August 07 2015

GN Solids Control deliveried one set of drilling waste management system to Russia recently with a complete design . As the oil price is keeping very low for a very long time , the oil drilling industry get quiet and reduce purchased of drilling equipment including solids control equipment and drilling rig , but the high environment requirement make drilling waste management system get more active this year to protect environment . The drilling waste management equipment can be used in oil and gas industry , coal seam gas industry , other drilling industry and other solids waste .


Main Equipment Of GNCM -40A Drilling Waste Management System

One set GNCD930D vertical cuttings dryer with capacity of 30 -50 tons per hour , drying efficiency will be bellow 5% of fluids content after drying , the screen max diameter is 930mm to make the model , there are different options of screen opening between 0.25 – 0.5 mm . A VFD control panel is optional depending on client request . The air knife is design to avoid screen block and air knife normally don’t work continuously .


One set GNLW363 –CG decanter centrifuge to recycle drilling fluids out of vertical cuttings dryer , the centrifuge is 3200 GPM speed to to separate solids 2 – 5 microns . The centrifuge sit on a high working frame which will be able to allow clean fluids drop into tank by weight .

A frame with skid to support vertical cuttings dryer , decanter centrifuge , pump and agitators to allow mud in a good procedure . There is a small holding tank between vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge for intermedia tank to hold fluids after dryer before feeding into decanter centrifuge . Other than a full set , GN Solids is able to supply separate part also , please contact GN Solids office for more info .