October 21 2018

Oil Sludge Treatment System to American Client

Oil sludge now has been a more and more serious issue, many different sources, different backgrounds, but normally what we are facing is either a farm collecting oil sludge, or a pit, where was collecting the oilly sludge. It is not a new technology, but we have a special machine, we need your equipment to do the separation together. This client is offering service, with a full package of equipment, to separate the oil / water / solids step by step. The ordered oil sludge treatment system is GN 2 cubic meters per hour model. Client is going to use this system as a demo to verify it is workable in recovering the oil from oil sludge. Actually, the excellent performance of GN oil sludge treatment system has been proved onsite. In this system, client plan to bring their SMO (shear, mixing and oxidation) unit to connect with GN oil sludge system for better demulsification performance. The system includs a premixing module, a classify system, then down to a shaker modular, decanter module, then to last step disc stac. While as we all know the mixture always goes to 3section, water / oil / solids, though it is not clearly just doing this, it is in one way or the other separating by themselves, or in each and every step, it is doing the same thing, then the whole flow changes.  GN has another oil sludge treatment system with capacity of 15 cubic meters per hours is almost done, now is the final assembly procedure. And we are upgrading the DEMO system, to make it more suitable for different applications, then it will be easier in future to have our system to the site to do some real test.
October 13 2018

From WEFTEC, beyond Decanter Centrifuge

 GN team have now been back from WEFTEC, this is the second year we have been there, advanturing further to water & waste water applications. Many pumps, many stories, many centrifuges, many equipment. Water is essential, and it have been widely used, while what we need is same, clean water. 

Since source differ, solution varies. Bar screens, belt press, filter press, screw press, decanter, disc, etc. Well what GN is now offering is similar solution as from oil gas / civil projects. We offer shale shaker, decanter centrifuge. 


With many years development, GN decanter centrifuge is widely used in waste water treatment and some other industries. GN waste water decanter centrifuge is specially designed for waste water clarification and waste slurry dewatering. GN centrifuge sizing from 9 inch mini model to 30 inch big bowl.

GN vacuum pump is used for high solids content slurry transferring. This pump can be used in waste cutting transferring, dredging slurry transferring and even dry solid.

Slurry pump is also a key product in the system, pumping throughly to make sure all separation run efficiently.

GN is now able to offer many different solution for different project requirement, and at the same time, we manufacture high quality decanter centrifuges and shale shakers. Freely let us know your requirement, get in touch with our sales team.

September 18 2018

Another OBM DWM system for CNPC

Oil based mud have been widely used, and since it is oil based, drilling waste will be always a bigger problem than other mud waste. Since knowing GN Solids Control cuttings dryer are widely used in the world wide, and reading the comments from Baker Hughes that GN equipment efficiency is even better thant he equivileant EU /US products, now more and more CNPC project is using GN products.  Recently, GN finished the fabrication of one set oil based drilling cuttings treatment system for CNPC project. Before, CNPC has ever purchased several units drilling cuttings treatment system from GN Solids Control.The drilling cuttings treatment system is used to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from primary solids control equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner and barite recovery decanter centrifuge. For environment protection and cost saving consideration, the drilling operators is using the cuttings treatment system to recover more drilling fluids from cuttings, in the meanwhile, less waste will be discharged into the nature. To increase the working efficiency, GN released the vacuum pump unit that performs well to transfer cuttings sludge to treatment system. This oil based cuttings treatment system is a compact design with all relevant equipment mounted on one skid for easy position on drill site. The equipment lists as below:1.Cuttings Dryer unit – this is the main equipment used to remove the large size cuttings and recover oil base drilling fluids. After treated by this unit, the OOC will be going down to less 5%. It is the most important equipment in this cuttings treatment system.2. High Speed Decanter Centrifuge – the decanter centrifuge is used to polish the effluence liquid coming from the dryer unit by remove the fine solid particles. With a speed up to 3200rpm, the centrifuge will remove the solids bigger than 5 microns to make the drilling fluids more acceptable for reusing. 3. The skid of the system is designed to with a buffer tank that is divided into 2 compartments. First compartment is used for collecting the drilling fluid from the dryer unit, and the second compartment is to store the polished drilling fluids after treated by centrifuge. GN is using the Netzsch screw pump to transfer the fluids from first tank compartment to the centrifuge unit. This is quite a standard design while GN is capable and open for more customizations, to meet different site requirement, and even doing more research on the final step, TDU, or find other way to reuse the carbon.
201809 Centrifugal Pump
September 10 2018

