November 15 2013

ZJ30 Solids Control System Deliveried to Clients

ZJ30 solids control system is designed for 3000 meters oil and gas drilling rig. Normally it will contains mud gas separator, shale shaker,desander, desilter and centrifuge for solids and or gas separation. We just deliveried one set of ZJ30 solids control system to clients last week to port.

This ZJ30 solids control system contains 2 shale shaker, 1 vacuum degasser and one mud cleaner.

2 storage tanks and 1 mixing tank with agitators and pumps

November 07 2013

GN 500GPM Drilling Mud Cleaning Unit Success Commision in NSW

GN just finished commissioning a 500GPM drilling mud cleaning unit in NSW,Australia which was on great success. This is a 3 phase cleaning unit with shale shaker, desander and desilter for a better performance.

GN Drilling Mud Cleaning Unit on site

October 26 2013

GNLW553G Decanter Centrifuge To Middle East

Decanter centrifuge and·feeding pump are to be delivered to Middle East for oil and gas drilling application. What the customer ordered is a big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge - GNLW553VFD. The centrifuge can be used for fine solids separation in drilling mud solids control system or for drilling mud recovery in drilling waste management system.  .

October 19 2013

GN 500GPM Mud System For Sale To Australia

This Mud System Has Different Applications

1) HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) 500 GPM Mud System

2) CBM drilling mud cleaning system

3) Workover Drilling rig 350HP/450HP/550HP Solids Control & Mixing System

4) Water well/ GEO Thermal Well drilling mud cleaning unit

October 14 2013

GN Mud Recycling System for Sale in Australia Brisbane

1.  GN200GPM Mud System For Sale
  • 200GPM mud flow
  • 5000 liters tank capacity with 5.5m long tank
  • Recycling and mixing both availeble.

2.  GN150GPM Mud System For Sale
  • 150GPM mud flow
  • 3500 liters tank capacity with 4m long tank
  • Recycling and mixing both availeble

3. GN500GPM Mud System For Sale
  • 500GPM mud flow
  • 2 shakers for 2 phase cleaning with desilter
  • 32,000 liters tank capacity with 40ft container size tank
  • Recycling and mixing both availeble

Please contact GN Solids for inquiry soon!