October 16 2015

Mud Mixing System For Mud Plant Delivery To Client

GN Solids Control deliveried one set of mud mixing system which is work with a mud plant in Caribbean . GN Solids already have several clients for solids control equipment or related equipment or mud tanks from Caribbean sea   and this client is already contact with GN Solids for more than three years before place order for mud mixing system . The factory test already passed before delivery to sea port and realeased delivery in last week .

Main Equipments Of the Mud Mixing System
October 10 2015

Shale Shaker & Mud Cleaner & Decanter Centrifuge For Sale In America

GN Solids America set office and warehouse in Houston America and we keep stock for shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge in Houston to sell . All the equipment are following US standard and we keep service there to keep sure clients receive good service and equipment service .

There are 2 models that popular for US market , GNZS703 shale shaker which is a 3 decks model with capacity 500 GPM mud flow at 40 mesh screen size . GNZS594 shale shaker is a 4 decks model with capacity 600 GPM mud flow at 40 mesh screen size which is narrower and longer . The shaker deck is Q345 material and heat treated for better performance . The GNZS594 model can install composite material screen which will extend screen performance life . 2 sets of vibrator installed to supply G force bellow 7.5 G by opposite rotating driven by 3 phase generator . 2 or 3 sets of shale shaker can share one skid to make delivery easier for convenient .

September 30 2015

Drilling Cuttings Drying System For African Client

GN Solids Control already supplied more than 30 sets of drilling cuttings drying system to one of the largest service company in Nigeria and all of them working well and satisfied clients for long term cooperate . Normally it will contains vertical cuttings dryer , decanter centrifuge , screw pump , screw conveyor , work platform and or mud tank to make a complete system , but depending on drilling conditions and requirement , the clients may change design as per drilling site requirement .

Main Equipments For This African Client

3 sets of vertical cuttigns dryer which will be used to dry drilling cuttings out of shale shaker, desander and desilter . It is 30 to 50 tons per hour capacity with a 930 mm diameter tank body at 930 RPM rotating speed . Air knife installed to help avoid screen block by water base drilling cuttings . The air knife driven by one set of air compressor and one set of screw pump will be used to flush outlet of dryer to help fluids flow out successfully .

6 sets of variable speed decanter centrifuge to recycle drilling fluids separated by vertical cuttings dryer at 2 to 5 microns by 0 to 3200 RPM rotating speed . The decanter centrifuge is 360 mm bowl diameter and 1270 mm long bowl , there are tungsten carbide tiles bolted on screw impeller to help it working longer time and easy for replace tungsten carbide tiles . VFD control panel is designed to change centrifuge speed max to 3200 RPM depending on working conditions .

3 sets of feeding pump for decanter centrifuge to feed fluids into and 3 sets of pump for flush vertical cuttings dryer to help fluids flow out successfully . 15 sets of screw conveyor to transfer drilling cuttings amount different machine all cuttings box .

September 25 2015

The 9th Set Of Containerized Drilling Waste Management System For Russia

GN Solids Control deliveried the 9th set of containerized drilling waste management system with winterization for Russian client and this is the third containerized drilling waste management system for a same client in Russia . As everybody knows , Russia drilling operation always in very cold weather and need all equipment and mud tank to be working in cold temperature . That’s why we build many sets of drilling waste management system as well as solids control equipment for winterization design .

Main Equipment For Winterized Drilling Waste Management System
September 17 2015

GN Solids Back From Oil & Gas Indonesia Show With Success

This is the second time for GN Solids bring equipment to Oil & Gas Indonesia with one set of linear motion shale shaker to show . It is 3 shows infact with Oil & Gas , mining and constructions but held together to gather more people there . We received many clients in the drilling industry that very interest in GN Solids on solids control equipment and or drilling waste management equipment .

GN Solids Linear Motion Shale Shaker On Oil & Gas Indonesia