February 21 2020
Oil sludge is a big topic, contains various resources, various contents. Could be the dump pit in a rig site, or engine oil from a ship, tank cleaning, or some contaminative soil for some reason etc.. And now it is a trouble, someone need to handle it before it becomes any desaster. Nowadays many different techonology have been developed for these problems, many specialized machine. As a solids liquid separation equipment supplier, we have our own solution.
GN oil water solids separation system is using different equipment to make the separation step by step; the final purpose is to recover oil and water. Its main working procedures are as below.
1. Premixing Module – the oil sludge is firstly fed into the premixing tank where the demulsifying chemical is also added into. In the same time the sludge would be heat up to 60~70 degree Celsius. The oil would be off from the solid particles for easy separation in subsequent procedures.  
2. Coarse Separation Module – a shaker unit is used to remove the coarse solid in the sludge, which can greatly reduce the solid content so as to prevent the following equipment to being worn. To avoid the screen blocking and spraying of the sludge, GN can add spraying preventing cover and sprinkler system on the shaker.
3. Fine Solid Separation Module – a 2 phase decanter centrifuge is the main equipment in this module. It can effectively separate the fine solids and liquid. GN decanter centrifuge is adopting anti-corrosion material to make the rotating bowl with centrifugal casting technology to ensure the stable performance.  
4. Oil Water Separation Module – In the final procedure, the liquid discharged from the decanter centrifuge would be fed into the 3 phase disc stack separator. With the high speed, the disc separator can separate the oil, water and less amount ultrafine solid. The oil recovered from the separator is with BS&W less than 3%.
5. Chemical Dosing Unit – a chemical dosing unit is equipped in this system to prepare the demulsifying chemical or other type polymers. By transfering the sludge,
GN has sludge vacuum pump that is ideal for high solid content and high visicosity mateial transfer.
The intention of designing this system is for DEMO, which means if you give it a try in small quanty, it is the best way to varify if this is the solution. Then you can scale the whole thing with the same principle.