July 05 2014

GN deliveried one set 1000GPM solids control system to Poland end of last month which is built for 1000HP drilling rig. This clients start talking with GN last year and decided to buy this March after good feedback of GN shale shaker and mud cleaner which they purchased from trading company.

Main Configuration Of 1000GPM Solids Control System For 1000HP Drilling Rig

  1. 2 sets GNZS703 linear motion shale shaker with frame type shaker screen
  2. 1 set GNZJ703-2S12N lineare motion mud cleaner with 2x10" desander cone and 12x4" desilter cone
  3. 2 sets 8x6 centrifugal pump for feeding desander and desilter
  4. 4 sets of 40feet mud tanks for mud holding and storage
  5. 2 sets jet mud mixer with 2 mixing hopper
  6. Agitators on each clean mud tank compartment for agitating

  1. Mud suction line goes from each cleaning tank compartment
  2. Mixing pump sucting from each cleaning tank compartment
  3. Mixing discharge line goes to each cleaning tank compartment
  4. Mud ditch goes from shaker compartment to all 4 tanks which is different with normal design
  5. Mud gun line on top of tank squire pipe goes to all tanks with 2" outlet
  6. Water line on top of tank oposite of mud gun line to all tanks with 2" outlet to tank and 1" outlet on tank top

GN Solids Control build different size of solids control for different size of drilling rig, please contact GN Solids freely for technical hellp