centrifugal pump
June 25 2018

Solids Control Equipment for Oil Drilling Rig in Russia

  Russia and China has been working even closer in the glooming time, and now more and more people are getting optimistic on the market. Recently 6 shale shaker, 2 mud cleaners, 6 centrifugal pumps, 2 centrifugal degasser and 4 decanter centrifuges for 2 rigs, now ready to departure to Russia. Keep investing more on R&D, GN is now making more related product, and as always, updating the exisiting main products. GN Centrifugal Pump Features, as below, and it comes with IEC Ex control panels.
Painting and Coating, GN New Painting Shop is now Alive
December 04 2017

Painting and Coating, GN New Painting Shop is now Alive 

GN have brought lots of advanced machinery to make sure high quality equipment been manufactured. 5 axies, and big CNC machine center, injection molding machine, and in line robots for shaker screens manufacturing etc. 

 When most people think of a paint shop, it's common that they think of the paint shop of an assembly line, as with the manufacturing of new cars. Although this is likely to be the most common instance where a paint shop is used, it is not the only one. In any manufacturing environment where a product requires painting, the need for a paint shop exists. 

 After moved to the new shop, GN had purchased a lot of new equipment for higher efficiency manufacturing, one of them is the automatical powder coating, which will help GN have standarized automatical coating process for at least all of the standarized products. 

 For the customized parts, mud tanks, pipeline etc, then will put into the painting shop. This new modernized painting shop can do: painting, heating, and both, which is the most important part, are environmental friendly 

 Now the new painting and coating line is alive, except open for our own projects, we also open it for other manufacturers.

November 26 2017

More Equipment Ready for Shipping to Russia

It has been a long time since GN decided to keep more equipment main parts in stock, to offer client a quick solution. After a few years developing, now GN start understanding more about clients, about site requirements, and cost saving etc., while no matter what, keep quality in the first place. 

Not only the factory passed the API, CE, HSE etc., GN design team keep the safty in mind when designing the equipment, also the after sales engineering team, bring their own comments whenever they come back form a site. 

 Since GN core business is still oil gas, drill cuttings management etc., Russia has been a strategic market, with our partners locally, we have been step into further than we have ever imagined. Another lot of equipment is now ready for shipping. 

Lots of our Russian client were using EU / US solids control euqipment, system, even shaker screens, after they used GN products, they found in a very surprised way, that this one from China the even more efficient then the similar products they used before. After that, more and more clients come to us, and also that is one of the most important reason that the parter now working with us, the equipment is good enough, will not lose their face. One more set ready to go to Russia, and GN is expecting you.

November 26 2017

Drill Cuttings Management System

Drill cuttings management system, especially when it comes with proper professional service, personnel, will help the client save time, money and reduce the HSE footprint of drilling operations, in the whole process, in any way, need puts safety and environment first, and simplify as much as possible. GN drill cuttings managment system normally includes:

  • High G shale shaker, and or vertical cuttings dryer; scalping the big particles, save as much fluid as it can, and make the cuttings as dry as possible.
  • Decanter Centrifuge, with decanter centrifuge, somtimes chemical dosing unit also, to separate the small particles in the fluids after the first step.
  • All the augers, pumps for necessary transportation.
  • Standard or customized cuttings box

Using GN drill cuttings management system, you can reduce clean-up costs by eliminating the spread of solidification agent and invert across the lease. Optimize the solidifying agent to cuttings ratio helping to reduce costs in materials as well as the overall volume of waste sent for disposal. Simply, our drill cuttings management equipment will help to save time, money and reduce the HSE footprint of drilling operations. GN drill cuttings management system have been used for many countries, in many different sites, some site have sent us their reports for innovation purpose, that would be very helpful, and if you are the one using it, any of your feedback will help us improve our products.

November 14 2017

TBM Slurry Separation System with Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge and Dosing System

TBM is important in the city construction project like subway and pipe laying. In order to bring out the cutting and lubricate the drill bit of the tunneling machine, the operators need to add large quantity water or drilling fluids into the drilling well. For economy reason, saving cost, improve efficiency, the operators also have to think about reusing of the drilling fluids. 

Normally a whole system will include, a desanding unit, a big bowl centrifuge, a dosing unit. 

 Firstly the slurry goes to the scalping shaker, with coarse sieve screens, the big particle solids will be separated, then pumping to the desander cones, most of the sands etc will be separated. 

 After several time recycling, the specific gravity of the drilling fluids would be higher and higher due to the built up of ultrafine solids that even cannot be removed out by using only the centrifuge unit. Operators need to add chemicals into the drilling fluids and then do the dewatering process. 

 Removing the ultrafine solids from the drilling fluids greatly reduces the consumption of water and increase the drilling efficiency. The dewatering centrifuge package can also be used inoil sludge treatment project for oil recovery. 

 As for the system layout, we got several options, basically place the desanding unit, and dewatering package together, while with storarge tanks, water tanks, we got many different combinations.