December 16 2020

Disc Stack Separator and Decanter Centrifuge for Tianjin Client

GN Solids Control has been a world famous manufacturer specialise in solids and liquid separation, with thousands of successful projects GN Solids Control made 2 phase decanter centrifuges, discstack separators, 3 phase decanter centrifuges are widely accepted by customers.

Last week, we shipped one decanter centrifuge and one disc stack separator to a Tianjin client, who will use GN equipment on oil sludge treating and achieve oil, water and solids separation.

1.GN Decanter CentrifugeGN decanter centrifuge has different models, if divided by rotating bowl size, GN centrifuge has 9'' bowl, 14'' bowl, 18'' bowl, 22'' bowl and 30'' bowl. GN made 2 phase horizontal decanter centriufge can remove solids larger than 2-5 microns. By running at different speeds, 2 sets GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges are able to do 2 stages separation. Running under middle speed, GN decanter centrifuge can remove most of the solids by volume; and running at high speed, finer particles are often removed and obtain clear water. Usually, GN decanter centrifuge is provided with VFD box, and a screw pump are often controlled easily within the VFD box.

2.GN Disc Stack SeparatorAfter treated by GN 2 phase decanter centrifuge, slurry is feed into GN Disc Stack Separator where the slurry is split into finer particles, oil and water. GN disc stack separator are often cusomize built to suit different separating demands, so it are often also utilized in environmental protection, pharmacy waste treating, food/juice clarify etc. GN Solids Control features a USA branch company GN Solids America and one Russia branch company GN Solids Russia. With close releationship of GN parters in additional than 70 countries and regions, GN Solids Control is in a position to supply local service support and timely techinical backup. be happy to attach with GN if you're trying to find any solids and liquid separation, there's always one cost-effetive slution we will provide.

December 06 2020

Compact Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge Units to Europe

Hundreds of decanter centrifuges have been sent to more than 70 countries. Recently 3 packages of GN dewatering centrifuge units for one European client, diamond drilling projects.

GN 9 inch bowl decanter centrifugeGN 9 inch bowl decanter centrifuge is the smallest bowl centrifuge GN manufactures. With 4500 rpm rotating speed, GN 9 inch centrifuge can eliminate most of the solids larger than 2-5 microns. G force can reach to 1777 G even working under 3800 rpm. GN Solids Control builts different versions of centrifuge like T series, Y series and C series. Every centrifuge is designed to use in different industries such as food slurry, chemical waste, pharmacy slurry etc. GN Solids Control provides fix speed control and VFD control box. Most of the customers use VFD centrifuge as the working parameter such as bowl speed, differential speed can be adjusted easily. GN Solids Control also has hydraulic driven decanter centrifuge can be used in remote area without electricity.

GN screw feeding pumpGN screw pump is very popular to feed decanter centrifuge as it’s feeding flow rate is linear with the rotating speed. Every screw pump is fixed on a mud tank for easy transport. These 3 dewatering decanter centrifuges will help European client treat the slurry collect from different work sites. GN Solids Control also manufactures 3 phase decanter centrifuge to treat oil, water and solids.

GNLW224E-VFD is the decanter centrifuge with smallest bowl diameter in GN production line. It is with compact structure and small footprint which makes it easier for installation and transportation. It is with small capacity that is popular for small flow rate application and pilot test projects. Some of GN clients always buy this unit to verify the workability and then buy bigger model for industrial scale application. To make an integrated compact system, the screw feeding pump is installed on the slurry collection tank on which the dewatering centrifuge will be installed together; one operator could monitor and control the 2 equipment at the same time.

GN keep the flexibility to make more and more systems versitile for different applications.

November 30 2020

Two Sets Drilling Waste Management Equipment Package to Africa

Been a drilling waste management system turnkey provider, with more and more successful projects, GN is now more and more wellknown worldwidely for top quality drilling waste equipment. Recently, we finished manufacturing of two new sets drilling waste management systems include decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer, screw conveyor, and feeding pumps also as other off-line equipment .

1.GN Cuttings DryerGN Cuttings Dryer is especially designed to treat OBM & SBM, after treated by GN Cuttings Dryer oil within the final cuttings is merely but 5%. Recovered oil are often wont to make new oil based mud or further treated by decanter centrifuge so as to get rid of finer solids.

