May 30 2015

GNMS-500GL 500GPM Mud System For HDD Industry

GNMS-500GL 500GPM mud recycling and mixing system is a top configuration of 500GPM Horizontal Directional Drilling ( HDD ) mud system with 3 phase cleaning equipment with mixing equipment . It is 40ft container size mud tank to allow more tank capacity . GN Solids just deliveried one set GNMS -500GL mud system for China local HDD client last week to jobsite for operation .

Main Technical Specification Of GNMS -500GL Mud System
May 23 2015

GN Solids America Back From GPS Canada Show With Success

GN Solids America just come back from Global Petroleum Show ( GPS ) with great success by showing one set big bowl decanter centrifuge . The GPS exhibition hold in Calgary , Alberta , Canada . The big bowl centrifuge mud flow capacity reaches to 400 GPM max at 2 – 5 microns separation size .

GNLW553 VFD big bowl decanter centrifuge is a varied speed from 0 to 2500 RPM with separation point 2 – 5 microns . The bowl diameter is 550 mm and bowl length is 1800 mm with bear box torch 12000 N.M . There are 2 motors for big bowl decanter centrifuge with 90 KW and 37 KW power . The mud flow of big bowl centrifuge can reaches to 400 GPM max . The bowl and screw material is duplex stainless steel 2205 which made by centrifugal casting for better balance . It is tungsten carbide tiles bolted on screw for protection and easy replacement . The screw flow distribution port and bowl solids discharge port installed tungsten carbide alloy for protection .

May 16 2015

Dewatering Centrifuge System Supplied Together With Drilling Waste Managem......

Dewatering centrifuge system will focus on fine solids separation including suspended solids separate , it will contain a decanter centrifuge for separation and chemical treatment part to allow suspended solids separation . GN Solids just build one containerized dewatering centrifuge system with a drilling waste management system .

Main Technical of The Chemical Container

May 09 2015

GNMS- 500B Mud Cleaning System For Trenchless Drilling Deliveried To Client

Trenchless drilling mud system is one of GN Solids important industry cause GN mud system mainly working for drilling industry . GN Solids Control built many sets of trenchless mud system every year to all over the world like Australia , New Zealand , Indonesia , India , Thailand , etc . GNMS -500B is one of the economy model design for trenchless drilling , GN Solids just finished 2 sets of GNMS- 500B and deliveried to one Saudi Arabia recently .

Main Equipments And Layout out for GNMS -500B Mud system
April 28 2015

Drilling Cuttings Solidification System

The oil base drill mud cuttings discharged from solids control shale shaker won’t be able to disposal to land directly because it will need further treatment to allow disposal . There are maybe different disposal regulations in different countries to meet certain standard for disposal drilling waste . Drilling cuttings solidification and stabilization is one of the methods for raw drilling cuttings from shale shaker and decanter centrifuge to allow land disposal . The solidification refers to encapsulating of drilling waste , ti will minimizing the surface area of the drilling waste or encapsulating the drilling waste by impervious layer .

Advantages Of Drilling Cuttings Solidification

It is very easy to operate and maintain equipment for drilling cuttings solidification system .

It is very low manpower to run a whole drilling cuttings solidification system to save power .

Low cost and not expensive for drilling cuttings solidification system to make it easy to approve

Help reduce most of heavy metals and protect environment pollution abailability .