August 27 2019

This is not the first mud system for offshore, also not the first one to COSL. While for the whole offshore mud system to COSL, this is now a start. After using many GN products, now COSL is cooperating further and further with GN. 

2017080731 Offshore Drilling Mud System

For offshore, as we also know, expect ambient is still need to be Explosion Proof, there are a lot more factors to be considered. Always have limited space, and need fit into the structure, and all the lifting matters, and it is offshore environment, so hmmm, everything is different.

This time the system, with limited space, contains all the main equipment:

  1. Shale shaker, with simple structure and adjustable vibrating G force, is used to remove the coarse cuttings in drilling fluids. GN connected the main shaker unit and the underflow drying shaker unit in mud cleaner to make larger capacity vibrating screen system, this reduced the footprint of the system, but ensures the flow rate.    
  2. This system has a centrifugal degasser that is used to remove the air invaded into the drilling mud. The degasser unit can effectively remove the air to ensure the property of the mud. This also guarantees the sufficient pressure of the sand pump in feeding the drilling mud to the cyclone unit of the mud cleaner. 
  3. Decanter centrifuge is used to remove the fine solids in the drilling mud. GN decanter has been proved with stable performance and easy operation procedures to meet the demand on drilling site. The material application in rotation part and protection design in wearing part greatly extends the working hours and reduces the maintenance cost.
  4. GN also equipped screw conveyer to collect the waste cutting discharged from above mentioned equipment. As on platform, collecting the drilling cutting is also an important job due to limited space.

20190731 Offshore Drilling Mud Tank System

There are several highlights though, except always using high standard equipment, this time, customized the tank design, you can tell from the painting, for the client.

Also the cable is well placed, the lifting padeye inspected… 

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