May 12 2019
Met with a friend recently, he is not the one in the company who need to worry about selling, so when he check the show he is very surprised that how much people have been spending on the show, for the one time use stands, equipment transportation. Though you have to admit, that people they buy after they checked the equipment, but still a huge cost. Well beside the exhibiton holders are doing their own efforts to make the whole progress more environmental friendly, more reused staff; the exhibition is a good place to gather all the needed information, and it is a stage to show yourself.
OTC is this kind of stage, here all the related people come here to communicate, to check, to learn, to buy, to sell. Well as for GN, few things are very important: New Product, Popular Product, Solution Concepts.

Shale Shaker, we know many shakers, many different names, from animals, snakes, and playing games about the food cycle, very glad we are not doing that. We are still showing a GNZS shale shaker, a linear motion, a simple shaker, no nick name. Well bit different shale shaker. 
We know our client need a faster & easier way to handle the wedge, so they have it. And that is the first time we show it out to the world. Not a new technology, but GN is improving. Email us for more info.

ViST Screen, this is a vacuum system, equiped with one panel screen, helping the shaker performance. To dry the solids at the last screen, and recycle more fluid.  It is suitable for all types drilling mud like OBM, WBM and SBM. In the meanwhile of recovery fluids, the drilling waste discharge is greatly reduced, and the cost in transporting the waste will be saved. With one set GN VIST vacuum shaker screen system on drilling site, the driller can fit finer screens on the shaker to separate much finer cuttings and save the cost in placing extra cuttings drying machine.

From last year, shale shaker, decante centrifuge have been the most popular products, especially modle GNZS703, GNLW363, which we also have stock in Houston. The solids pump have been surprisingly popular, and been used in many new applications.
Oily sludge separation, since have to cover the ass, lots of oily pits need to be treated now, and that is exactly where you need our OST (oil sludge treatment) system. GN have developed many different modular solutions for this application, and been doing test, collecting data for different type, let us know if you need any help on this.