April 19 2014

GN deliveried one set mud tank system to indonesia for a local drilling contractor early Apr. This client started purchase from GN in year 2010 , then they started purchase from us regularly as their golden supplier.

Main Equipments For Mud Tank System

  1. Shale shaker for first phase separation for 400 micron particals
  2. Desander cone for second phase separation for 60 micron particals
  3. Desilter cone for third phase separation for 20 microns particals
  4. Decanter centrifuge for forth phase separation for 2-7 micron particals
  5. Mud agitators to avoid solids particals settle down to tank bottom
  6. Centrifugal pump for mud transfer
  7. Jet mud mixer for mixing mud
  8. Mud tanks and tank attachment

Mud Tank System Maintainance

Mud tank system maintainace is very important like car maintainace. Good maintainance will help mud tank system working longger time and better performance. Main maintainance will be as bellowing:

  1. Add engine oil or grease as per user manual
  2. Check equipments purformance
  3. Keep sure all pipelines and connection right
  4. Check temerature and keep sure all bearing working properly

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