June 27 2020

High Speed Decanter Centrifuges to Russia

 We recently shipped another 5 sets of fix speeddecanter centrifuges to a Russian company. GN decanter centrifuges are largely used in Russia, every year hundreds of decanter centrifuges are delivered to Russia. These 5 sets decanter centrifuges are GN 14 inch bowl centrifuges, which will be sent to 2-3 drilling rigs sites. As a famous solids control and waste management equipment supplier, we have epxorted to more than 70 countires, and now a good circle have been built, more people use it, more people spread, more orders. GN decanter centrifuges are using the SS2205 or SS2304 made rotating bowl, built by centrifugal casting. Screw propeller inside the rotating bowl is protected wear resistant tungsten carbide tiles or overlaying welding materials. All the solids discharge ports are using tungsten inserts. In order to guarantee the centrifuge running smoothly, every GN decanter centrifuge is tested 3 times by dynamic balance checking machine: 1st screw propeller, 2nd rotating bowl, 3rd rotating assembly. GN Solids Control has middle speed and high speed dynamic balance checking machines.
June 14 2020

DGMS Explosion Proof Certified Shale Shaker for India Client

GN Solids Control has been manufacturing shale shakers for decades. GN made shale shakers are widely seen in global drilling rig sites. As one important market for GN Solids Control, India has hundreds of GN shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers help customer on solids control and drilling waste management

As we all know, when provide equipment to India especially to large Indian oil and gas drilling companies, DGMS is mandatory. For these shale shakers that GN Solids Control provided are all DGMS explosion proof certified. GN Solids Control also provides IEC or ATEX explosion proof control boxes suit for different market. GN Solids Control now has 3 manufacture plants: 2 close to Beijing International Airport and 1 close to Tangshan City. Now GN Solids Control are using automatic welding robot to weld the shale shake deck in order to keep the welding lines in a good and consistent quality. GN patent C type groove on the shaker deck fixed with oil resistant sealing rubber to keep the shaker screens from leakage. Working angle of the shake deck can be adjusted easily by using a lever to rotate from one side. These 4 sets shale shakes are all fixed with 3 pcs shaker screens, which are also made by GN Solids Control. GN shake screens are the most cost effective shaker screens and are certified by USA third party to guarantee the precise API parameters like cut point and conductance.  

One of the most advantage of these shakers is every shaker can be moved under linear motion and elliptical motion: Linear motion is suitable for large flow rate drilling mud with low viscosity, high solids content, and big particles especially sturdy solids; while the elliptical motion is mainly used to treat drilling mud with easy broken, high viscosity solids. GN Solids Control only use top brands vibrators like USA Martin or Italy OLI, electrical components inside the control box are mainly Schneider. 2 panels and 4 panels shale shakers can be also provided, and double deck shakers is optional.

June 14 2020

Fully Hydraulic Drive Decanter Centrifuges for Middle East

GN Solids Control just shipped 4 packages of fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuges to Middle East. As one the world famous decanter centrifuge manufactures, GN Solids Control has been manufacturing different sizes of decanter centrifuges for many years.

Now GN Solids Control is able to provide electrical driven and hydraulic driven decanter centrifuges, among them GN 14 inch and GN 18 inch bowl decanter centrifuges are largely equipment with hydraulic driven unit.

Due to the oil price going down and the double effect of COVID-19, the global oil and gas industry is very slow this year. But GN Solids Control succeeded to provide more solids control and waste management systems when customers try to find the most cost-effective equipment. Until now, GN Solids Control has been provided solids control equipment as well as drilling waste management systems to over 70 countries and regions. Word of mouth highly reputation bring more and more orders to GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control has provided hundreds of in Middle East. Usually, orders from Middle East are large orders with strict and high technical demands. With these years fast development, GN Solids Control is always able to provide the decanter centrifuges beyond customers’ expectation as GN wants to take the extra step.

The hydraulic bowl and scroll drive system drives both the conveyor and bowl of a decanter centrifuge from hydraulic pump unit by two hydraulic oil circuits.

The advantage of the full hydraulic drive centrifuge is for use in high temperature ambient for heavy mud with flexible bowl and differential speed. The compact one skid design makes it easier for rig up.

ModelGNLW363D-FHD Bowl Size 360x1270mm Bowl Speed 0-3400RPM (2328G) Differential Speed 0-70RPM Motor Power 45 KW Driving System Switzerland Hydraulic Drive Max Capacity 200GPM(45m3/h) Max Torque 4163 N.M Dimension(mm) 3000x2400x1860mm Weight (KG) 3400KG

The full hydraulic system consists of A the Hydraulic Pump Unit, B the Bowl drive hydraulic motor, and C the Scroll drive.

