October 31 2015

GN Solids built one set of 200GPM mud recycling system this Auguest for No Dig 2015 which is held in Gold Coast . After the show , GN Solids keep the 200GPM mud recycling system to show clients and for sale with great discount cause we want to show different design in next year . The 200 GPM mud recycling system can be used for horizontal directional drilling , diamond drilling and other drilling that mud recycling flow bellow 200GPM . It is contained 2 phase of mud recycling with shale shaker and desilter with mixing pump and hopper for mixing applications .

Main Equipment And Layout for GN 200GPM Mud Recycling System

One set double deck shaker shaker with 3 panel of shaker screens . The bottom deck install 2 pcs of shaker screen for first phase cleaning by 20 to 80 mesh screen depending on drilling conditions , the recycled drilling mud will drop into first tank compartment for second phase cleaning . One set of centrifugal pump will pick up drilling mud from first tank compartment and feed to desilter cone for second phase cleaning to 20 microns size . The solids particals will drop onto top deck of shaker screen to dry solids and recycle part of fluids contain . The clean drilling mud after desilter will over flow into second tank compartment for re-use .

There is one set of mixing pump and mixing hopper for mixing new mud . The mixing pump and desilter feeding pump layout together to save tank space which sit both on a 4m long mud tank for 5000 liters tank capacity . The mud tank is skid mounted with fock lift point for fast movement and transport . There is a T outlet for mixing pump which can be worked as an transfer pump also .