August 11 2015


GN Solids Control is headquartered in Langfang, only 40Km to Beijing International Airport. Our product is manufactured with unrivaled quality by virtue of unique geographical advantage, our up-and-coming working staff and the spirit of never giving up, constantly developing and innovation. Meanwhile, we are dedicated to making ourselves the leading enterprise in the field of mud solids control equipment. Now, we have formed a matured sales network covering 58 countries and regions in the areas of oil drilling and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Meanwhile, the branches and the sales and service centers are established in Australia, Argentina, Libya and Turkey. The storages in American Huston, Arab Dubai and Russia are in preparation. We believe that after several years' development we would be a better and stronger enterprise in the industry. Oil Gas Drilling Solids Control System GN650HP workover r... GN750HP solids con... GN1000HP solids control in China GN1000HP solids co... GN1500HP mud syste... GN1000HP solids control for CNPC GN1500 HP mud sys... GN1500HP Solids Co... GN1500HP solids co... HDD&CBM Drlling Mud Recycling System GN200 GPM Mud Rec... GN350 GPM HDD Mud... GN500 GPM HDD mud... GN500 GPM CBM mud... GN800 GPM Mud System In Thailand GN800GPM Drilling ... GN1500 GPM Mud re... GN1500 GPM Trailer... Hydraulic Self-Lift... Other Slurry Separtion Plant Dredging Slurry Separation In China Drilling Waste Man... Mining Slurry Separation In Turkey Drilling Waste Management In Brazil TBM Slurry Separat...
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April 25 2015

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     GN Solids Control is 1 of the most famous Solids Control International Brand in China.GN  Products  have  been  exported  to  over  50  countries  &  areas,  and GN  has  established  Sales&  Services  Branches  in Australia, Argentina,  Libya,  Turkey  and  are  opening  offices  &Warehouses in Houston, USA & Dubai & Russia.

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April 25 2015



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