The hydraulic pump unit A feeds hydraulic oil to the scroll drive C and the bowl drive B by means of two separate and individually independent operating circuits

An electric motor A1 drives the combined pumps A2 and A3. Each operating circuit is equipped with its own hydraulic pump and its own controls. The pump unit contains all setting devices and safety valves, as well as pressure gauges.

With this system, the bowl's rotational speed as well as the scroll's differential speed may be manually adjusted independently from one another, continuously and infinitely variable during the centrifuge’s operation.

June 01 2020

Separation Equipment an Environmental Protection Company

Have been one of the famous brand fo solids and liquid separation equipment, with years of successful projects provided to global customers, GN Solids Control is more and more popular when treat slurry from different industries. Today we would like to share one large system that we provided to a International Environmental Protection Company.From North America, this client is using GN treating equipment to treat the slurry collected from different recycling company. Materials recycled includes metal, glass, silt, sand, plastic etc. By using GN equipment, they succeeded to separate out those valuable info such as metals, glass or silt to resell. Here are the main treating equipment that GN Solids Control provided to this USA customer:

1.GN Shale ShakerIn this environmental protection company’s year, they have a crusher to crush all collected materials into small pieces and transfer them into a multiple decks coarse shale shaker to separate into several different main groups. GN Separation & Conveying can also provides similar treating equipment. So slurry is added with water and pumped to GN shale shaker for finer separating. Here solids larger than 500 microns are separated out. 2.GN Mud CleanerAfter treated by GN shale Shaker, two centrifugal pumps are used to feed into the latter GN mud cleaner which is composed by 10’’ desander cyclones and 4’’ desilter cyclones.

3.GN Decanter CentrifugeSlurry after treated by GN mud cleaner then pumped to GN decanter centrifuge from a middle transfer tank by screw pump. GN Solids Control manufactures different bowl sizes of decanter centrifuges which are suitable to cover all different usages in different market. And GN Separation &Conveying also provides 3 phase centrifuge and disc-centrifuge. 4.GN Dosing UnitUsually flocculant is used when feed slurry into decanter centrifuge in order to eliminate larger particles. Welcome to connect with GN Solids Control for any solids and liquid separation projects, we always have the most cost-effective solution for you.

May 31 2020

GN Telescopic Skid Mounted Cuttings Dryers and Centrifuges Delivered to In......

GN Solids control is one of the leading solids manipulate system and drilling waste controlment systems manufacturers based on China, with branch company in Houston, usa and Moscow, Russia. Each year, GN Solids control supply greater than 300 sets decanter centrifuges and 100 cuttings dryers to international customers. Word of mouth proper reputation has delivered increasingly more customers to GN Solids manipulate. Numerous weeks in the past, GN Solids control delivered some units telescopic skid established cuttings dryers and centrifuges to 1 international Oilfield service corporation. Right here are the principle gadget:

1.GN Telescopic Skid installed Cuttings DryersGN Cuttings Dryers are in particular designed to treat OBM and SBM. After treated by means of GN Cuttings Dryer, oil at the very last cuttings is less than five%. GN Cuttings Dryer is the use of chrome steel display basket in 3 openings: 0.25 microns, 0.35 microns and zero.50 microns. Automated oil lubrication device can deliver oil to the rotator’s pushed bearing and maintain the screen basket going for walks smoothly.Air knife system and flushing nozzles are constant within the shell to maintain the display screen basket and discharge ring from blocking off. GN Solids control in 2014 has supplied to Baker Hughes Russia four sets cuttings dryers and they're nonetheless going for walks very well. Some of these cuttings dryers are provided with telescopic skid, so the running height may be adjusted without difficulty. A lifting crane is non-compulsory for maintenance as the display screen basket would possibly want to alternate after use a while.

2.GN Telescopic Skid Decanter CentrifugesGN Decanter Centrifuges are extensively seen in global huge oilfield for solids manipulate, barite recuperation. GN centrifuge rotating bowl is made by means of SS2203 04 SS2304 via centrifugal casting. Screw propeller is covered by means of tungsten carbide tiles. GN Centrifuge is simplest famous brand electric additives such ABB, Yaskawa etc. These centrifuges GN Solids manipulate provided are 14 inch length bowl centrifuge. Explosion evidence control box suits for quarter 1 or region 2 may be supplied with the aid of GN. Sense free to hook up with us in case you want any cuttings dryer or decanter centrifuge.