June 11 2014

GN new build liquid mud plant ( LMP ) will be ready for delivery soon. This LMP is built for China Oilfield Services Limited ( COSL ) which is a very proffessional company with nearly 50 years offshore operation experience.

Main configaration Of Liquid Mud Plant ( LMP )

  1. 2 sets shale shaker with 40 mesh screen separation
  2. 1 set vaccum degasser for option
  3. 1 set mud cleaner with 2x10" desander and 12x4" desilter cone
  4. 1 set mixing skid with one set decanter centrifuge beside
  5. 17 set skid mounted mud tank with 40ft container size
  6. 51 set mud agitaotrs with custmized brand of motor
  7. 51 set mud gun for high pressure
  8. All storage tanks get a same design for flexible arrangement

GN Liquid Mud Plant Design History

  1. GN started design LMP in year 2008 after set up
  2. Mud Plant is one of GN main production
  3. GN already designed LMP for more than 20 compnies till now

GN Solids Control is one of the leading liquid mud plant design and building company in China, please contact us freely for inquiry or techinical support freely.