20200111 Drilling mud Shaker
January 12 2020

More Shale Shakers to Russia at the end of 2019

Russia is a big market for drilling, not only because of the oil over there, the political over there, but also it is very close to China in many way over there. We have a good partner, and also with our cooperation, now a very good name. GN Solids Control, more and more people there know us. More importantly, since they also are good at industrial production, they also build most of the staff, so they buy equipment, but make the systems by themselves. While anyway it is comparatively cheaper than ship lot of air from China.

Shale shaker is the most popular equipment for drilling, for shallow, for deep, for workover, for drill ship, for far offshore, or just in the snow, no matter how critical people are about to care about the environmental protection, shaker is something you must have. 

GNZS linear motion shale shaker absorbed advanced tech at home and abroad ,and integrated GN own design. GN complete series shale shaker can meet customers’ variable demand. Clients feedback proved the advantages of this kind of shale shaker: high G-force, wide screen area, compressed structure, cost-effective, etc.

It is hard to tell the differences till you finally use the shakers, so what we have got from our clients:

In Russia, our shakers, running 600 hours, no need change shaker screens, hum, this more sounds like a reason to buy the shaker screens.

For the screen bed, we use stainless steel, not many suppliers are doing this.

A special design sealing rubber been utilised for better seal.

All material have been designed for high / low ambient temperature, and also for high temperature drilling fluids. 

Contact us if that sounds interesting.

20191225 3 Phase Separator
December 26 2019

3 Phase Separator for oil recovery to China oilfield service company

For many projects, GN have offered complete solutions, from first stage shaker scalping, to final step oil water sepration. And actually each and every step, might get some varieties, for the final step, can choose slant clarifiers, oil water separators, separate by settlement. Or depends on the situation, can use 3 phase separators, can also call it dis stac separator. For this kind of projects, the best is to choose the type for separate oil from water, then you can have the right result. 

Recently we are sending another set of 3 phase separator for oil recovery to a Chinese oilfield service company. The 3 phase separator is placed into a skid, come with a clean water storage tank, for easier alignning to the other units, so when it goes to the site, it is also sort of plug and play. plug the power and water, then connect the feeding, it is part of the whole progress. 

Since the 3 phase separator have very specific requirement on the feeding, so to have good result, it will need to be fed correctly. If too heavy solids, then it wont work, and even break the equipment itself. That is why we normally have decanter centrifuge, or the tricanter in front of this equipment.

  • The separated material is feed into the heart part of the disc Stack Separator, which is inside the drum. Under the strong centrifugal force, the material passes through the separation interval of a group of disc bundles, with the neutral hole of the disc as the interface, the liquid with a large specific gravity moves along the wall of the disc to the outside of the neutral hole, wherein the heavy slag accumulates in the sediment area, and the heavy phase flows to the upward centripetal pump. The liquid with a smaller specific gravity moves along the disc wall toward the neutral hole and converges to the lower centripetal pump. At the same time, the light and heavy phases are respectively output by the lower centripetal pump and the upper centripetal pump, and the heavy slag is periodically discharged, so continuous production can be achieved.

  • It is especially suitable for three-phase, liquid-liquid & solids, separation, such as oil-water and sludge separation.

  • The solid phase material entering the three-phase disc separator usually shall be reduced the solid content to less than 3% and the solid particles to less than 400 micrometers by the decanter centrifuge, then the three-phase disc separator can achieve the best effect.

No matter you need a whole solution, or just a 3 phase separator, freely to contact us. We do will need some information to figure out if our equipment or solution can do the job, lets work together to get it done. 

November 17 2019

Thank YOU for Visiting GN Solids Control in 2019 ADIPEC oil exhibition in ......

Show Name - ABU DHABI International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference

Show Time - 11-14 NOVEMBER 2019


GN Booth No. - 10514

Exhibitiors upto 150 000 +

Exhibitors upto 2200+

The equipment GN showed: Decanter Centrifuge, ViST Vacuum Shaker, GNSP series Vacuum Pump, Shaker Screens.

First thing first, very grateful for all the visitors who dropby GN booth, and also thanks to all the people who is paying attention right now. Yes, thank you for your support. We will keep doing better and better.

With more and more clients buying from GN, the reputation GN have gain, already benefiting the outcome, with all the spreading words about GN Solids Contrl, the good circle start rolling. 

So this time, though we still just bring decanter centrifuge, it is an updated version, just keep doing R&D, like there is no ending of make clients even happier. Hope you have noticed some of them, and if not, find a GN sales man. 

For shale shaker, I believe the high light would be the ViST, the vacuum hopper we add underneath, connecting to a vacuum unit, make the last screen breathing, not sure if it is angry, but definitely in a good way, helping save some money by get more fluids back.

We would not tell you how hard we eventually achive what kind of screens we have now, but with proud, we know our shaker screens work perfectly better than others, and you will have our guarantee.

Keep tune, and see you soon in next exhibition.

October 20 2019

Try GN Shaker Screens, before you make the final judgement

For a very long time, we have suffered as lots of client still have some perception that they can not find good products in China. While if you are not paying right price, and if you are not going to pay attention, probably it won’t work easily. GN Shaker Screen Production Line Includes almost all Popular Screen in Market, after spent lots of lessons, we now eventually proudly to announce that we are manufacturing the best composite frame screens.    1. GN is able to provide replacement screen for almost all widely known shale shaker brand in drilling industry. When RFQ from GN, clients have several ways to get a proposal. Option 1, provide the brand and API numbers of the screen. Option 2, provide the original manufacturer part number of the screen. Then GN will give proposal according to the information provided. 2. GN is able to provide the screen framed and hook striped, and the screen surface can be either flat or wave shaped.  3. GN now is mainly provide the composite frame screen as more and more users prefer using this type screen for the longer working life and easy for storage.  GN is the only drilling mud shaker screen manufacturer with the full API series screens have been tested by the authorized third party and the claimed API conductance is comply with the API RP 13C standard.     1. GN is using robot to weld the inside steel bone frame to ensure the consistency. 2. The outer covered plastic material is 100% new and clean, not recycled.  3. GN uses 3-layer design from API 60 while other supplier in China from API 120. 4. Wire mesh is pretensioned to make stronger screen surface. 5. GN screen is repairable with screen rubber plug in case less than 10% of the screen grids are broken.   So if you are still in doubt, or if you are not using GN screen yet, give us a chance, give it a try.
October 20 2019

Oil Sludge Treament System Commissioned in a China Site

Very recently another OST site have been commissioned, and the whole plant start working. OST, Oil Sludge Treatment plant is mainly used for recovering the oil and water from oily sludge coming from drilling site, refinery waste and other industrial oily sludge. It is more like a plant of covering asses, to fix the problems we did not take care of, the contamination we caused before. After the treatment, the recovered oil can be used as fuel or selling to get profit, recovered water and cleaned solids will have very small content of oil, which would be easily treated by further process.