July 22 2019

2019 GN Tourism Culture Festival in Fisher Island

In the first half of 2019, GN has achieved a fruitful result. In order to thank the employees’ hard work and enrich their culture life, GN Solid Control held the 2019 Tourism Culture Festival on July 15-16 in the beautiful fishing island of Qinhuangdao. The theme of this culture festival is “Smelting the team, surpassing ourselves; working together and being invincible.”

The fishing island marine hot spring scenic spot is locating in one of the most beautiful eight major coasts in China. The beach has the characteristics of fine sand, slow beach, clear water and flat tide. With the theme of “Appreciating the sand sculptures by boat, skiing on the sand and grass and suffering the waves, bathing in the hot springs and watching the sea, living in the villas and eating seafood”, the classic entertainment projects: racecourse, shooting range, sand-skiing, grass-skiing surf, beach motorcycle, Flying cars, water trapeze, marine animals, Ferris wheel, carousel, double flying, pirate ship, dream water village, circulation river and so on. G show Hollywood film and television stunt show: a huge amount of money and the United States Hollywood stunt performance team teamed up to create the world's top stunt show. The fishing island scenic spot was promoted to the national AAAA level scenic spot in 2019.

At the dinner time, a stage was also provided so that everyone could sing and show themselves. In the joyful and pleasant atmosphere, GN people relax their feelings, strengthen mutual understanding, and experience life out of work. The company's philosophy is that hard work is for a better life, people who love life, will love their jobs for a long time.

In addition to the company's collective tourism activities, GN also organized excellent employees to travel abroad. This year, one batch of the company employee traveled to Japan in May, and another two batches will also to Japan in July and August. Through foreign travel, GN people can feel the exotic customs and cultivate their sentiments, and they can widen their visions and expand their thinking.

Finally, recruitment advertising, Welcome everyone with lofty ideals to join the family of GN.

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July 18 2019

Oil Based Drilling Cuttings Treatment Equipment for Russia Client

This week, GN shipped out 2 set cutting treatment equipment to Russia for the project to recover the drilling fluids from oil based drilling cuttings. With consideration of the weather, the equipment is installed in the container; this design will make the transportation easier as well. 

Drilling cuttings equipment is the main equipment in the closed loop mud system; it can recover more valuable drilling fluids and reduce the waste discharge. Drilling cost will be reduced and environment is protected. 

GN is able to provide single equipment as well as the drilling cuttings treatment system including different type equipment. The vertical cuttings dryer and waste decanter centrifuge are the key equipment in cuttings treatment system.

For oil based drilling cuttings, the vertical dryer unit is ideal equipment to separate the drilling fluids and cuttings. The dryer unit receives the cuttings discharged from the solids control shale shaker, running at 900RPM, to efficiently reduce the oil on cuttings down to 5%. GN adopts the high hardness scraper to push the separated cuttings drop off the screen. The high quality scraper ensures the stable performance of the dryer unit and low maintenance cost.

Fine solids goes through the screen opening and flow out of the cuttings dryer to a buffering tank. The waste decanter centrifuge is used to polish the effluence from decanter. GN recommends the Nemo pump to transfer the slurry in buffering tank to decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. The decanter is running at RPM 3200 to produce separation factor of 2062G under that the fine solids with size of 2 microns would be removed. After treated by the decanter centrifuge, the drilling fluids could be reused. 

GN is able to provide the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge with fixed speed or VFD control model. Client can find almost all the equipment for cuttings treatment from GN Solids Control. Sludge vacuum pump and auger unit for cuttings conveying, Vertical dryer and high G force dryer for cuttings de-moisture and high speed waste decanter for fine cuttings separation. If any request aroused, please feel free to contact with GN.

July 10 2019

Tank Bottom Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment for Guangdong Client

