October 15 2017

Customized Compact Mud System for HDD Project to Africa

For HDD projects, or TBM projects, GN mud systems are customized and adapted to specific project, for all flow rates, and all ground conditions, based on full range solutions, we offer our customers integrated technology for finishing projects precisly and reliable, exctly where they are needed. After years of experience, GN have been paving the way of leading the system design, economically, quickly, extremly considering the site safety. With clear value propostions, this time GN have designed and produced the system in time, with high quality. For better mobility, the frame and tank is designed as the container size, to make sure it is easy for transportation, without extra PROTECTION from transportation government. Pre-installed shaker and mud cleanerunit in frame which would be lifting by crane easily, less onsite installation job needed. The equipment included in this 500GPM mud recycling system is GN’s standard configuration. 1. 3-panel screen shale shaker is for coarse solids removing. Simple deck structure with top located feeding buffer box is for connection of hose from mud pit. 2. Cyclones are chosen two each of 10 inch and eight each of 4 inch for sand and silt separation. A same model drying shaker in under located the cyclones for much liquid recovery. 3. Two unit 40HP centrifugal pumpsare installed on the mud tank for feeding the mud to de-sander and de-silter unit. The tank is divided into 3 compartments respectively for shaker, de-sander and de-silter.

There is certain disadvantages for this sytsem also, good for transportation, but not good enough to store the mud, so on site, may need extra place for that. There is no space for mud agitators on tank top, so either cancel them or need put full submersible mud agitators. Highly reommend GN standard mud systems, while we also happy to know your site, your speciallity of project, and ready to be helpful with a customized solution.
August 21 2017

Helicopter Lifting Mud System to PNG

This is a special designed system, for helicorpter, which was a big challenge. And it comes on time, we have done a lot of R&D on equipment, upgrading the shale shaker, optimise the decanter centrifuge, further cooperate with client to have one stop solution for waste management, oil sludge separation; and work on TDU research for years, which is now in production process. Yes, the simple mud tanks, now it is time to have some challenge, and it is time to make some better mud tanks which we are more proud of. 

With some experience we had before, production of small diamond drilling system, which is also firstly been used in PNG, and the biggest concern back that time is weight limitation is 900kg. While now it is 9ton, and with bigger tank, more factors been brought up.

  • Weight & Design Less than 9 ton, and we do not want to lose volume, neither strength. So here it comes, how to find the best solution. All skids, with SolidWork, have been carefully calculated. Not only weight, analysis takes more effort.
  • Material To meet the critical standard, all the material have been carefully selected, SS316 pipeline, high strength plates, PPG painting, and top quality famous brand valves, unions, bearings.
  • Process Welding proceedure comply with AWS, ASME, NDT, lifting test; all the necessory steps to make sure it is done properly.
Why Chose GN?
  • Heard this brand before, and discussed with some reference
  • GN is willing to take some challenge, to do some higher standard / requirement product
  • GN got the ability to do this
  • Years of experience API Q1 quality control
August 13 2017

GN Will Show at Oil & Gas Indonesia 2017 this September

Oil & Gas Indonesia is a comprehensive showcase for petroleum exploration, production and refining services and products. It is held in Indonesia every two years to gather the petroleum professionals, decision makers and suppliers for advanced techniques communication and deal closing.

GN entered into this market by supplying the solids control equipment there for drilling fluids recovery. With the development of GN and the much stricter regulation on drilling waste discharging, GN’s drilling waste management equipment was brought into this market.

This time, GN team will show there new developed shaker screens. Welcome all visitors to GN stand for business negotiation and ideas exchanging. Please write down below information leading you to GN stand.

