April 25 2017

Drilling Waste Management System to South America

The 2 sets cuttings management system already shipped out last week. All 3 main cuttings management equipment are included in the system.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer – GNCD930 series cuttings dryer is designed with fixed speed of 900RPM to produce 750 G force for cuttings separation. This unit has an oil circulation system to protect the bearing during the rotating of the shaft. Furthermore, before running the oil pump for a while, around 1 minute, operator is not able to start the main motor. This is also a protection design. Drying shaker – GN’s drying shaker is now developed with a much wider shaker deck for easy collection of the cuttings. The new version drying shaker abandoned the hopper type buffer box by extending the shaker deck. This high G force drying shaker unit could be also used to treat the cutting discharged from solids control shaker and with fine mesh screen for treating the effluence from cuttings dryer for fine solids separation. Waste Decanter Centrifuge – GN has 14 inch, 18 inch and 22 inch centrifuge model could be used in the waste cutting management system. It is used to separate the solids with size of 2-5 microns in the drilling fluids. Drilling cuttings management equipment are used for further treatment of the drilling cutting discharged from the solids control primary shale shaker. By doing this process, more drilling fluids could be recovered. Environmental protection regulations request the driller to take the drilling cuttings management system into the drilling site. Modular design is an important idea for all the industry equipment, so do this for oil gas driling, and waste managment, after years of experience, GN have developed lot of modular design to help client have layout the site, or transport, or operate more effciently.
April 25 2017

Soil Remediation Equipment Deliver to Site

With similar principle, soil remediation use similar equipment layout for the whole process. This time for the US client, they are using our modular design.

1. Premixing Module – In this module, a buffer tank is used collect the oily sludge, by adding water and chemicals, the sludge would be more flowable. In the same while, the demulsification processing is ongoing.

2. Hi G Shaker Module – The sludge is transferred via a sludge pump to the high G force shaker unit for coarse solid particles separation. The tank beneath the shaker unit is to collect the fluids with fine solids. The flocculation process will be done in this tank for gathering the fine solids to a bulk block for easy removing in the decanter centrifuge.

3. Dosing System Module – The dosing system was put in a 20 feet container. The 3-tank automatically dosing system could mix various chemicals accordingly different purposes. The chemicals used in premixing module and shaker tank are coming from this system.

4. 2 Phase Decanter Centrifuge Module – the centrifuge is ideal equipment used for liquid and solids separation. 2 products are coming out of the centrifuge: flocculated solids and water/oil mixture.

5. 3 Phase Separation Skid Module – The water/oil mixture from the centrifuge would be treated further here for oil recover and soil purification.

During these couple years, GN solids control gradually developed and released some new products that attracted many clients' attentions. One of the new products is the soil remediation system. As the name meaning, it is a system rather than individual equipment. From the date of releasing, many clients came to GN for learning more about this system. And at the beginning of this year, a client from The States placed order for their project on recovering the oil from oily sludge.

We also develop many different customized solutions for different clients.

OTC for GN New Releases
April 16 2017

OTC 2017, Stop by GN Booth, Step Forward Together

This year, as usual, GN will have 2 booths there; welcome to stop by and discuss with GN team Below information will take you to GN’s booth. Show Time & Location: 1-4 May, 2017. NRG Park, Houston, Texas, USA Booth No. 1: NRG Center 1369-6 Booth No. 2: NRG Arena 8834 For appointment with GN, please send email to or Keep Tune with GN Development: This year, GN will bring some new products to OTC exhibition: 1. Full Hydraulic Drive Centrifuge –  From now on, the end user will have another choice when make the procurement on the full hydraulic decanter centrifuge. Sometimes, a trial always brings surprise. 2. GN new version shale shaker – GN new released shaker will show the new technologies on replacing the shaker screen. It could greatly save time on changing the screens. 3. GN full series replacement shaker screen – After bringing in the new fabrication line, GN’s composite material frame screen has included almost all the widely used frame type shaker screen. With GN Solids Control, Find a Chance to Work Together After Baroid, Baker Hughes chose GN, lots of people / companies used to work with our competitors are now working with GN. With new shaker screen production line, GN start doing business in some way with some competitors. With solutions for solids control, waste management, now GN have the full solution for related market on all the solids / liquid separation. Find more, to talk to GN team in OTC booth.
Updated GNZS594F Shale Shaker
March 05 2017

Updated GNZS594F Shale Shaker to Middle East

GNZS594F Shaker Shaker Updates

If you have kept tune on GN equipmeng updates, you may noticed that now it is 6th updates already, and this time, the shaker have made some big changes. From the first generation of this shaker, we developed with our partner Scomi, and with their help, lots of details changed as required. 594 series born to be different. As we know the screens of GNZS594E shale shaker, the screens is replacable with Swaco Mongoose, also composite material shaker screen.

  • now it is updated to have same footprint, even the pipeine can be excatly same, which makes things easier, when you want to replace the old mongoose shakers.
  • now much easier to disassemble the shaker screens, with the new screen disassmble design
  • also have the hopper underneath for fluids goto side way to mud ditch 
New Shale Shaker to Middle East

Middle East is the centre of global oil, and not all of drilling companies there like Chinese products, because of the concept inherited. Well it changed a lot too. As more and more people got good Chinese products, even some people starts from try Chinese food. This time, shipped a container shaker to old client. Except like China, or made in China, they got used to GN equipment, the simple design, the way we keep updating details etc.

Check the GN New Equipment in CIPPE

Well if you are interested in, pls freely stop by GN booth in Beijing CIPPE. We will bring our new design shale shaker, also other equipment.

screen for mongoose shaker
February 26 2017

40ft Container Replacement Mongoose Shaker Screens to Middle Ease

As an experienced shaker screen manufacturer, keep following the API RP13C practice, after released our new generation shaker screens, it opens a new era. GN Solids Control have put lots of resource to the R&D of composite material shaker screens, not only the frame, change from steel to composite, but the composition of shaker screens, also upgraded. GNR, thanks to the help of our partners and clients, now have been tested in Russia, avarage screen life is over 300 hours, and longest is over 500 hours. In Turkey, the client have drilled a 2000m geothermal hole, did not change screens, even once. With more and more positive feedbacks, a perfect cycle comes, more and more orders, then goodfeedback, then even more order. Then we have to enlarge our US warehouse area, use the open space, to keep more equipment in stock. Some advantages: • Automatic Robot Welding of the steel frame to have better quality and consistency. • High quality fiber glass to improve plastic quality and screen temperature resistant to 140 C degree. • Four side tension of mesh during the heat press to minimize the gap between the top screen and support screens, in a result extending the screen life. Our competitor normally do not use any tension for heat press. • GN 3 layer wire mesh for API 60 and above for longer screen life, our competitor normally use 3 layer only for API 120 and above. • GN wire mesh supplier is the same supplier for Derrick and MI Swaco. • GN high performance wire mesh configuration is compliant to API RP 13C with normally average screen life to 300-700 hours. • GN comprehensive line composite frame screen for GN shakers,MI-Swaco Mongoose,MI-Swaco MD-3/MD-2,Nov Brandt Cobra, Venom, VSM-300,FSI screen,Derrick 2000. And we can customized the Injection mould for your screen dimension. • The composite frame screen is repairable to save cost. • Compared to metal frame, the composite frame useable area is 10% to 20 % larger. • Since the composite frame is covered by plastic, it is rust resistant for long time storage up to over 5 years. This time we ship a 40ft container replacement mongoose shaker screens to US. With updated design, optimised performance.