Centrifugal Pumps and Mud Agitators to Local Drilliing Rig Company

Going through another wave, now the oil drilling market is picking up, more tanks now been picked up, rigs, mud pumps etc. Depends on different condition, cost of reparing, client may either choose to repaire the shale shaker, decanter centirfuge, or buy the new one. If the mud tank is in good condition, easy to repaire, then the other issue would be all the equipment standing on, agitators, impellers, and pumps. Hard to imagine all of the stock ones will be carefully maintained, without seeing a bright future in the depression days. Then buying new ones maybe even better option. Also more and more new rigs now under construction, well, not as the golden days, to be more economical, more packagers and rig manufacturers may choose to fabricate tanks by themselves. Cost a fortune to ship, and comparing to a rig, it is not that complicate anyway.  GN Centrigual Pump features: All spare parts interchangeable with most of the international Brand pump which helps customer to source spare parts easily Thick, Strong Concentric casing provides extended life over conventional volute designs. The Concentric design minimizes turbulence and abrasive wear. Pump casing made from hard ductile iron alloy, increased abrasion resistant capability compared to competitors pump. Wide open-vane impeller creates lower axial thrust for improved bearing life. Pump impeller made from hard ductile iron alloy, extended life over competitors design. Anti-loosening impeller lock bolt to eliminate pump damage in case of improper motor hook-up. High quality no-adjustment mechanical seal to provide zero leakage and longer operation life. Replaceable shaft sleeve prevents shaft wear. All bearings from top brand for reliable operation. The skid for supporting pump and motor is made from casting instead of welding to provide reliable operation and less vibration in a result to extend the pump and motor life.   GN Mud Agitators: This mud agitator has the advantage of compact structure so it occupies small area. More than 7.5 kW Mud Agitator uses the turbo and worm gear speed reducer, with the large torque transmission、 the revolution is steady、it works reliablely and has great merit. Common model of mud agitator is JBQ5.5kW 、JBQ7.5kW 、JBQ11kW and JBQ15kW.The drilling mud agitator is an important components for GN Solids Control drilling fluids processing system.   Recently we parepared quite a big qty of pumps and mud agitators for 3 rig mud system to a rig company, now it is ready to go.
400bbl mud system
September 02 2018

Another Higher Standard Mud System to Australia Oil Drilling

This time it is another 400bbl mud system to an oil drill rig in WA, as always, when it comes to Australia, you need strictly meet all the standards, lucky if you already know all the related IEC standard, and API standards, then the only standard you need check into is AS/NZS. The documentation is also half of the quality, have been strict on quality control, and also succeed to sent over 30 HDD mud systems to Austrlia, a few big system to NZ, and heli lift mud system to PNG. Still a long way to learn.   The system has been designed & engineered with client together, to work through and comply with all the standards. It still looks simple, 2 tanks, 400bbl, 2 shakers, low weir height. Well then if integrated with more and more advanced digital staff, then you will need to know where and how to place level meters for scada, and the flow, the circulation.  GN engineering team have been capable to do all the related calculation, so theoretically all will be tested first, comparing all on experience, at least we know if anything unusual. Stair, walkway, handrails etc all need meet local standard, and the grating we are using lighter & duarable fiberglass.  For electrical parts, boxes, wiring, all checked with the authorized 3rd party, before it even leave the factory. So it actually saving more time, when the system goes to the site, easier for them to sign off.  After the project, all the team come together, to review the whole process, and learn from the project, like all the others, we learn, we improve, for more better products.