November 26 2017

Drill cuttings management system, especially when it comes with proper professional service, personnel, will help the client save time, money and reduce the HSE footprint of drilling operations, in the whole process, in any way, need puts safety and environment first, and simplify as much as possible. 
GN drill cuttings managment system normally includes:

  • High G shale shaker, and or vertical cuttings dryer; scalping the big particles, save as much fluid as it can, and make the cuttings as dry as possible.
  • Decanter Centrifuge, with decanter centrifuge, somtimes chemical dosing unit also, to separate the small particles in the fluids after the first step.
  • All the augers, pumps for necessary transportation.
  • Standard or customized cuttings box

Using GN drill cuttings management system, you can reduce clean-up costs by eliminating the spread of solidification agent and invert across the lease. Optimize the solidifying agent to cuttings ratio helping to reduce costs in materials as well as the overall volume of waste sent for disposal. Simply, our drill cuttings management equipment will help to save time, money and reduce the HSE footprint of drilling operations. 
GN drill cuttings management system have been used for many countries, in many different sites, some site have sent us their reports for innovation purpose, that would be very helpful, and if you are the one using it, any of your feedback will help us improve our products.