April 04 2014

GN launched new generation vertical cuttings dryer in March 2014 and bring to CIPPE 2014. The redesigned dryer unit has been improved and debugged on the screen basket, fights,air knife system and solids discharge system etc.

Advantages of GN New Generation Vertical Cuttings Dryer

  1. Stainless steem material for basket screen
  2. Install air knife system to improve water based mud drying efficiency and avoid basket screen blinding
  3. Increase 2 set screw conveyor to discharge dry cuttings
  4. PLC+VFD operation is positive preasurized
  5. High chrome anti abrassive flights for longer working life
  6. Fresh water lushing system removes solids inside of dryer

Factory Test For Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Raw material Before Enter Cuttings Dryer

Dry Cuttings After Treatment by Cuttings Dryer

Other than vertical cuttings dryer, GN build a complete line for drilling waste management system, Please visit GN Web for more info.