April 27 2019

New Solution Release: Tank Cleaning System

After we have the inclined clarifier for oily sludge treatment, for the TDU, then we start to investigate how to use it in wider applications, then we realized, for similar products, many clarifiers have been used for many different applications. After doing some research, we improved our old tank cleaning system.   The GNTC-30C Tank Cleaning system supply fresh water to the high pressure tank cleaning machine mounted inside the tank. And  the integrated pumps will bring the dirty wash water back to the system for cleaning and return clean water back to the tank cleaning machine to reuse. This process will minimize the consumption of water and manpower involved. For this system, the main equipment would be the IPC.  GN Inclined Plate Clarifiers (IPC)is a high performance, Lamella plate design for removal of settleable solids in a variety of waste streams. The lamella plate is made from stainless steel.   The principle is simple, it is Stoke's Law, and if possible, we would suggest you to forget the formula, and just remember the Removal Efficiency Depends on Several Factors The final Fall Velocity depends on: (p - po)    = Density difference between particle and water n        = viscosity of water g        = gravitational acceleration constant d        = diameter of the particle   We have just finished the first unit, and also test it in our factory, with chemical, real mud, and video is here FYI. Also got another 2 system under production, so if you are interested in, pls come and check by yourself.
April 27 2019

If You Missed GN in IE Expo China Shanghai Exhibition

GN is now having two brands: GN Separation & GN Solids Control, if you missed the IE Expo, you missed GN Separation first show. Well let us have a look, the new brand focusing on pumps, conveyors, named conveying; and various of decanter centrifuges, named separation.    That is also what we mainly showed here in the exhibition, the vacuum pump, and decanter centrifuges. GN Vacuum pump is a totally air driven pump that could be used to transfer liquid, sludge, powder and even dry solids. So long as the material is not in a hardened shape, it can be transferred by this vacuum pump. It is widely used in sewage sludge, wastewater and kitchen waste transferring. The decanter centrifuge is capable of working continuously and with small footprint.  GN got more than 10 years' experience in manufacturing the decanter centrifuge. In choosing the material of the centrifuge bowl and screw propeller, GN fully considers the fabrication availability and pneumatic balance.   Well if you are interested in some of these stuff, freely get in touch with GN sales team.   Where to meet then?  
  • First thing first, welcome to visit our factory here close to Beijing
  • USA Houston, we have office. And also the coming OTC show.
  • Abu Dahbi, yes, we will join that show. 
  • And Malaysia, Australia, more to come.
  • Too busy? Invite your contacts to your office, we will be more than happy to be helpful on your projects.
  • April 15 2019

    10 Sets IEC Ex Decanter Centrifuge to ME

    Ah, you know ME not me, Middle East, this project is a repeated order, the client is happy with the decanter centrifuges from GN they purchased before, and now when they expend their business, they won more orders, they come back to us.  IEC Ex is not a standard requirement, but if the local service provider wanna deal with international contractors, then all the equipment need meet the international standards, for electrical, it is IEC. Then you know, it is HSE requirements. Also in details, the design engineering, the welding, the inspection, the reports, the records etc. GN got the advantage of all these stuff, as from we start our business, we focus on that market, who always need pay attention to these details. The real experience we ever learned from this project is what we sell is not only equipment, but also services. Though GN is only an equipment manufacturer, the service from the first time communication, what we define it as before sales, and along with sales, after sales, each and every step, there are services. Stay professional, keep client posted, and no surprise. Then the client will  stay with us.  Except the key parts, like decanter centrifuge c/w control panel, which GN is really good at, this time the client is also purchasing the lifting frames, the special designed frame, telescope, continuous handrails, walkway, guardrails on. Feeding pump also lying on the bottom. 14 inch solid bowl decanter centrifuge with model of GNLW363 is one the most popular in GN production line. By equipping with the VFD control panel, operator can run the bowl from 0 to 3200 rpm (designed maximum speed is 3900RPM).  GN is adopting centrifugal casting technology to make the bowl so that the bowl would be more solid and dense. The bowl material is from duplex stainless steel 2304 that is with better machinability much better than SS316.  GN makes the VFD control panel as positive pressure principle to realize the explosion proof. Normally, the control panel is equipped with 3 VFDs for decanter main motor, back motor and feeding pump. GN can design the interlock system between the pump feeding and running of decanter to ensure the smoothly working of the equipment, therefore, GN recommends to set up the control of the feeding pump in GN VFD panel even client prefer to using their own pump.  The last but also the most important part is GN is delegating to offer our client a perfect experience of getting a solution, not just buy / sell, it is always working together to solve a problem. 
    April 08 2019

