July 18 2019

This week, GN shipped out 2 set cutting treatment equipment to Russia for the project to recover the drilling fluids from oil based drilling cuttings. With consideration of the weather, the equipment is installed in the container; this design will make the transportation easier as well. 

Drilling cuttings equipment is the main equipment in the closed loop mud system; it can recover more valuable drilling fluids and reduce the waste discharge. Drilling cost will be reduced and environment is protected. 

GN is able to provide single equipment as well as the drilling cuttings treatment system including different type equipment. The vertical cuttings dryer and waste decanter centrifuge are the key equipment in cuttings treatment system.

For oil based drilling cuttings, the vertical dryer unit is ideal equipment to separate the drilling fluids and cuttings. The dryer unit receives the cuttings discharged from the solids control shale shaker, running at 900RPM, to efficiently reduce the oil on cuttings down to 5%. GN adopts the high hardness scraper to push the separated cuttings drop off the screen. The high quality scraper ensures the stable performance of the dryer unit and low maintenance cost.

Fine solids goes through the screen opening and flow out of the cuttings dryer to a buffering tank. The waste decanter centrifuge is used to polish the effluence from decanter. GN recommends the Nemo pump to transfer the slurry in buffering tank to decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. The decanter is running at RPM 3200 to produce separation factor of 2062G under that the fine solids with size of 2 microns would be removed. After treated by the decanter centrifuge, the drilling fluids could be reused. 

GN is able to provide the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge with fixed speed or VFD control model. Client can find almost all the equipment for cuttings treatment from GN Solids Control. Sludge vacuum pump and auger unit for cuttings conveying, Vertical dryer and high G force dryer for cuttings de-moisture and high speed waste decanter for fine cuttings separation. If any request aroused, please feel free to contact with GN.