September 05 2014

GN designed a package for drilling waste management including skid, holding tank, vertical cuttings dryer and centrifuge. Normally there are 2 options for driling waste management, if your cuttings from oil base mud, then you will need vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge. If your cuttings from water base mud, you can use hi g shaker dryer and decanter centrifuge to save cost. GN just finished one set for oil base mud driling cuttings with vertical cuttings dryer. This clients ordered GN centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer last year and repeat order for a complete pakage after found good performance

Main Equipments And Configuration For GN Drilling Waste Management Package

  1. One pc vertical cuttings dryer model GNCD930C with 30-50 tons per hour capacity, drying efficiency reaches to 5% with 900RPM rotatinig speed. Cause air knife was installed, this model dryer can be used for drilling cuttings from walter base mud.
  2. One pc GNLW363G decanter centrifuge with 360mm bowl diameter and 3200RPM rotating speed to separate solids 2-5 micron and above.  This is the most popular model in GN Solids.
  3. One pc screw pump for feeding decanter centrifuge after fluids separated from vertical cuttings dryer and storage in a small holding tank. This pump sit on tank skid on bottom of holding tank.
  4. 12m long tank skid to offer space and work platform for vertical cuttings dryer, holding tank and decanter centrifuge. Nessisery handrails  is installed to protect people working on top of work platform.
  5. Small holding tank to storage fluids that comming from vertical cuttings dryer.  The screw pump don't need suction from holding tank continiously cause not so much fluids comming from drilling cuttings

GN Equipments Performance Videos

  1. Shale shaker is the first phase recycling for solids control system, pls visit this web for a video:
  2. GN vertical cuttings dryer for oil base mud cuttings, pls visit this web for a video:
  3. GN vertical cuttings dryer for water base mud cuttings, pls visit this web for a video:
  4. Decanter centrifuge working video here:

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