    FHD Decanter Centrifuge Delivered to Middle East

      If you have any more specific reason of preferring a Fully Hydraulic Drive Decanter Centrifuge except below points, pls do email me and let me know.
  • It is simple. In many ways, less electrical components, and hydraulic means only mechanical, easier to understand.
  • Easier to control. After you start the main motor, all the other operation is easy, oil pressure is visible, not like current Amps, only when the electricians bring some claws, it will show in a gauge. Sometimes it is even more important, when you oprate the unit, you actually feel it, the power, the flow, the pressure.
  • It reverse. One of my client once told me the only reason he like a FHD is whenever something happened, he reverse the screw, and start all over again.
  • Less hassel to the boss, with all the mentioned advantages, all problems, even sometimes when we have, we solve it, on site, immediately. There is no need to find a machine to prove we have a clever operator, neither find some smartass to put a finger in.
  • Below are some main features of GN FHD decanter centrifuge: 1. Compact structure with centrifuge, hydraulic driving system and the control system in one skid for easy rig up. Operators can run the unit easily with PLC system smart control and safety protection. 2. Hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge could be used in the area with high ambient temperature for heavy mud with flexible bowl and differential speed various application like barite recycling, mud dewatering and waste cuttings management. 3. To ensure the stable performance and less maintenance, the rotating part of GN centrifuge is well processed by high precision CNC machine and balanced by high speed balancing machine. Centrifugal casting technology makes the bowl material much denser to avoid bubble.   Well belive me there are more reasons you would like to choose GN, cooperate with GN, and use GN equipment. This client, purchased GN equipment many times, happy for everything so far, so hopefully there will be more orders coming.   This client purchased the 14in FHD decanter centrifuge, well we have more options, just let us know if you are intrested in.
    March 23 2019

    OST1, Another Small Oil Sludge Treatment System Delivered to a Chinese Env......

    From customization to standarized system, now GN is offering 3 modular OST, oil sludge treatment, systems, whose capacity designed to be 1m3/h, 5m3/h, 15m3/h. Though it seems very different, from layout, size, even power consumption have very big differences. The basic principle is the same. Which has shown in the smallest moldur, the very typical one OST1. Our intention of designing this system is for our own usage, bring it to the site, to show our client the equipment, the principle works. While then it becomes popular in service companies, as to the end user, the service contractor also need to prove the end user that they can handle the job. In this way, the small system solve a lot of problems, with his trial working, service company win the tender, the end user is happy some one handle their waste, and the manufacture knows what to manufacure.  The recent order for a Chinese environmental protection company, the order have been done in the same way. When they were looking for a solution, some of their friends recommend GN SOLIDS CONTROL, then they come to us for a solution, then finally believed that a demo unit is what helps in the first stage, rather than do the lab test again and again, still have some conclusion idealy what you can get. With a small system, every one see and feel it. Even already convinced by videos and feedbacks from other companies, the contract brought some sample to GN factory to test. To make sure the original source, the client even just exavate the containminate soil, and packaged it to the factory. Which even brought some headache when we start the first trial, as stones need to be scalped. And in the demo unit, there is no such design. After a while, we finally find a way to heat and separate the soil, and eventually have the ideal result. During this test, we also realized, a professional chemist is very important, realizing where how and when to add what chemical to improve the result to be something we expected. As a professional manfucture, we highly recommend all our clients pay attention to the chemicals. That will be another key when you have GN system.