June 26 2014

This is the first year for GN Solids to take part in Basin Energy and Mining Expo for show GN 150GPM mud system with a 36 sq meters stand. The Surat Basin covers an extensive area and the sarts of products and services that are in demand area brand. This event is designed to support the rapidly evolving Queensland resources indusdtry while providing an excellent environment for businesses to net work and generate sales,leads,and industry contracts.

Genrate Information For Surat Basin ENergy And Mining Expo

  1. Name Of Expo: Surat Basin Energy And Mining Expo
  2. Adress: Toowoomba Showgrounds
  3. Time: 18th & 19th June
  4. Industry: Energy and mining in Queenslands

GN 150 GPM Mud System On Expo

  1. 150 gallens per minute mud flow into shale shaker
  2. Double deck shale shaker for better performance
  3. 4" desilter cones for second phase cleaning
  4. GNSB4x3 pump for desilter feeding and mud transfer
  5. Mixing hopper for mud mixing with mixing pump
  6. 4 m long mud tank for mud holding and storage

GN build different size of mud systems for energy and mining indusdtry, please contact GN Solids for more info.