July 12 2014

CPP is the China largest HDD drilling contractor and already purchased around 30sets 500GPM mud recycling tanks from us since year 2010. They ordered 2 sets 500GPM mud recycling tank system 2 month ago and both system are ready for delivery after good feedback of final inspection.

Some CPP Purchase News For Mud Recycling Tank System On GN Website

  1. 500GPM HDD mud recycling tank system to CPP in year 2010:
  2. 200GPM HDD Mud Systemto CPP in year 2011:
  3. 400GPM No Dig mud cleaning system in year 2012:
  4. 500GPM drilling mud system in year 2013:

Main Configuration Of GN 500GPM Drilling Mud Recycling Tank System

  1. One set linear motion shale shaker with 40mesh screen to separate solids above 400 microns
  2. 1x10" desander cone to separate solids above 60 microns
  3. 8x4" desilter cone to separate solids above 20 microns
  4. 2 set centrifugal pump for feeding and transfer mud on mud tank
  5. 1 set mud tank for mud holding and storage
  6. Mud tank attachment like walkway, handrail, pipeline, valves, etc
  7. Mud gun for agitating or mud transfer

GN Solids Control is one of the proffessional drilling mud recycling tank system and equipment, please contact us for more info.