November 23 2018

The 1500hp drilling rig, or heard more often as ZJ50 in China, normally hook load rating up to 750 000lbs, equip 2 1600hp triplex mud pumps. Also 3 shakers, 1 mud cleaner, plus vacuum degasser, and normally 2 decanter centrifuges, 1 for barite recovery, one for smaller solids.

In the solids control system, the mud recycling tank is the most complex module as the tank is divided into several compartments with different functions. The pipeline like mud suction and transferring is welded inside the tank to ensure the continuously working procedure.

The mud recycling tank in this order includes shale shaker, vacuum degasser, and mud cleaner unit. 3 units GNZS703F-HB shaker are capable for the flow rate up to 300 cubic meters per hours per mud condition. By control, the valve on mud distribution box, mud engineer on site could decide how many shakers to be used based on the mudflow from the rig. GN vacuum degasser GNZC360B uses a water-ring vacuum pump to produce a high vacuum inside the degasser cavity to lift mud from the bottom tank so that it doesn’t need extra feeding pump for the degasser.

This system on site have several storage and mixing tanks already, so it is even more complicate to design the tank, need make sure it suits the whole system. Well even so, the engineer team work hard and make all the possibilities on 3D drawing, showing the client what they will get, and work together to make it not just useful, but also user friendly.