly extends the working hours and reduces the maintenance cost.
  • GN also equipped screw conveyer to collect the waste cutting discharged from above mentioned equipment. As on platform, collecting the drilling cutting is also an important job due to limited space.
  • There are several highlights though, except always using high standard equipment, this time, customized the tank design, you can tell from the painting, for the client.

    Also the cable is well placed, the lifting padeye inspected… 

    For more info., pls contact the sales team.