Tank bottom oil sludge is a kind of waste mixture of oil, water and sand. However, if the oil and water could be recovered from the sludge, a great benefit would be obtained. This week, GN will finish the factory trail assembling and test for one set of oil sludge treatment system for an oil storage tank bottom cleaning project. Working Principle of GN Oil Sludge Treatment System GN oil sludge treatment system is using a series of equipment to separate the oil, water and solid step by step; while in each specific procedure, the separation equipment will be different. Brief introduction on each module of Tank Bottom Oil Sludge Treatment System. 1. Coarse shaker – a shaker unit is used as the first step separation equipment to remove the coarse solid in the oil sludge. GN uses the linear motion shaker with 2 vibrators to provide an adjustable G force. The hot water spraying tube could be installed on the shaker for better washing of the solids. 2. Decanter centrifuge – the decanter is installed after the shaker unit for fine solids separation. Slurry treated by shaker contains lot of fine solids that need to be separated out under a higher G force. The decanter is an ideal equipment to do this job. 3. Inclined plate clarifier – even the decanter centrifuge cannot 100% remove the ultrafine solids in the slurry. GN puts one inclined plate clarifier to collect the slurry discharged from the decanter centrifuge. Multi-plates inside the clarifier will speed up the ultrafine solid sedimentation to the bottom of the clarifier, in the meanwhile, oil and water mixture will overflow to the OWS. 4. Oil water separator – OWS is the last procedure of the separation, here the demulsified oil and water will be separated and guided to different vessel for storage. GN tank bottom oil sludge treatment system could also be equipped with dosing system module to make chemical solution that will be injected into the oil sludge for better demulsification performance. For more information on GN oil sludge treatment system, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.
June 09 2019

Two sets Hydrovac slurry separation system for America Client

If have to change the title a bit, it is 2 systems in operation, happy, then placed 4 more systems, now 2 system is ready, and 2 more will be ready soon. GN have done many projects on hydrovac slurry separation, some of the projects we only offer products, some we offer complete solution.  Hydrovac Excavation, or Non-Destructive Dig (NDD) is a bit different with other civil projects like HDD, Trenchless, or Pipe-Jacking etc. The process of Hydrovac Excavation is a non-destructive method using pressurized water (Hydro) and a vacuum system (Excavation) to dig. With this process, Wolverine Hydrovac makes a visual observation of existing buried underground utilities, pipes, or unknown infrastructures so that they may be avoided when digging in the ground. Then the whole process is also different, well the basic idea is same, spearate the particles stage by stage, from bigger rocks, to sands to silts. to clay. Do remember to check the definition of these particles. Anyway, typically here is the system:
  • Slurry Collection Hopper – this is a customized piece, for their application, if you have a better idea based on your site, and whatever circumentance,  you have the better layout for you, then do not mind telling us.
  • Coarse Screen Shaker  – One unit coarse shaker is installed under the collection hopper for coarse solids separation. Coarse shaker in installed on collection tank into where the slurry will drop waiting for further treatment. The submersible pump installed on the tank is used to transfer the slurry to subsequent module.
  • Fine Screen Shaker – the slurry treated by the coarse shaker will be pumped to fine screen shaker for small size sand separation, the shaker deck is covered with rubber to prevent the slurry spraying out to contaminate the equipment.
  • Dsilter Unit, similar as all the drilling mud separation systems, after the shale shaker, it comes to cyclones, and then it goes to 
  • Decanter centrifuge, during the operation, the client have helped us compare a lot in between USA decanters and GN decanters, and finally they chose to stay with GN for future projects.
  • Contact us if you have any further questions.
    June 08 2019

    Welcome to booth 7711 in Hall 3 in KL, Oil Gas Asia

    Exhibition: OGA, Oil Gas Asia GN Booth No.: 7711, in Hall 3  Location:  Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Stall 7, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088, Kuala Lumpur Duration: June 18th to 20th, 2019                           After CIPPE in Beijing, OTC in Houston, now GN is leaving for KL Malaysia. Malaysia’s Oil & Gas show has been running since 1987 and today it has more attendees and more exhibiting companies than any other show in the region. The growth in the number of attendees is in part a consequence of Malaysia becoming the petroleum industries regional centre. The growth in the number of exhibitors is in part because 92% of exhibiting companies come back year after year, with many believing it’s the best show they’ve partaken.   What you will find with GN: Products: This time we will bring shale shaker, vacuum pump, centrifugal pump, and shaker screens, if you havent find a chance to check GN products, welcome to visit our booth. Sales Team: A professional team staying with GN for many years.    To make it count, this is exhibition is:     A great opportunity to meet up with world renowned companies in the Oil & Gas industry under one roof.     A right place to be, to mingle and exchange business opinions with the industry experts around the Asian region.     A networking hub where more than 2000 industry players will be presenting their expertise and know-how.     Industry experts and big names like ABB, Cameron, Icon Offshore, IHC Asia Pacific, Powertium, M3nergy, SPRO Solution, Neu Dimension, Olio Group, Sapura Energy Berhad, Siemens, Sime Darby Industrial, Tanjung Offshore, TechnipFMC, Velesto Energy Berhad and Wartsila will be present.     OGA 2019 is an excellent platform for visitors to source for the best solutions that the industry can offer!