August 13 2017

Oil & Gas Indonesia is a comprehensive showcase for petroleum exploration, production and refining services and products. It is held in Indonesia every two years to gather the petroleum professionals, decision makers and suppliers for advanced techniques communication and deal closing.

GN entered into this market by supplying the solids control equipment there for drilling fluids recovery. With the development of GN and the much stricter regulation on drilling waste discharging, GN’s drilling waste management equipment was brought into this market.

This time, GN team will show there new developed shaker screens. Welcome all visitors to GN stand for business negotiation and ideas exchanging. Please write down below information leading you to GN stand.

Show Name: Oil & Gas Indonesia 2017
Show Time: 13-16th September, 2017
GN Stand No.: B4623

Shaker screen is one type of wear parts used on shale shaker. As per different mud condition, the lifetime of the screen panels would be various. However, comparing with other parts on solids control equipment, the replacing frequency of screen is much higher. This is the why more and more people focus on the screen business. 
Since GN second plant come into use, the quality and production speed was much increased. Nowadays, GN is able to manufacture the replacement screen to fit almost all well know shakers in the industry. In order to ensure the quality, GN use robot for frame welding and composite material injection molding. This greatly increased the products consistence and usage & storage time.

Besides the drilling mud solids control equipment, GN is also able to provide the full line equipment used in drilling waste cutting treatment and oily sludge recovery solution. Welcome GN stand for more information on GN new developments including equipment and concept.