October 15 2017
For HDD projects, or TBM projects, GN mud systems are customized and adapted to specific project, for all flow rates, and all ground conditions, based on full range solutions, we offer our customers integrated technology for finishing projects precisly and reliable, exctly where they are needed. After years of experience, GN have been paving the way of leading the system design, economically, quickly, extremly considering the site safety.
With clear value propostions, this time GN have designed and produced the system in time, with high quality. For better mobility, the frame and tank is designed as the container size, to make sure it is easy for transportation, without extra PROTECTION from transportation government. Pre-installed shaker and mud cleanerunit in frame which would be lifting by crane easily, less onsite installation job needed.
The equipment included in this 500GPM mud recycling system is GN’s standard configuration.
1. 3-panel screen shale shaker is for coarse solids removing. Simple deck structure with top located feeding buffer box is for connection of hose from mud pit.
2. Cyclones are chosen two each of 10 inch and eight each of 4 inch for sand and silt separation. A same model drying shaker in under located the cyclones for much liquid recovery.
3. Two unit 40HP centrifugal pumpsare installed on the mud tank for feeding the mud to de-sander and de-silter unit. The tank is divided into 3 compartments respectively for shaker, de-sander and de-silter.

There is certain disadvantages for this sytsem also, good for transportation, but not good enough to store the mud, so on site, may need extra place for that. There is no space for mud agitators on tank top, so either cancel them or need put full submersible mud agitators.
Highly reommend GN standard mud systems, while we also happy to know your site, your speciallity of project, and ready to be helpful with a customized solution.