October 19 2013

GN 500GPM Mud System For Sale To Australia

This Mud System Has Different Applications

1) HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) 500 GPM Mud System

2) CBM drilling mud cleaning system

3) Workover Drilling rig 350HP/450HP/550HP Solids Control & Mixing System

4) Water well/ GEO Thermal Well drilling mud cleaning unit

October 14 2013

GN Mud Recycling System for Sale in Australia Brisbane

1.  GN200GPM Mud System For Sale
  • 200GPM mud flow
  • 5000 liters tank capacity with 5.5m long tank
  • Recycling and mixing both availeble.

2.  GN150GPM Mud System For Sale
  • 150GPM mud flow
  • 3500 liters tank capacity with 4m long tank
  • Recycling and mixing both availeble

3. GN500GPM Mud System For Sale
  • 500GPM mud flow
  • 2 shakers for 2 phase cleaning with desilter
  • 32,000 liters tank capacity with 40ft container size tank
  • Recycling and mixing both availeble

Please contact GN Solids for inquiry soon!

October 12 2013

5 sets Solids Control Equipments From Europe

GN received an order from Europe drilling contractor for 5 sets solids control equipments including shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser,etc. This clients ordered one set solids control system from us last year and repeat this order after good feedback from last order.

10 sets shale shakers and 5 sets mud cleaners ordered

5 sets decanter centrifuge ordered

Other than Europe, GN already solid solids control equipments to more than 60 countries till now, like Australia, New Zealand,Thailand,India,Indonisia, America, Canada,Middle East,Afraica, etc. Please visit our web for more info : GN WeB

September 28 2013

Decanter Centrifuge Deliveried to African For Oil&Gas Drilling

GN deliveried 2 sets of high speed GNLW363G decanter centrifuge to African this week which will be used in oil & gas industry. This clients is using our GNLW363G decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids to keep drilling mud in a right density for re-use.

Main Sepeci of GNLW363G Decanter Centrifuge
September 21 2013

GN Back From International No-Dig 2013

International No-Dig Down Under 2013 was held in Sydney Australia 1-4th Sep. GN bring a 150GPM mud unit there with successfuly shown GN improvements.

GN150 GPM Mud Unit Main Spec