July 16 2017

200ton Drill Rig Mud System to Romania

With help of our partners all over the world, more and more people know GN Solids Control, trust GN equipment. And also more and more people introduce GN Solids Control to friends, suppliers, clients.We always are and will be grateful for all our clients, partners. This time for Romania, client have a 200ton rig ready, and ask for a mud system, GN offer a good solution, with experience, reference, and most importantly, our partner keep both party well communicated. This mud system for 200ton rig has all the main solids control equipment and tanks for mud storage. The following is a list of items in this system. Mud Tank – this system is consisting of 5 unit mud tanks of 40 feet container size. One of them is for mud recycling; other tanks are used for mud mixing and storage. Besides, this system also equipped with trip tank for acquiring information inside the drilling hole and chemical tank for adding polymer to the mud. Shale Shaker – 3 of the GN linear motion 4 panel shale shakers are for the coarse solids separation. The mud from well will be guided into the mud distributor and then to each of the shale shaker by valve controlling. Vacuum Degasser – 1 unit of vacuum degasser is used to remove the gas in the mud. This gas removing process will help to ensure the pressure of the centrifugal pump when transferring the mud to the cyclone unit. Mud Cleaner – the cyclone unit on the mud cleaner could process to remove the cuttings down to around 20 microns. 100% PU material is guarantee of long working lifetime and less maintenance. Mud Agitator – there are total 20 unit mud agitators installed on all the tanks for fully mud mixing. GN’s mud agitator is compact structure, the impeller size and shaft length is customized available. Centrifugal Pump – this system has total 6 centrifugal pumps. 2 of them are used to feed the mud to de-sander and de-silter cyclone unit. 2 pumps are assembled with hopper to be used as mixing pump. The rest 2 units are connected with the high pressure pump suction line for charging the mud to mud pump.
July 10 2017

Return from MIOGE 2017 With Great Success

With one of the biggest contribution to our company business, Russian market is very active in the down time. With our partner Akros, GN have done a very good job.

In this exhibition, we share a same booth, brought equipment from local stock:

Shale shaker – the new developed shale shaker unit has been improved on the method to replacing the shaker screen. The ratchet wheel installed at both sides of the shaker deck makes the replacing of screens much easier than ever before by using a hammer to hardly push the block wedges. And ratchet wrench is a general tool that also be used in adjusting the degree of shaker deck.

Mud Cleaner – new type of mud cleaner only uses one buffering box for both mud inlet and cyclone discharging. Thus this mud cleaner unit could be used as both primary shaker and cyclone mud cleaner. The under located shaker unit is the same promoted model.

Decanter Centrifuge – in recent years, GN gradually developed a series decanter centrifuge for various industries. 9 inch for core diamond drilling, 14 inch, 18 inch and 22 inch mainly used in oil drilling mud recycling and oil waste management, and even the 30 inch model especially for large solids content liquid cleaning projects. GN’s centrifuge unit is well known for high processing technology and top class material application.

Centrifugal Degasser – this degasser is used to treat the gas cut-in drilling mud so that the keep a gravity of the mud, which will ensure the mud performance. Comparing with GN vacuum degasser, this type of centrifugal type degasser has a simpler working principle, small footprint and more energy saving, but it has full function to be a degasser.

oil sludge treatment system for uganda
June 18 2017

Oil Sludge Treatment System to Uganda

GN Solids Control have been in waste management business from the time we spent R&D, resource & found to develop the vertical cuttings dryer, which also make us get through the bad time, when the oil price hit the floor. Now more and more countries are strict on environmental protection, though we have done a lot of things wrong, now we are going to fix it.

Oil sludge treatment, soil remediation is this kind of project, a capricious dump when the old projects are done, now more hassels need to be fixed. Oil dumps, waste mud, damaged soil etc. As a pioneer for waste management, GN have spent 2 years on TDU, thermal desorption unit research and development, now almost done.

The oil sludge treatment is more a system work, with shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, flocculant unit, heating tanks etc, to separate the solids into different phase.