Show Name: Oil & Gas Indonesia 2017Show Time: 13-16th September, 2017Location: JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL EXPO, KEMAYORANGN Stand No.: B4623 

Shaker screen is one type of wear parts used on shale shaker. As per different mud condition, the lifetime of the screen panels would be various. However, comparing with other parts on solids control equipment, the replacing frequency of screen is much higher. This is the why more and more people focus on the screen business. Since GN second plant come into use, the quality and production speed was much increased. Nowadays, GN is able to manufacture the replacement screen to fit almost all well know shakers in the industry. In order to ensure the quality, GN use robot for frame welding and composite material injection molding. This greatly increased the products consistence and usage & storage time.

Besides the drilling mud solids control equipment, GN is also able to provide the full line equipment used in drilling waste cutting treatment and oily sludge recovery solution. Welcome GN stand for more information on GN new developments including equipment and concept.

July 31 2017

GN will Show at SPE Offshore Europe in UK Early September

Early of this September, GN team will attend the SPE Offshore Europe in Aberdeen, Scotland and show there with a booth. SPE Offshore Europe is Europe’s leading E&P event. The attending of this event will ensure you are up to date with the most significant technologies and can connect with a global network of 50,000+ attendees.To be a professional separation solution provider, with most of the business coming from petroleum industry, GN solids control is always committed to improve techniques and bring the competitive products into this industry. UK is still one of the most important economic entities in the world, which is attractive to merchants from worldwide. GN would like to join in this stream and keep informed and competitive.

Please take one second to write down below information that will help you to find GN booth at the show. Show Time: 5th -8th, SeptemberLocation: AECC (Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre), Exhibition Avenue, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB238BLGN Booth: #5A25

GN will show replacement shaker screen at SPE Offshore EuropeReplacement shaker screen is always one of GN’s main businesses. Since GN’s second fabrication plant put into use, the shaker screen was moved to new workshop for manufacturing. Till now GN is able to provide replacement screen for self-made and almost all other brand shakers with hook strip type and frame type.

Below information would be helpful for readers to learn more on GN replacement shaker screen.1. All the base frames of GN’s screen are welded by robot to ensure the consistency. 2. GN adopts 3-layer wire mesh design since the screen API No. 60. Screen wire structure has been tested meet the API standard. 3. GN has released composite frame screen to replace the steel frame screen for better performance and longer working time.

Welcome to GN’s booth at SPE Offshore Europe, GN is looking forward to meeting with all visitors. For any request on solids control equipment and shaker screen, welcome to contact with GN for quote before the show, and then if any chance, a detailed face to face talking at the show.

2017.06.17 Dewatering Centrifuge
July 23 2017

Drilling Mud Dewatering Centrifuge for HDD mud to Korea

GN Solids Control just successfully completes the factory acceptance test for the drilling mud dewatering centrifuge. This drilling mud dewatering unit is for treatment of HDD mud to be ready for shipping to Korea. This mud dewatering system includes one GNLW363C-VFD decanter centrifuge, one VFD control panel, one Telescopic Skid, and Containerized Chemical Dosing System.

1) Decanter Centrifuge

The GNLW363C-VFD decanter centrifuge is one of the most popular centrifuges from GN Solids Control. The bowl of the centrifuge is 14inch by 50 inch. And the speed of the centrifuge is up 3800RPM with typical speed from 0 to 3200 RPM for drilling mud treatment. The duplex stainless steel bowl is made from centrifugal casting. The screw inside the bowl is made from stainless steel and protected by Tungsten Carbide tiles.

2) VFD Control Panel

The stainless steel VFD control panel is made for IP55 for outdoor applications. The Main drive VFD, back drive VFD and pump drive VFD are all ABB brand. It can control the bowl speed, differential speed, and pump capacity.

3) Telescopic Skid

The telescopic skid is for mounting the decanter centrifuge on the top for discharge of liquid and solids. The VFD panel and pump is also mounted to the skid.

4) Containerized Chemical Dosing System

One 20 FT containerized chemical dosing system for powder polymer and liquid chemical dosing. The container is weather proof for outdoor application.  The dosing pump will supply prepared chemical to the decanter centrifuge feed line.