February 06 2017

A New Product from GN: Centrifugal Degasser

Referred as atmospheric/centrifugal degasser, this is not that new to the market, because of limit demanding, GN keep delaying the research and development of centrifugal degasser, with one of our close partner's help, we moved forward with a lot of products. This is another self-contained degasser. 3 main type degassers Except poor boy degasser / mud gas separator, which was normally used before shale shaker, after BOP, and only for emergency. Between the shale shaker, and the mud cleaners, there are 3 type of degassers to be used. Vacuum degasser, working with centrifugal pumps and venturi pipeline. Self contained vacuum degasser, as GN have supplied before. Another one is atmospheric/centrifugal degasser. The degasser agitates mud through a submerged pump impeller relying on impact and turbulence to enable the separation of gas from the fluid.

Comparing with GN’s ZCQ series vacuum degasser, GN centrifugal degasser is more compact and structure simple, and at the same time, it kept the advantage of ZCQ series degasser. The Advantages 1. Vertical structure with small footprint, GN centrifugal degasser is installed firmly on mud tank with a slim body, which left more space on tank surface for other equipment. 2. Non-vacuum gas suction and guiding for energy saving. GN centrifugal degasser no longer needs a vacuum pump to produce vacuum for remove the gas out of the unit. 3. No extra feeding pumpis needed for transferring the drilling mud to the degasser unit. This is same with GNZCQ series degasser, which is also a cost & energy saving solution.4. The impellers could also be used as agitating unit for preventing the solids settlement on tank bottom.

The first batch is now on the way to Russian site, keep tune, or ask for good news from the site.
February 03 2017

Get Back to Work After New Year Holiday

It was a busy year ending, and a year of Rooster means a lot to Chinese people, though the oil price goes down a little bit when Feb. is introduced, in our company website, we have put the ABB video of Chinese New Year introduction, trying to make this tradition known by more and more people, especially our clients.

The sales team still responding, and will be more positive in the new year. The new UK prime minister also deliver a msg. Well, get back to business.

What GN will bring in the New Year
  • GN’s new product of oily sludge treatment used for recovering water and oil will be commissioned and run on site.
  • GN will start the fabrication of the new developed TDU (Thermal Desorption Unit)
  • GN will enrich the composite frame screen production line
January 15 2017

10 Russia Oil Rig Got the Best Chinese Solids Control Equipment

This is not a bluffing title, the client said they are confident that already have the best Chinese solids control equipment they can find, after comparing quite a lot of solids control equipment suppliers. This ordered equipment will be shipped as 3 batches and all of them will be shipped out before China’s Spring Festival. The client is very professional on solids control stuff, very experienced in not only using, but also the manufacturing, qulity control etc. They visited many manufactures in China, seeing is believing, after the comparison on the factory capability and fabrication processing machine, finally, they chose GN as their supplier. For all the working pieces processing, GN is using the numerical control computer that would maximum ensure the accuracy and consistency. Sufficient case study coming from both domestic and abroad also convinced client to place the order to GN.

This order is mainly consisting of shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and centrifugal type vacuum degasser. The shale shaker GNZS593E-HB is customized design with single shaker deck structure, easily operation on replacing the screen panels. Which also have similar dimension as Swaco Meerkat, and excatly replacable shaker screens. The decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD is widely accepted by GN’s clients and there are many site level performances that could be clients’ reference. Equipped with VFD control panel, the centrifuge unit could used for both barite recovery and ultra solids dewatering process. The centrifugal type vacuum degasser unit is GN latest products, we deveopped long time ago, but that is not so popular around the world, after this order, you may find this type also in future GN products.

January 01 2017

Bore Pile Desanding Unit to Southeast Asia

There is always good chances if the government decided to invest. Have been introduced by a long time trusted friend, the client choose GN Desanding Unit. Not only the updraded sexy design, more and more people start knowing GN by actually see it in operations. Maybe not so fancy when it is working, with dirt on, still experts tell the difference, the perfomance!

As always quotes the comments from Baker Hughes, the products comply with international standards,and the performance is even better than similar EU / US products.

The de-sanding unit is normally used for the application where has limited space to put the equipment. It is a 2 -step separation process. To make the unit as compact as possible but with better separation performance, GN put double decks shale shakerin this unit for primary solids separation. Lower deck screens works as 1st step separation, and then upper screens are used to dry the slurry discharged from the cyclone unit. A small holding tank beneath the shaker is used to temporally store the mud, once the mud is up to the suction port of the centrifugal pump, the slurry will be transferred to the rotary rig for reuse.

The regeneration or cleaning capacity of a desanding plant is determined by the plant´s intake capacity of contaminated suspension. It is defined in m3/h. The regeneration efficiency or the "significant cut-off point" -d50- indicates the smallest particle size of which at least 50% can be removed from a suspension. It is expressed in 1/1000 mm or micron.

Freely download GN brochure to find more information.

December 26 2016

The Operation Cost of Centrifuges Comparation

Very easily, the centrifuge will be compared with filter press, belt filters. The equipment itself normally have big price gap. The centrifuge is not the cheapest, and good centrifuge sometimes cost a lot. Well what else need to be consdiered after you purchase the equipment?


For taking care, supervising, operating, transportating, electrical, chemicals, engineering... Hush, normally we only have a few people doing all the job. Well a lot of job need to be done by right people.

Some of our client purchase centrifuges, and operate it in a CCTV camp, even adjust and control everything there. While if use filter press, every batch, need paticularly some person to replace it.

Power Consume / Water Consume

Decanter centrifuge consumes more power, normally, especially the big ones. If FHD, save some, though. No need clean water, if you do not block it very often.

Filter press, belt press, if you want to use it properly, need clean water supply to make sure it is running good.


If you do not like too many spare parts, decanter centifuge will save your ass. As belter press have many different spare parts, and filter press need always keep screens ready.

Well for centrifuge, if you choose good belts, and good bearing, just run it.

After some onsite comparation, we find out the decanter centrifuge, comparing to press, saves more than USD20 000 for a project handling sludge 2000cbm per day.

VFD Suit for Different Sites

If choose VFD centrifuge, than variaty of sludge can be fed into it. with different set, you can have different result you want.

With decanter centrifuge, it save your space, easier to install and operate, etc...Let us know if you want to know more.