As most of the oily sludge is a mixture of oil, water and soil, this oily sludge treatment is always a 3 phase separation process. Rather than a 3 phase decanter centrifuge, GN proposed a series modular equipment to do this 3 phase separation job with high efficiency. GN oily sludge treatment system has followed 3 main functions: solids and liquid separation, demulsion process and oil water separation. All the functions are realized within different tank and skid module.

Well this is not the whole system, it is part of it. This time in Uganda, a Chinese service company have packaged GN equipment, and now it is running.

With more and more experience, and upated equipment, GN will be able to supply better and better solution for the environmental protection.

June 11 2017

4panel Screens Shale Shaker to Russia

With help of our local partner, GN shale shaker is now more and more popular, GN Solids Control is a more and more famous brand, more and more screens also shiped to Russia. Though we also have the design for 3panels, 2panels, this 4panel is the most popular one. Big capacity, high efficiency, more than enough reason for client to choose this model, and according our client feedback, if compare this with US similar products, operating on same site, can not find difference, well if the client requires same color, you will never notice, only can realize these are good products. Shaker Screens are exchangable with Swaco Mongoose series, 585x1165, composite material, more and more suppliers are doing the same now, that is also why it is very important that find the right way to improve and approve the shaker screen efficiency. GN have compared GN shaker and similar US shaker in different sites, the result is always supprising people, well not anymore in future. Also to make it official, GN have tested the screens in independent 3rd party lab in US, and already have result for the screens. GN Composite Frame Screen Advantages: 1)Automatic Robot Welding of the steel frame to have better quality and consistency. High quality fiber glass to improve plastic quality and screen temperature resistant to 140 C degree. 2) Four side tension of API during the heat press to minimize the gap between the top screen and support screens, in a result extending the screen life. Our competitor normally do not use any tension for heat press. 3)GN 3 layer wire API for API 60 and above for longer screen life, our competitor normally use 3 layer only for API 120 and above. 4)GN wire API supplier is the same supplier for Derrick and MI Swaco. 5) GN high performance wire API configuration is compliant to API RP 13C with screen life to 300-700 hours. 6) GN comprehensive line composite frame screen for GN shakers,MI-Swaco Mongoose,MI-Swaco MD-3/MD-2,Nov Brandt Cobra, Venom, VSM-300,FSI screen,Derrick 2000. And we can customized the Injection mould for your screen dimension. 7)The composite frame screen is repairable to save cost. 8)Compared to metal frame, the composite frame useable area is 10% to 20 % larger. 9)Since the composite frame is covered by plastic, it is rust resistant for long time storage up to over 5 years. For shaker screens manufacturing, now all if possible, automatically manufacturing, welding, framing etc., we also do the injection by ourselves. Contact us for more information.
construction mud treatment
June 04 2017

A Mud Recycling System to US

The first mud recycling system was used for construction project in UK, it was designed as a mobile unit to the construction site, to save hassle of dirty mud. Normally that was one way to do it, another way is more often happend in Singapore, with a vacuum truck, the mud is transported to a certain place, and all the mud will be handled there.

This is sort of  new business, as it happend because people now care more and more about the environment. 


Lots of this kind of projects in other place also, such as Australi, and this time US. This client have their own exist mud system, to extend their business, they need one more system. The desin principle is mud similar as the one they already have. 

 For this one, shale shaker with a small tank as scalping unit, then the mud cleaner sitting in a bigger tank beside this unit, as next stage. After the desilter cleaning, the mud goes to the centrifuge, for better separation, whilst the polymer will be added, to help dosing the small particles. Then most of the solids bigger than 5micron can be separated.

Well normally the cut point of the shaker is 400 micron, the desander would be 75micron, desilter 25micron, decanter centrifuge is 2~5 micron. It is separated stage by stage. 


A small dosing unit also included in this system, for chemical enhancing, GN have several different modular design, one is put all into a 20ft container, as dewatring container; then like this one, just keep it simple, a stand unit; also can put all chemical dosing, and centrifuge in one big container. Either way have the same purpose.