September 21 2020

4 more sets Desanding Unit Delivered

GN Mud Recycling System is a complete mud treating system with mud storage and mixing function. While for the GN Mud Desander Unit, it can be provided an extra mixing tank by customer.

GN Solids Control provides different models of Mud Desander Unit, classfied by flow rate, GN Desander Unit includes GNMS200-D, GNMS-500D and GNMS-1000D which corresponds to 200 GPM, 500 GPM and 1000 GPM separately. Besides used for Trenchless HDD project, GN Mud Desander Unit can be also used for Bored Pile Project, Micro TBM Drilling, Diamond Drilling and Water Well Drilling etc.

As one of the leading manufacturers, GN Solids Control made Mud Desander Unit is in compact structure, easy to move, convenient to use in narrow working site to purify drilling mud and eliminate solids. GN Solids Control shipped 4 sets of Trenchless Drilling Mud Desander to a domestic HDD contractor last month.

These 4 sets are GNMS-500D, equipped with one 10 inch cyclone to eliminate solids larger than 40 microns. Vibration G force is less than 7.1 G and adjustable. By using a double deck shaker, upper screen area is 0.875 m2 and bottom screen area is 1.35 m2, treating capacity is 500 GPM. All shaker screens are also provided by GN, which can last over 30 days without changing.

GN also keep the availibility of customizing the system to any kind of projects, feel free to contact us with details of your project.

August 24 2020

GN big bowl decanter centrifuge for waste water treatment to Yunan Client

Recently 2sets of big bowl decanter centrifuges been delivered to a Yunan client, one of the main reason he enventually make the decision, is the oversea reputation. Comparatively if a Chinese company export 70% of its equipment to oversea market, then why a local company insist import one from other countries.

For this Yunan Client, GN Solids Control provides 2 sets of 22 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW554EP which is especially designed to treat waste water. GN made P series decanter centrifuge has the beach angle of 11 degree, we usually called ‘Dewatering Centrifuge’. Except the P series centrifuge, GN Solids Control also provides Y series ‘Separation Centrifuge’ and C series ‘Clarifying Centrifuge’.

GNLW554EP is equipped with 2 electrical driven motors, which are customized based on the treated materials. As an option, hydraulic driven motors can be also chose. The whole rotating bowl is made of duplex SS2205 by centrifugal casting, and screw propeller is made of SS2205 or SS316.

All the running parameters can be operated easily on HMI of the VFD control box. BTW, explosion-proof VFD box can be also provided.

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges cover different rotating bowl size: 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and 30 inch to meet different customers’ treating flow rate demands. Even for one same bowl size decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control also can customize built the centrifuge to get a better treating result.

Well it seems from the manufacturers, to the buyers, in China, so far we all still value the export quality, which is in the bad way, meaning people are supplying not so good quality equipment to the local market, and eventually pushing the buyers to the oversea suppliers. In the good way, you can still be confident that if you pay the right price, you still have good suppliers.

Wish we all can change and get back to a good circle, we pay good price to good supplier, and local supplier or oversea supplier, it does not really the matter, the product and the services matters.

August 24 2020

Screw Conveyor Delivered to Environmental Contractor

  Scerw conveyor is one of the most important equipment for transfering the drilling mud / drilling solids. Essentially only when you transfer the mixture or solids or anything you need to treat to a certain machine, that is how the whole system make sense. GN U type screw conveyor can be used as the feeder machine to the vertical centrifuge and the slag collection machine at the discharge port of the centrifuge. According to the clients’ requirement and job site condition, the screw conveyor can be installed horizontal or declined. By connecting the outlet of one unit to the outlet of the other unit, the screw conveyor can be used to transfer the sludge from one point to the desired discharge point. GN can also make the screw conveyor by using the material of stainless steel.   Environmental engineering company is type of contractors whose job is environmental protection like waste reduction treatment, waste final disposal and recover the usable material from waste. Some of GN equipment could be applied in this kind of environmental engineering projects. Recently, GN finished one order for an environmental engineering company, and now the equipment is ready for shipment.   Been used in solids control & waste mangement for very long time, now GN step into use screw conveyor for all related environmental protection projects. And with our own R&D, we are capable of customize the equipment for different projects and different applications. Feel free to contact us for further requirements.
August 24 2020

Environment Exhibition 2020 GN Separation & Conveying

  Diversifying to lower down the risk is kind of everyone's stratege when the oil price goes down again. Many peer companies in the oil field now seeking for other opportunities. Since we have made quite some success in solid liquid separaiton, and also various material transfer.   IE Expo China 2020 is one of the leading environmental shows in Asia, it will be held from Aug.13-15th in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Exhibition place is around 150 000 square meters, more than 1851 exhibitors from over 24 countries. Showing the technology regarding sewage, industry, agriculture, offering solution for solid waste, air pollution, soil, noise etc. Last year, there were nearly 74,000 visitors from almost 60 countries came to this show.  Cause of the COVID pandemic, this is the 1st of the whole world environmental exhibition, and the biggest. Cause lots of attention.

GN brought some units to the exhbition, the OST1 package, a demo unit for oil slduge treatment, a mini package with full function, could be a test unit or full function operation unit for small projects.

Decanter centrifuge, as always, being the core product of GN, keep showing himself in all the ehxibitions, well brothers and sisters, not all the same model, or an equipment just for show.

Well thank you for all your attention and thanks for your visiting if you did. We believe after the COVID, there will be more chances for people to come together, either in exhibitions, or visiting. Kindly noted we always warmly welcome all you guys visit our factory any time possible.

August 07 2020

Exhibit at IE Expo China 2020 in Shanghai, GN booth: W1 (G69/F69)

COVID-19 brought a great lose to the whole world, luckily to say that more and more countries have get it fully controlled, companies are resumed to work and people can enjoy life under proper protection. With all the great lead work by China government, now China is only have very few cases, we are proud to participate in the IE Expo 2020 in Shanghai. 

IE Expo China 2020 is one of the leading environmental shows in Asia, it will be held from Aug.13-15th in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Last year, there were nearly 74,000 visitors from almost 60 countries came to this show.  GN Separation will bring 1. Oil Sludge Treating System, 2. Waste Water Treating Centrifuge, 3. Sludge Vacuum Pump to IE Expo.  GN booth no. is W1  (G69/F69), welcome to visit us if you have plan to come to this show.

1.Oil Sludge Treating System GN made oil sludge treating system is especially designed to treat oil sludge from drilling rig sites, refinery plant and oil tank bottom. With more and more companies paying attention to environmental protection, GN oil sludge treating systems are getting popular.  It mainly includes pre-treating tank, shaker treating unit, 2 phase centrifuge treating unit and 3 phase centrifuge treating unit. After treated by GN oil sludge treating system, customers can get clean water, clear oil and dry solids. 

2.Waste Water Treating Centrifuge GN centrifuge is largely used in more than 60 countries. GN Separation manufactures 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and 30 inch bowl decanter centrifuges. Based on the treating purpose (clarifying, dewatering, thickening etc), GN provides P type, Y type, C centrifuges with different cone angles and L/D rations. 

3.Sludge Vacuum Pump GN sludge vacuum pump is one of the tough pumps that is able to transfer and move solids up to 80%. An air compressor must be equipped in order to provide the working pressure, GN has 10B, 20B and 40B vacuum pump classified by the feeding flow rate.