2.GN Decanter CentrifugeGN Decanter Centrifuge is additionally the key treating equipment, which we buile over hundreds per annum . GN made decanter centrifuge 14 inch bowl siz, 18 inch and 22 inch are the three most popupar one, although GN also builts 9 inch bowl centrifuge and 30 inch bowl centrifuge.

3.GN Telecsopic SkidBoth of GN Cuttings Dryer and GN Decanter Centrifuge are fixed on the highest of GN telecsopic skid. GN made skid are often also utilized in offshore drill rig platforms with DNV lifting certificate.

4.GN Screw PumpEach drilling waste management system includes one flushing screw pump for cuttings dryer and one feedig pump for decanter centrifuge.

5.GN Screw ConveyorGN screw conveyor is that the feeding conveyor for GN Cuttings Dryer. Screw conveyor is especially wont to transfer materials with large solids content.

These 2 sets GN drilling waste management systems are going to be utilized in 2 drill rig sites. We also provided water based mud treating system for several African clinets. Mainly use Hi-G drying shaker to get rid of larger solids then feed the slurry into decanter centrifuge. Freely allow us to know if any related projects.

November 30 2020

Wastewater Decanter and Dosing Unit for Middle East Client

Been a turnkey solids and liquid separation equipment provider, recently we received an order from a Middle East Client who works on waste water treating industry. Different with the oil and gas industry, GN Solids Control provides E version decanter centrifuge, which has different half cone angles and length/diamter ratios.

GN Solids Control features a branch company GN Separation & Conveying, mainly specialise in non-oil and gas industry material separation. This customer will use GN made decanter centrifuge to clarify the waste water and reuse the water. GN Solids Control provides one decanter centrifuge GNLW454E and chemical dosing unit. GN made 454 series centrifuge may be a 18 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, compared the oil and gas drilling fluid centrifuge, it's a extended rotating bowl which may treat larger flow slurry. Rotating bowl of the decanter centrifuge is formed of chrome steel like 2205 or 2034 by centrifugal casting, actually GN Solids Control is usually to supply customized materials which will be utilized in different working conditions. Inside the rotating bowl, screw is protected by tungsten carbide tiles or spraing coating therefore the propeller are often used for an extended time without wearness. GN Solids Control also provides a telescopic skid to carry the centrifuge, a screw pump used because the feeding pump of the centrifuge. VFD control box is found by the skid, all the key parameters are often adjusted easily on the HMI panel. In orde to get rid of fine partiles less then 2-5 microns, GN Solids Control provides a chemical dosing unit. Dosing pump feed flocculant into the decanter centrifuge and mixed inside the rotating assembly. GN Chemical Dosing Unit may be a 3 compartment unit, which may be a fully automatic polymer adding unit. GN made decanter centrifuges are widely utilized in industry , waste water industry, food industry slurry or sludge treating. Welcome to attach with us for the foremost cost-effective solution.

November 18 2020

Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for TBM Slurry Treatment

GN Solids Control is a turnkey solids and liquid separation provider who has rich experience and sucefful projects running in more than 72 countries and regions. GN Solids Control can always provide a customized system to meet various demands. 

Today we’d like to share one project of GN big bowl centrifuge used for TBM slurry dewatering in Singapore. GN Solids Control manuafactures different bowl sizes of decanter centrifuges, in TBM slurry treating area GN made 22 inch bowl decanter centrifuge and GN 30 inch bowl decanter centrifuge are the two popular one. 

TBM is short for Tunnel Boreing Machine, during underground work large volume of slurry is bring the end of the machine, which will need to be treated before discharge. GN Solids Control also builts TBM Slurry Treating Mud Recycling System, it usually composed by shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter, feeding pump and mud tank etc. GN TBM Slurry Treating System first remove coarese solids, usually larger than 25 microns before feeding to decanter centrifuge. As it’s know to all, decanter centrifuge can eliminate finer particles above 2 microns with the centrifugal force and push of the screw propeller. In order to get a better treating performance, GN Solids Control also provides chemical dosing unit to collect tiny particles so centrifuge can remove all these particles out. 

GN Solids Control provided one 22 inch bowl centrifuge for this TBM contractor. Consider the demands of relocating, GN Soilds Control put the decanter centrifuge and chemical dosing unit inside the standard container. Client just need to connect the fast connection pipes and open valves between the containers. After treated by GN decanter centrifuge, this TBM contractor can get saleable silts which will be used to built bricks, while the recycled water can be used for TBM cooling as well as flush the decanter centrifuge.