March 15 2020

GN Oil Sludge System to Brunei

After sending many standard units, this is another basic unit for oil sludge treatment. We have sent this similar design units to many other applications too. A shale shaker to scalps the bigger particles, then the decanter centrifuge to treat the fine particles. In this system, we have made many customisations after discuss with client about how they actually want to use the equipment. So literally it still work the same flow line as the standard units. Only difference is this is part of the whole system which client already have. 1.GN Shale Shaker GN Shale Shaker is the coarse treating unit, most of the solids are removed by GN shale shaker. In some situations, GN Solids Control also provides double deck shale shaker to treat the oil sludge twice. A anti-spraying cover and flushing outlets are optional to protect the shaker screens from blocking.   2.GN Decanter Centrifuge As the core treating equipment of GN oil sludge treating system, GN Decanter Centrifuge is used to remove any finer solids larger than 2-5 microns. GN Solids Control has different sizes of decanter centrifuges include 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and 30 inch. GN 14 inch bowl centrifuge is very popular to use in the oil sludge treating industry. 3.GN Chemical Dosing Unit Only use mechanical separating way is not easy to treat oil sludge, chemicals are very important. In GN oil sludge treating system, the shaker treating module and the centrifuge treating module both need to add chemicals to dilute the sludge. Though heating pipe is optional, the heating tank is a good design, to make sure the system is flexible. GN always stay with the innovative solutions, cop with the requirement of clients, and then offer the best solution.
March 01 2020

New System Release for TBM Slurry Handling

For TBM, pipe jacking, there is a big volume of slurry flow, and people used to just ignore it. While now, in most of the world, you need take care of it. That is where you will need a TBM slurry system. GN have been manufacturing a compact economic system for many years, the small compact piling demanding unit, is good for piling projects, small TBM, or pipe jacking projects. While when you get to big tunnels, it is different, the flow, the slurry requirement is different, and if you even want to reuse the water, need better treatment.  
February 21 2020

Oil Sludge Treatment System Mini Version

Oil sludge is a big topic, contains various resources, various contents. Could be the dump pit in a rig site, or engine oil from a ship, tank cleaning, or some contaminative soil for some reason etc.. And now it is a trouble, someone need to handle it before it becomes any desaster. Nowadays many different techonology have been developed for these problems, many specialized machine. As a solids liquid separation equipment supplier, we have our own solution. GN oil water solids separation system is using different equipment to make the separation step by step; the final purpose is to recover oil and water. Its main working procedures are as below. 1. Premixing Module – the oil sludge is firstly fed into the premixing tank where the demulsifying chemical is also added into. In the same time the sludge would be heat up to 60~70 degree Celsius. The oil would be off from the solid particles for easy separation in subsequent procedures.   2. Coarse Separation Module – a shaker unit is used to remove the coarse solid in the sludge, which can greatly reduce the solid content so as to prevent the following equipment to being worn. To avoid the screen blocking and spraying of the sludge, GN can add spraying preventing cover and sprinkler system on the shaker. 3. Fine Solid Separation Module – a 2 phase decanter centrifuge is the main equipment in this module. It can effectively separate the fine solids and liquid. GN decanter centrifuge is adopting anti-corrosion material to make the rotating bowl with centrifugal casting technology to ensure the stable performance.   4. Oil Water Separation Module – In the final procedure, the liquid discharged from the decanter centrifuge would be fed into the 3 phase disc stack separator. With the high speed, the disc separator can separate the oil, water and less amount ultrafine solid. The oil recovered from the separator is with BS&W less than 3%. 5. Chemical Dosing Unit – a chemical dosing unit is equipped in this system to prepare the demulsifying chemical or other type polymers. By transfering the sludge, GN has sludge vacuum pump that is ideal for high solid content and high visicosity mateial transfer. The intention of designing this system is for DEMO, which means if you give it a try in small quanty, it is the best way to varify if this is the solution. Then you can scale the whole thing with the same principle. 
February 07 2020

DecanterCentrifuge Package Delivered to Singapore for TBM Slurry Treatment

When referring to the environment protection rules, Singapore is kind of the most critical / strict place in Southeast Asia. So normally the equipment is used there before it gets popular. Then like Desanding Units, Decanter Centrifuge Packages, all in same roadmap. Well now more and more contractors in other countries are now using desanding units.  For economic development and city infrastructure construction, many Southeast Asia countries need to adopt TBM project for underground pipe laying, subway construction, etc. GN dewatering centrifuge package has be ordered by many clients from Southeast Asia. GN dewatering centrifuge package is consisting of decanter centrifuge and flocculation agent dosing system. In the mud, even using high speed decanter centrifuge cannot separator the ultrafine solid by only using mechanical method. The flocculation process will help to gather the fine solids in the mud, and then separation by high speed decanter can be done.   In Singapore, limited space is always a problem, footprint is a big restriction, so normally a containerized design will be helpful, to make sure it is stackable, and easier for transportation, containers are transported to all the places.    Often the decanter centrifuges are placed into a customized container, with sliding screw conveyor for solids transferring, and other details to make sure it is user friendly, easy access to maintain, automatic some process if need to. Well if a cemara or air conditioner is something you need, add one.   GN standard chemical dosing unit is a 3-compartment tank with powder feeding hopper, agitators, metering pump, piping system and PLC control panel. It can automatically make the chemical solution, and add to the adding point as per the logical setting up.   We have many references in Singapore, and a good partner there help us, so if any questions, or need site visiting, let us know. 
20200111 Drilling mud Shaker
January 12 2020

More Shale Shakers to Russia at the end of 2019

Russia is a big market for drilling, not only because of the oil over there, the political over there, but also it is very close to China in many way over there. We have a good partner, and also with our cooperation, now a very good name. GN Solids Control, more and more people there know us. More importantly, since they also are good at industrial production, they also build most of the staff, so they buy equipment, but make the systems by themselves. While anyway it is comparatively cheaper than ship lot of air from China.

Shale shaker is the most popular equipment for drilling, for shallow, for deep, for workover, for drill ship, for far offshore, or just in the snow, no matter how critical people are about to care about the environmental protection, shaker is something you must have. 

GNZS linear motion shale shaker absorbed advanced tech at home and abroad ,and integrated GN own design. GN complete series shale shaker can meet customers’ variable demand. Clients feedback proved the advantages of this kind of shale shaker: high G-force, wide screen area, compressed structure, cost-effective, etc.

It is hard to tell the differences till you finally use the shakers, so what we have got from our clients:

In Russia, our shakers, running 600 hours, no need change shaker screens, hum, this more sounds like a reason to buy the shaker screens.

For the screen bed, we use stainless steel, not many suppliers are doing this.

A special design sealing rubber been utilised for better seal.

All material have been designed for high / low ambient temperature, and also for high temperature drilling fluids. 

Contact us if that sounds interesting.